The LIFE Financial Fitness Community is the Best!

LIFE Financial Fitness Community Is Making an Impact


Wow, what a weekend! IMG_0983 2We are back in Wisconsin now, but our hearts and minds are full from the weekend. We are so blessed to be part of this amazing community. My wife and I had the privilege to have two big moments this past weekend. One was being recognized in front of the group for reaching a new level in the business. The other was the release of my new book “Swing.”

The LIFE community is one of the most thoughtful groups of people we have ever had the privilege to associate with. One of the largest keys to your happiness and success is who you chose to hang out with on a regular basis.

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This weekend was a huge reminder that we have some of the best friends in LIFE. As we took the stage hundreds of friends came down to stand in the front during our recognition speech while thousands stayed in the stands.  You could see the excitement and joy in their eyes from the stage as we spoke. Our favorite part is knowing without a doubt we will be watching their victories over the next few years.

Are You Ready to Take Your “Swing”

Then to top things off, our friends flooded the hallways of the Sprint Center in Kansas City to get a signed copy of “Swing.” Some waiting upwards of 2 hours to get their copy signed. All in all we signed 1000’s of copies! My favorite

Swing: Finding the Courage to Become

part of the book signing was watching the hunger of this group. Many had gotten 2-3 chapters read while waiting, one gentlemen even finished the book in line! While we signed their copies of the book we were able to hear how they personally were going to apply the lessons they were learning to take their “Swing!” These individuals are ready to stop talking about what they are going to do and actually take steps toward their success. They are ready to not only Dream Big, but Act Big!

Thank you to everyone who attended the Weekend of the Entrepreneurs! (next major event) Our lives are forever changed because of you.

Make 2017 the year you take your “Swing” and chase your dreams!


God Bless,

Dan & Lisa

3 thoughts on “The LIFE Financial Fitness Community is the Best!

  1. Really enjoying your book “Swing” Dan! Who knew the voices of fear were not mine! Certainly gave me a reason to work harder on my mindset.

  2. This book, “SWING!” rocks! Thank you SO MUCH Dan Hawkins!!!

  3. Wow, what an amazing book! This will truly help others conquer their fears & build the courage to succeed. Thank you Dan Hawkins!

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