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Did you attend the launch of the life business?

Wow, what a weekend! I was just on Orrin Woodward LIFE blog and he shared some of the great things that happen at the the-life-business conference put on by the-team.biz. Here is a small portion of the article: The LIFE TEAM Leadership Conference wrapped up on Sunday. With over 18 new RT’s, Triples, and Quads, […]

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Are you leading in LIFE?

Hey everyone here is a great testimony of what the LIFE business can do for you! Orrin Woodward and the founders of LIFE Leadership are making a difference. Click here for the entire story of one of the many leaders in LIFE!     “For the first time I feel as though I’m growing as a […]

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Orrin Woodward LIFE answers the question, is there a better way!!!!!!

I am at major convention where the LIFE Leadership founders just officially launched Orrin Woodward’s LIFE Leadership business! The weekend was kicked off by all 8 founders taking the stage to welcome the crowd to LIFE Leadership. During the announcement, entrepreneur of the year Dallin Larsen was seated in the front row. Orrin Woodward took […]

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