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LIFE Community headed to Buckeye stadium

Are you ready to take the Mental Fitness Challenge? Starting as early as today thousands of people are beginning to head toward Ohio. Some will come by bus, some by car and others by plane. Many will travel straight through the night to ensure they will not miss a thing! They are all headed to […]

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Physical Fitness and Mental Fitness: Challenge Yourself

It is amazing today to see all of the ways we will challenge ourselves physically. We will work too many hours, play recreational sports leagues, sign up for a 5K race or start the latest diet and exercise craze, but what about our mental fitness? All you have to do is log on to the […]

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True success through failure

Today was the first day I woke up where I was not in pain! For over a week now every morning as I try to get out of bed I can hardly move my arms and legs. Just trying to get dressed was a challenge! What used to be easy tasks were now difficult and […]

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