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Dan Hawkins is an American success story. Once prohibitively shy and insecure, stuck in a job that could not take him where he wanted to go, and struggling to pay the bills, he mustered the courage to change lanes, build a business and get out of the rat race. After more than a decade of hard work, Dan and his wife Lisa have a thriving multi-million dollar business, live in their dream home on an estate in Wisconsin, travel extensively both professionally and for pleasure, and are co-founders of the ground-breaking Life company. In the process, Dan and Lisa have become popular keynote speakers, mentors to thousands of entrepreneurs, and the proud parents of five daughters. But that’s only part of the story. On the path to achieving and living their dreams, they faced devastating struggles, setbacks and roadblocks. They discovered what was keeping them from real success—and what to do about it. This book is Dan’s story of how courage can get us past the hurdles of life and allow us to achieve our dreams—and how to ignite each person’s inner voice of courage in a way that can effectively empower us to truly succeed.

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  1. Great info here!

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  11. Great intro by some phenomenal leaders! Should you have an opportunty to hear Dan & Lisa teach, don’t miss it!

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  14. You have grown into such great leaders through Christ and the system. We wanted to let you know that we are grateful for all of your hard work and sacrifices for the TEAM. Thank you for continuing to inspire us.

    1. Thank you for the kind words, we feel very blessed to be able to call you friends! God bless.

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  16. […] Contact/About: Dan and Lisa Hawkins […]

  17. Several years ago my wife Tonia & I were introduced to the Team just before Orrin parted ways with QS. Due to his character he did not ask people to follow him, in fact it was difficult to find out what had happened. Tonia & I did not understand but we knew there was something very right about this man & the TEAM. We decided to do what ever we could to stay connected to Orrin & find out where he was headed. As a result we are still with TEAM & LIFE today and consider ourselves blessed for it!!!!
    Mike Coulter

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  20. […] Contact/About: Dan and Lisa Hawkins […]

  21. Thanks Dan! We’re in the battle with you to create a Leadershift, not just in the US, but around the world!

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  23. […] Contact/About: Dan and Lisa Hawkins […]

  24. […] Contact/About: Dan and Lisa Hawkins […]

  25. Dan thank you for having more belief in some of us than we have in ourselves. You have always been so generous sharing materials, wisdom, and time. Can’t thank you and Lisa enough!

  26. Dan you were fantastic at the Southfield Open. Many people were blessed by hearing from you! I got a chance to meet Lisa and although she is one of my top fav PC ladies after meeting and talking to her for about 5 mins, I simply fell in love and it solidified all my thoughts of why she was a fav. I personally did not get to shake your hand but my husband John did… so many wonderful things to say about you both! Lorraine S

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  28. Hello Dan I just listened to your cd on Humility it was a great blessing to me, a few days before I listened I was preparing for my Sunday school lesson and some of my notes were almost like yours. I wanted to use 1 Peter 5 and thats the chapter you used God is awesome. I am on Patrick Rufener’s team so that means I am on your team lol.

  29. Dan Hawkins…..the little shot that just kept shooting! Great inspiring story!

  30. Fantastic Dan – thanks for the thoughts and the inspiration. Love your story and appreciate how giving both you and Lisa are to all of us.

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  32. I enjoy listening to your cds over and over! I do have the green box and have learned alot. I’m working on the first few principles. Thank you for inspiring me!

    1. Great job Rose, glad to have you part of LIFE!

  33. Hi Dan, I am looking to speak to someone in Life Leadership. I would like to learn more about the products and the MLM or affiliate side of the Life. Really what I am looking for is someone who is successful in Vegas that could mentor me a little and I can be part of their peer group.

    1. Hello Vinny! I am excited to talk with you. I have actually just started a group in Las Vegas and am planning some meetings in the area. Send me an email at and we can talk. Have a great day!

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