Orrin Woodward’s Financial Matrix Scam

What is Orrin Woodward’s Financial Matrix Scam?

How is it that so many people are being drawn into the Financial Matrix Scam? If you are looking for answers to this question look no further. I have been close to Orrin for over a decade now and will share why this scam is affecting so many people.

You see it everyday when you turn on the tv or drive by a billboard, terrible financial advice! Buy now pay later, finance your dreams and the killer closer of the scam, “you deserve it.”

Orrin Woodward Scam
Why are so many people falling for the Orrin Woodward Financial Matrix Scam?

We are bombarded everyday with financial information. Everyone has dreams and goals but with out the right advice and plan most people wind up living above their means but short of their dreams.

Here is a paragraph from an article by Orrin Woodward explaining the situation we find ourselves in.

Green Box to Financial Literacy

People around the world wake up everyday with a goal to make money, money designed to help them stay ahead of advancing bills, inflation, and taxes. Few, however, have a plan to escape the Financial Rut and live their dreams debt free. Instead, most merely work to live and count the hours until the weekend to enjoy a few days of freedom until the grind returns. Why is this so? Why, in short, do so few people live their dreams without enslaving themselves within the Financial Matrix debt system?

Lacking knowledge of how to escape the Financial Matrix, most people simply surrender to the financial circumstances that overwhelm them. Sure, some seek to save and others to invest, but few seem to do enough to break out of the Financial Rut, because they lack of Financial Literacy. Fortunately, the Green Box Financial Fitness Program, can change this. On one hand, it’s very difficult to save one’s way to wealth in the Tightwad quadrant, but on the other hand, it’s practically impossible to make enough in the Status quadrant to be secure. Indeed, it’s not until a person understands Financial Literacy, marrying making money (Offense), saving money (Defense) and how the Financial Matrix entraps people (Playing Field), will he truly enjoy Financial Freedom.

Do not fall for the Financial Matrix Scam

The reason so many people fall for the Financial Matrix scam is we are all looking to live our dreams. The scam has the promise of fulling those dreams but fails to mention the chains that come with that deal. What if there was a way to live within your means and still get your dreams? What if finances did not have to be a source of pain but a tool to do good? So how does one avoid this scam and find the real path to their dreams? That is why LIFE has launched a Green Box revolution! Getting the right ideas, plan and association can make it possible to live your dreams debt free. Orrin Woodward shares in this article how we were able to escape the Financial Matrix and so can you!

God bless,

Dan Hawkins

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  1. Yes- this info needs to be in every school and spread throughout our society!

  2. Awesome! Very simply and succinctly put!

  3. We’ve lived so long in a culture of immediate gratification that financial discipline is frowned upon. Money is easily obtained, so the clarion call to have status and things overpowers most people. Not only does Orrin Woodward bring old-fashioned, common, financial sense back to a world of out-of-control spending by those who have bought into sacrificing their future for immediate satisfaction but he has established a simple path out of the matrix.

  4. Great article. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Isn’t it interesting that we have a public education system that for 12 years students are never given any true education in financial literacy.
    To me, with the amount of money spent on Public Education and an entire society not educated on one of the most basic and important topics of one’s life, has to be one of the biggest scams in history.

    Every individual whether involved in manual labor, skilled trades, or a professional level position all seem to struggle with finances.

    We have utilized these Green Box programs personally, and have shared these with those close to us, and each week hear examples from our friends who have applied these principles and have cleared up debt, and some for the first time in their lives have an emergency fund and a savings account.

    Many have admitted that they’re not sure how they got there, but now feel more educated, and with both knowledge and community support from the Life Community, have made positive financial changes.

    The Financial Matrix Scam is real, and it is a problem in Western Civilization. Finally someone has had the courage and means to affect real change for many people and I believe society will be better for it.

  6. love the Green Box!! Thank you Dan and Lisa for your example!!

  7. Great article. So what’s the next step for someone looking to change their future? Get a green box and plug into our amazing support team for encouragement, accountability, and ongoing success development.

