Motivation begins with the voice within

Do your thoughts motivate or destroy your success?

In fact, it was one of these mentors who taught me that I must give the voice of courage more focus than the voices of fear or self-doubt. And he taught me specifically how to do this. It’s really very simple: Whenever you have self-defeating thoughts or feelings, stop, recognize that you’re letting these voices influence you, and then focus on listening to the inner voice of courage. Take notes on what your seed of courage tells you to do. Never let your critical self-talk drown out courage. Always listen to what courage has to say. Always.


This theme is further developed in the book The Ant and the Elephant by author Vince Poscente. He compares our conscious and subconscious minds to an ant (the conscious mind) running on the back of an elephant (our subconscious). The ant talks to the elephant, and the elephant listens. The thing is, we have total control of our conscious mind, what the ant tells the elephant, at any given moment. We can tell it we have courage, talent, and ability, or we can tell it we are losers, destined to fail in life.

“We can tell our subconscious that we have courage, talent, and ability, or we can tell it we are losers, destined to fail in life.”

If our ant is constantly telling our elephant that we are losers and failures, it starts to believe it, and it moves in that direction. After years of convincing our subconscious of these negatives, we can’t just suddenly announce to the elephant that we are actually winners and destined to succeed. Or, more precisely, we can try to tell the elephant this new information, but it takes a lot for an ant to stop an elephant’s momentum.

After the ant tells the elephant one thing millions of times, or with a lot of intense emotion, the elephant pretty much believes it and acts on it. In my case, I had been telling myself for years that I was a failure, destined to let fear run my life, and my ant had convinced my elephant of this lie.

When I learned to give the seed of courage inside me a voice, my ant started telling my elephant about it. Of course, this didn’t change my subconscious immediately. But it started to give my subconscious mind (elephant) a different view of things. Over time, my mentors taught me, I needed to give little or no credence to self-doubt and self-lies, and use my conscious thoughts (the ant) to keep teaching my elephant “the truth.”

All success begins from your thinking

This really worked, but it wasn’t easy or immediate. It was simple, however. At first, as mentioned earlier, I learned to just give my inner courage a voice, to listen to it, to let it speak. Then, once I was doing this, my mentors taught me to replace the self-defeating voices in my mind with the voice of courage. Successful people make this a habit, and they are very serious about it and totally committed to it. Some do it naturally, and others do it more consciously, but this is something all truly successful people do.

Excerpt From: Dan Hawkins. “Swing.” iBooks.



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  1. Such a good and important book!
    I’ll be rereading it shortly!

    1. Thank you Jonathan, keep leading the way!

  2. Thank you Dan! You are such a great example of what this article is all about. Time to experience the Ant & the Elephant again

    1. Thank you for sharing Sonya! Can’t wait to see what you and Darin create over the next few years.

  3. Love this book, Dan! Thank you for all you do to inspire others to break through their fears to become the best versions of themselves! You are a wonderful example!

    1. Thank you for sharing Monica!

  4. Wow Dan thanks for sharing! I’ve been so blessed and I thank God for you and Lisa! I love how much the Life community has done for my wife and I! You are an inspiration to many of use who have to conquer self-doubt and you’re leading us along with the other leaders in Life to a life that is so much better then what was our reality thank you!

    1. Thank you Chris!

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