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Building memories in the LIFE Business

Well this will be the second winter for our family in Florida. The first week was great, warm sun and great friends! We started by kicking off the month with all of our greatest friends, business partners and mentors. Every year Orrin Woodward is kind enough to open up his estate to anyone who is building the LIFE business […]

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What would you do?

What would you do if you were able to create a pipeline income that exceeded your current job income? In this crazy economic time we live in there are a group of Rascals that have decided to use the LIFE Business to take control of their lives and their future! Kelli decided that working at […]

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Do you surround yourself with people who bring out your greatness?

I had to share this video and my thoughts from one of my closest friends Steve Leurquin. I was doing my daily reading when I came upon his latest post on friendship and wanted to share another perspective on the same video. Please read Steve’s article as mine will be tied in to his! In a world […]

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