The Entrepreneurial Leap

Hey everyone, I wanted to share an article by my mentor and business partner Orrin Woodward. I love how Orrin takes a complex topic like financial literacy and entreLL668_rg.jpgpreneurship and makes it simple to understand.

Not only is it simple to understand but if one desires the results that Orrin talks about, we at LIFE have a program and community to help you achieve those results.

Read the article below and watch the two videos imbedded in the post. If you are one of those rascals that desires financial freedom please reach out and let me help you on that journey!


The Entrepreneurial Leap

Posted by Orrin Woodward on October 27, 2017

Entrepreneurs, those feisty rascals who refuse to settle in life, are an endangered species today. For one thing, increasing regulations and associated costs make traditional business paths (doctors, lawyers, and accounts, to name just a few) high risks without as many rewards as in the past. For another, our educational system frowns upon free enterprise, evidently preferring social equality over social opportunity. Nonetheless, the realization that nothing will change until they do, causes people to make the entrepreneurial leap, a leap they hope will lead to their dreams.

This may sound risky, and achieving anything takes time and effort, but I genuinely believe the real risk is in not pursuing one’s dream because one dies that very moment even though not being buried until years later.  🙂 I reached a point where I was ready to do anything – legally, morally, and ethically – to achieve my dreams. Indeed, I remember attending a large seminar where the speaker proclaimed, “Leap and the net will appear!” Naturally, I was pretty excited when I originally heard this because I yearned to be an entrepreneur, but after a little reflection, I considered it foolhardy to jump without ensuring a net was in place, or even worse, teaching others to do so.

Thankfully, however, there is a path that provides a Financial Security net while teaching people how to make the Entrepreneurial Leap. LIFE encapsulates both aspects of this plan – the product is the Financial Net and our business is the Entrepreneurial Leap. This is why my good friend Cody Hofhine, a 34 year old serial entrepreneur, and I recorded a webinar, a webinar designed to teach entrepreneurs how to build Financial Nets to ensure long-term results. Cody has utilized the principles taught in our Financial Fitness Program (FFP) to wipe out all of his family’s personal debts, owning his house free and clear, and now is teaching others the Financial Fitness Program principles within his entrepreneurial community. The video below is the FREE webinar.

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I share the webinar free of charge to educate entrepreneurs on how to live Financially Free, namely, marrying the Financial Literacy net to their Entrepreneurial endeavors. I know. I know. There are many self-proclaimed Achievement gurus, who evidently believe debt is not an issue so long as you can make copious amounts of money. Nonetheless, I believe they are simply misled, for as I state in the video – one can have a masters degree in making money, but if you have a PhD in spending it, you will still wind up broke. 🙂

In other words, anyone with enough common sense to come out of the rain comprehends to fill a bucket with water and ensure it stays full, one needs to do two things: 1) Flow water into bucket and 2) Verify bucket has no leaks. Financial Literacy demands a similar mindset, a mindset focused on good offense (to make money) and good defense (to keep some for rainy days that predictably appear).

Permit me to share a much shorter video where I interview my good friend Jody Rathburn, an independent contractor window installer. Jody and his lovely bride Elena, make a healthy combined income; however, because they spent everything they made, they never seemed to make financial progress. Thankfully, just over six months ago, Jody read the Financial Matrix and shortly afterward became a customer of the Financial Fitness Program (FFP). By applying the 47 principles, he wiped out over $25k of personal debt and increased his savings from little to over $10k, moving from paycheck to paycheck to the Financial secure quadrant! Now, he is ready to make his Entrepreneurial Leap because he realizes the Financial Net protects him as he makes the leap.

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These stories, and thousands more, are from REAL people achieving REAL financial results. If the reader desires to live Financially Free, and is willing to dream and do, then he/she must also master Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurship. Well, what are you waiting for? If you are ready to make your Entrepreneurial Leap, then start today by getting your Financial Net (the FFP) and start leaping until victory is achieved.


Orrin Woodward