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Are Christians free to profit in business or from the work of the ministry?

Hello everyone! I wanted to post the first of a three part series on some tough question concerning faith and business. Raymond Abernathy shares some wonderful thoughts on this topic. Raymond, an Ordained Minister and LIFE Leadership member has first hand experience that we can all learn from and reflect on. Here is part of […]

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Do you design your life or make it fit?

LIFE Leadership is about designing your LIFE Hey everybody today I wanted to share an article by a great friend and business partner George Guzzardo. I was blessed to go on speaking tour with George last week across Minnesota and Wisconsin. ¬†As George shared the topics in this article to live groups the truth resonated […]

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Are “Layers” affecting you life?

Hey gang here is a great article I came across from LIFE Leadership Co-Founder Bill Lewis. Bill has become one of the top teachers in the world at helping people understand themselves and the actions they take.I know that for more than half my life I let layers of fear control my actions. Once the […]

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