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Casa della Vita & Dream Builder Yacht

When I look back over the last 13 years so much has changed! We have been given so many great relationships and experiences. We have been given an opportunity to bring life changing products to the market and watch peoples lives take a turn for the better. At LIFE, we love giving people a chance […]

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LIFE Leadership Breaks Guinness World Record!

LIFE Leadership Breaks Guinness World Record! There are only a few “once in a lifetime experiences” one will have in their lifetime and this past weekend was one for me. Anticipation filled the air starting Thursday night, the opening night of LIFE Leaderships summer convention. The buzz was about breaking the world record, most books […]

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Need a pep talk?

As I watched this video I could not help but smile and think of the all the people in the LIFE business who have encouraged me over the years. ¬†Greg was kind enough to send me this link and is a friend who has always had a smile and a kind word for me. It […]

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