  8. The info from the Financial Fitness Pack taught me to buy my house instead of letting the bank own it! Financial advisor suggested I take out a loan on it and invest the money, the math just didn’t look that good when I actually thought for my self instead of just taking advise from that person.

    1. Funny thing about it, that Financial Advisor, who was my deceased Mom’s advisor, informed me, he paid off his house. I guess my question is, did he follow my advise from my new thought behaviors or does he not practice what he preaches. lol

  9. I can not out into words how this information from the Financial Fitness Program has changed my family’s life. By plugging the principles into our lives I have saved $1000s of dollars this year and increased my income over 35% with a new job.

    Our family goal is to be out of this insidious financial matrix in less that two years. Never before have I had this hope and goal so prevalent until I now.

    Thanks Orrin and Life Corp for your purposeful drive to get this information out.

  10. Amen! When Adam and I started learning about the Financial Matrix Scam we were living our lives as a lot of people we knew did. We spent our days working and our evenings spending what we had worked so hard for during the day. Since we have learned about the trap we were caught up in we have gotten rid of all of our debt, simultaneously getting rid of a major reason for arguments, and we are making conscience decisions everyday to stay away from that scam! We are so happy to be part of this Green Box Revolution and on a path to live out our dreams with our family without fueling the fire of the Financial Matrix Scam.

  11. Just one month after my sweet wife Mindy and I were married we were introduced to the Green Box in December of 2014. We waited a few months to open it and begin applying the principles. Living in the STATUS quadrant In February of 2015 (3 months later) I was unexpectedly fired from my job. When I asked the reason for my termination, the management said the following: “because you are an entrepreneur, you need to go start a business.” I looked at my bank account and realized I had $73 in my bank checking account that day and $122 in my savings account with loads of debt. We began using the Green Box and accepted the mentoring of Clif Gibson and Paul Williams. In March of 2015 I got a new job making about 10% more than I was making previously. In July of 2015 we took the Green Box more seriously and started tracking our expenses and found $422/month that we were spending eating out. In August, September and October we focused hard on ensuring we had at least $1000 in a savings account and then In late October of 2015 that job eliminated hundreds of positions in the same week due to a significant loss in quarter by quarter earnings — eliminating my job. Thankfully we had some money in savings for that unexpected event. Of course, all of our savings went away after the loss of this job, but thankfully we had a better plan combined with better thinking. I began driving full time for Uber until March of 2016. We began focusing hard on paying ourselves first and applying the principles of investing in ourselves. In March of 2016 I got a new job making exactly as much money as I was making at the previous company working as a warehouse manager. The job allowed me to work only 3 days a week giving me the opportunity to use the other 4 days each week to increase our offense. Going through Power Sales University and the LLRC program began to produce significant results in our personal lives. Then in November 2016, just a few months later the company announced that they were closing their doors in March of 2017 and asked us to begin finding other places of employment. In January of 2017 I picked up a passenger named Kyle who, after simply speaking to him for 8 minutes decided that he would hire me to work in his company doing something I have never done before in an industry I have never worked in before! He stated to me the following day “I am hiring you because people who have a passion for helping others become successful is hard to find.”
    I believe with all my heart that Kyle was going to get in my car one way or another in that January day. I believe with all my heart that the purpose and passion behind the Green Box, applying the principles over the previous 25 months, combined with the incredible Slight Edge principles has truly opened doors in my life that will significantly change my future. I am not wealthy by any means and am certainly in the Tightwad quadrant, but I have been increasing my offense which has in turn significantly increased my income. Thank you Orrin, Clif, Paul, Kenny for creating a community of people who truly believe in setting people free.

    1. Thank you for sharing your powerful testimony Daniel! Keep leading, you are making a difference!

      1. Yes sir Mr Hawkins. The story isn’t done being written yet, the above is just the beginning of what is becoming a truly amazing journey! In fact, just yesterday morning I shared the ideas of the LLRC and just one principle in the Green Box with a professor at a local medical college in Hammond, Indiana and she asked me to teach principle number 4: “Don’t take advice from broke people” and “Success Reading” to her students in a couple of weeks. It really is real how this thing works and it really is amazing.

