Do you have anxiety about success


When I let my dream in and found the seed of courage speaking up about building my business, I was very surprised. But the more I allowed it to speak, the more I realized that the real me was trying to break free. The more I allowed the voice of courage to speak, the more obvious it became that my seed of courage—not the voices of fear, doubt, and self-criticism—really knew me, knew who I am, and who I want to be. The voice of seedling courage knew what God wanted for me.

images.jpegIf you’re not sure what your hidden voice of courage has to say, or even where it is buried away after so long, just ask yourself what your true dreams are in this life. If you were given all the time and money to do whatever you truly want, what would you do? Ask your seed of courage what dreams you would pursue if you weren’t afraid of anything.

I promise, your voice of courage has something very important to tell you.
When I started noticing this voice, and listening, my whole life changed. You don’t have to do this perfectly, just start listening to your voice of courage. And anytime you think a negative or fearful thing, ask your seed of courage what it thinks about the situation as well.

Then listen.

As I said, this was a little thing at first. But it changed everything. If you don’t listen to the little voice of courage in your heart and mind, you won’t exhibit much courage in life. But if you do start listening, even a little, it’s truly amazing what can happen.

As successful entrepreneur Dan Waldschmidt said: “Controlling your thoughts is the hardest part of struggling toward success. There is nothing more difficult. No bigger challenge. And frankly, nothing more important.”

Here’s why this is such a big deal:

Those who don’t control their thoughts end up listening mostly to the wrong voices—fear, failure, give up, etc. And they believe what they hear. People who achieve success in anything must first learn to overcome this tendency and instead listen closely and frequently to their inner voice of courage. It’s there. Hear what it has to tell you. Then keep focusing on it and listening.

Excerpt From: Dan Hawkins. “Swing: Finding the Courage to Become”



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  1. You encourage me so much because I have the same fears.

  2. Dan,

    Thanks as always for your words of wisdom! This information coupled with the Bill Lewis talk that came down recently on Marketing System (LT708 – Psycho-Self Image) is a complete recipe for success! See you at the top brother!

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