Are you ready for the truth about finances, Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies?

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There are so many opinions that fly around about finances, yet so little results! I can still remember getting a financial lecture from a friend who literally just had his car repossessed the week before!

Principle 4: Stop getting financial advice from broke people; get it only from those whose finances you want to emulate. (Financial Fitness Program)

In todays world it is so easy to get information, the hard part is getting the right information that will actually benefit you and your family. I am not sure about you, but before I found this information, I did not have anyone in my life that had the results I wanted. They all seemed to struggle with the money thing, just at different levels.

What is Bitcoin and cryptocurrency?

We live in such a fast paced world you need to get the right information as quick as you can. Just think, how many times have you heard the word Bitcdownloadoin or cryptocurrency mentioned on Facebook over the past few months?  Yet, if you read the posts, watch the videos and read the comments it does not take long to see the results were a result of chance and timing, not understanding. I even had a so called “expert” say to me, as he tried to convince me to invest,  “I really do not even understand how it works, it just keeps going up.”

That is scary advice, just days later it went down, way down.

It is time you took the time to inform yourself. Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady are both New York Times best selling authors and Inc. magazine named both men in the Top 50 Leadership experts in the world. They have sold millions of books and have authored and produced the award winning Financial Fitness Program. This program has already helped thousands of people improve their lives financially.

Live financially free

They not only know how to teach finances, they are living examples that what they teach works. Both of their families have been financial free, debt free and have been living incredible lifestyles for well over a decade.

So if you are ready to get practical advice from people who have results, you will love this webinar!

Hope to see you there, register HERE today to reserve your spot.

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We are excited to announce the opportunity to learn the depths of financial literacy from two of the best teachers in the field, Chris Brady and Orrin Woodward!

On Saturday, February 17th, 2018, Chris Brady and Orrin Woodward will be holding a Pay-Per-View Webinar from 1-3pm (EST) for anyone interested in developing their knowledge and expertise of various financial topics.

Some of which include:

–        Bitcoin and CryptoCurrencies

–        Accumulating a growing portfolio of cash-flow producing assets

–        How the Financial Matrix works against the average wage earner

–        The You, Inc Hierarchy

–        Winning the “Money Game” 

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  1. This is Awesome!! Thanks Dan

  2. This is a really great blog post! Thank you Dan. We will choose not to speculate and like you, learn from the best of the best!

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