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Are you tough enough?

LIFE LEADERSHIP teaches mental toughness Learning how to be mentally tough almost always makes the difference. So many times in life it is not ability or talent that is the deciding factor of who wins, but mental toughness. ¬†For the past decade I have surrounded myself with people who are at the top of their […]

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Dare to Dream

People are daring to dream in LIFE Leadership Sorry I wrote this earlier and just got around to posting today Hey everyone, I was inspired this morning to share an article on daring to dream. LIFE Leadership has given me the courage to dream again and the information to achieve them. Earlier today I was […]

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Right, Left or Freedom

I wanted to share a great article on freedom from the best selling author of Leadershift, Orrin Woodward. Let us engage in the political scene as citizens once more! Learn more about spreading freedom here! Freedom is not found in parties In one corner we have the Right. They claim that America needs a huge […]

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