  12. The Financial Matrix Trap, of which I was previously oblivious, was a type of prison from which I had no idea how to escape. In my oblivious state, all I knew to do was whatever seemed logical, to “survive” it. With the Green Box Revolution, I now know the blue print of the prison! I now can prepare my escape, and ultimately become Financially Free. When Nelson Mandella was asked how he “survived” his imprisonment, he responded that he didn’t “survive”; he “prepared” for his freedom. That too is what I shall do.

  13. Becoming more aware of how the ‘money flow’ works within society/government and not just the ‘flow’ in and out of my personal bank acct has been eye-opening! – and has empowered me to be able to make better choices, and understand the choices I really do have!! Further (and really the bigger component for me), being part of this community has resulted in personal and professional positive changes in my LIFE. I am on a better path in ALL areas of my LIFE – it isn’t easy, the work is hard, but it IS WORTH IT! Dan and Lisa Hawkins – you 2 are an inspiration! – and I appreciate your down to earth approach-ability, and integrity.

  14. the media messaging for “finance you fun” is crazy. I believe it has contributed to the number of people who will not work even although there are jobs because they believe they should be paid more even if they have not earned it through performance. The ” I deserve more society” will benefit greatly from the Green Box principles and will have much improved financial results. “Share the Green”

  15. Lori & I can never express our gratitude for the blessings from going through the Green Box together with a close community of true friends who only want to help us live better, richer, fuller lives. We had that Green Box sitting on our shelf for over a year. “Shelf Help” doesn’t really work. Our trusted friends from Life Leadership invited us to go through the Green Box together each week via Zoom meetings, sharing what we learned from our studying the Green Box each week. We had tried other financial programs multiple times, but I was stubborn and didn’t change. All of the 47 principles from the Green Box were not provided in other programs. Also, there was no loving community to encourage and pray for us. Lori calls the Green Box a marriage pack, because it brought us together on the same track financially, spiritually, and emotionally like nothing else had. We started that Green Box seminar in Jan & finished it in Apr 2016. Between Apr & Oct we got rid of over $35,000 in debt & paid cash for a car. Since Oct we put over $12,000 in savings. This would never have happened without the Gree Box. Thanks to Kenny & Lindsay, and Jeremy for leadership & encouragement. God bless you, Orrin, for improving so many lives, including my family’s.

  16. Thanks Dan for sharing this article. Orrin has used his thinking and writing ability to clarify the truth about what is happening financially to the masses of folks with traditional thinking. It has been a blessing to those of us striving to improve our own finances in addition to helping others in their journey.
    God bless!


  17. Thanks to the principles found in the Green Box we have been debt-free over a year. We have some offense to do to keep going all the way to financial freedom, but those answers lie in the Green Box too.

  18. Great article! We love the results we have seen from the Green Box. More people need to be enlightened about the Financial Matrix scam! The education definitely needs to start earlier in life! What a difference it has made and continues to make in our life! No more consumer debt and on our way to financial freedom. What a concept, “spend less than you make,” Genius! Thank you LIFE Leadership for shining the light!

  19. The Green Box continues to amaze! By working through the principles we have paid down thousands of dollars in debt. It feels so good! More success to come!

  20. Great read !! The Green Box is an answer to prayer for the people stuck in the financial matrix.

  21. I feel so blessed to have been introduced to the “Green Box” from Life Leadership. It’s only been about a month and a half but I can already see a huge difference in my thinking about money, expenses and investments. Tracking my expenses I have found huge holes in my bucket and I’m working towards paying off all my debt. Without Orrin Woodward book, The Financial Matrix I would not have the knowledge of its existence and how to get out of it. Thank you Mr. Woodward for shedding light on such an important topic that as First World people have very limited (of any) high quality information to arm ourselves against it.

  22. Change your thinking and change your life! This information is a true financial education that has changed everything for us. Your dreams are on the other side of financial fitness! So thankful for the green box!!

