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More success from: the-team.biz and the-life-business.com

Steve and Kelli Sager are moving on in LIFE using the-team.biz system! ┬áThis couple was highlighted on my blog just a few months ago for hitting turbo 25, now they have just achieved the turbo 50 level!(Two groups of people of at least 50 each attending a monthly seminar) More than doubling their numbers in […]

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It will take all you have to become all you can be!

I first heard this quote from top 10 leadership expert Chris Brady at a Team leadership convention. Isn’t it amazing that when you hear the truth it just makes sense. ┬áSo many people skate through life never giving 100%. Is it fear of failure, fear of success, lack of confidence, lack of courage or are […]

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New Turbo 100’s on the LIFE/Team

I would like to take the time today to recognize some incredible leaders in the LIFE business who are using the-team.biz to grow! Gary and Erika Severson have been tearing it up the past couple of months exploding their business. Anytime you are able to put together two groups of over 100 people attending a […]

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