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Here is the forward I wrote for an amazing book and course on resolving conflict in our lives. So much unnecessary pain is caused because we lack the skills to navigate our way though conflict. Trust me, I do not take this topic lightly and still struggle applying the principles in this program. Just this week I failed yet again. But when I fail, I dig back into the book and start again.

I hope you chose to get better, not bitter and continue to learn!images (1).jpeg

Conflict Resolution: The 8 Vital Principles

If there is one thing that is certain, it is that conflict will arise when people spend any amount of time together. History is rife with discourse, misunderstanding and war over such conflict. There is an old joke. How do you know if a married couple has marriage problems? Answer: because they are married!

We know that people come from different backgrounds, have different experiences and different personalities. All of these great differences and strengths can cause friction and trouble when you mix them together. You probably can think of multiple conflicts in your home or workplace just in the past week.

So if we acknowledge the reality of conflict, the question is how do we deal with it? Most people take the ostrich in the sand approach. If I put my head in the sand and ignore the Lion (problem) it will go away and not bother me. However, even thought the ostrich has its head in the sand it does not change the lion’s diner plans.

As with us, the answer is not to just to ignore conflict, but learn how to embrace conflict as a chance to learn and grow from others. Take moments of pressure and pain to create a better future and relationship.

Now, this is much easier to talk about then apply. I have failed many times, in many areas of my life when it came to conflict. I had the attitude that if I just ignored or avoided conflict it would work itself out. However, I have learned many times in my life this is just not the case. Many times, maybe even most times problems grow; gain momentum when not dealt with. You can see this evidence in conflicts throughout history and even in your own life. Conflicts that started with a small misunderstanding or problem, where the people involved refused to deal with it property and it became a catastrophe.

In the book Conflict Resolution – The 8 Vital Principles you will be given a step-by-step guide to resolving conflict and strengthening relationships. Imagine if the next time you faced conflict you had a plan. You could approach the situation with confidence and rise above the conflict to get a resolution that is a win-win for both parties involved.

That is the power you will gain by reading this book. You will become the person people turn to when trouble arises. People will feel safe approaching you, knowing you have the skills to guide them through the turbulent waters of relationships and conflict.

This is the type of book you can pickup and begin applying the principles immediately to improve your life and the relationships around you.

The question is do you have the courage to take that step? Do you have the hunger to learn new skills? If so, this book will revolutionize your relationships and your ability to lead in situations where most people chose to leave.

Enjoy this book and more importantly, read and apply it so you can enjoy the fruits of the principles of conflict resolution in your life.

Dan Hawkins

Author of Swing: Finding the Courage to Become

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