  23. I absolutely love this product, but let’s not get caught up in the word financial, because there is so much more here than finances. In my short time with this information I have improved my finances and saved my marriage, so I think it is working.

  24. As young entrepreneurs trying to make a difference–while also having fun and making a living, Flora and I have found the Green Box to be like a road map to the mountain top. Not only does it provide the principles needed to get to where we want to go, but it also lays out a “key” of what not to do along the journey. We love what we have learned and are still learning from the Financial Fitness Program; and we are so thankful that not only do we get to pay it forward to our own children, but to people from all around the world from all different kinds of backgrounds and age groups. Thank you, Dan, for your efforts in getting the word out; and thank you, Orrin & Chris, for sharing your wisdom to impact those of us looking for a hand up in the world. God bless!

  25. This information drastically changed our thinking. We have paid off $38,000 worth of debt in 16 months and will be debt free by the end of September. So thankful for this information.

  26. This information is awesome I’m from Detroit Mi, where this type of information was not around me growing up. Having this information in my life allows me to break the generational curse that held my family captive.

  27. Thank you for sharing! Since my wife and I found out about the Financial Matrix, we have begun our escape, paying off over $40,000 in debt and we have significantly less financial stress in our family!

    It makes me so angry that we were not taught any of this important information while in school! I took 12 years of school as a child and have 2 college degrees – I learned more about finances and the economic system in the Green Box (the Financial Fitness program) than I ever did in school! Sad, but true.

    The Green Box is going VIRAL for a reason!!

  28. Thanks for sharing! Since I have been educating myself with the green box I have been able to set goals that would not have imagined or envisioned before. It really puts things into perspective!!

  29. Thank you Dan for sharing Orrin’s thoughts. I’m so thankful to have been exposed to these life changing truths. What a difference it has made and is making in my life and my family’s as well. What a wonderful opportunity and a great responsibility we have to share this information with as many as possible.

  30. Very well put Dan. Orrin has assembled a road map out of the Financial Matrix trap that all of us fall into. The Green Box has shown me the habits and principles I need to apply daily to escape that trap and reach my family’s financial and lifestyle goals.

  31. I am so glad the path through the mine field of the financial matrix has been paved before us by amazing leaders like Orrin

  32. Me and my wife got married in Aug 6th of 2016 we signed up for life leadership 1 month after I lost my licens and we lost everything, had to move into the in laws basement with are kids, and once we got into financial understanding, and worked on our personal development, who must of me and my wife’s audios where woodward and brady are family life improved, are finances got so much better, and we where doing good not looking good, because there is a difference, thanks to life leadership and the great material from woodward and brady I would not be the man I am today!!! Maximus 360!! Strength and honor!!!!!

  33. Since hearing about the financial matrix Alicia and I have taken action. We have started living the principals in the green box and are working our way out of debt. 1 creditor down and many to go. The beautiful thing is that we have an emergency fund now and have been paying ourselves first for some time now. Doing that will ensure that we don’t get trapped in this matrix again. Call me weird, but, I look forward to checking in on my credit score from time to time and watching it shrink to nothing. Credit is a thing of the past in this household.

    The world is hurting and now I am equipped to help. I plan to do just that.

    Thank You for shedding light on this new form of slavery!

  34. Thank you LIFE for assembling the GreenBox! This program has helped my wife and I understand the Financial Matrix playground and equiped us with timeless principles that has changed our lens of what it means to be good steward of the gifts God has given us! The green box revolution is positively impacting many families around the globe….it’s time to help millions of other people break free from the bondage of the Financial Matrix!

  35. Dan, What a great article. With so much information available at our finger tips it’s easy to see how people can be confused. The Green Box simplifies the salient points of money to allow anyone, who dares, to become financially free. To climb out of the web of stress and debt that has enticed so many. Keep making a difference.

  36. Thanks to the Green Box Revolution it opened my eyes to broken financial system all around me. Because I learned the principles I have applied how to roll down my debt, I was able to pay my car off early. I was super excited. My goal is to be debt free.

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