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Orrin Woodward: Courage of a Whistleblower

What is the truth about Orrin Woodward’s dispute with Quixtar? Is Orrin a hero or just another person out for personal success at the expense of others? To myself and the other founders of LIFE this is old news, but since the “Amway Drones” want to keep talking, lets share the whole story and clear up […]

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Lets do some creative destruction with Orrin Woodward and LIFE!

I want to share an article from Orrin Woodward that I was reading this morning about creative destruction in the business world. What impresses me most about Orrin is how well read he is. Whenever I hear someone criticize Orrin or LIFE Leadership it is strictly hearsay and gossip, where Orrin always has data and […]

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Orrin Woodward shares business principles of LIFE Leadership!

What should I look for when considering starting a business? Orrin Woodward shares his perspective. When you live in a world where 95% of the people make a living by having a job or running a self-employed business, many do not know what to look for when starting their own business. It was eight years […]

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