SWING: Finding The Courage to Become

Hello everyone,  here is a small part of my book coming out next weekend. I pray this book helps you find the courage to become everything you have dreamed of.

God bless,


Swing: Finding the Courage to BecomeSwing: Finding the Courage to Become

My life is a story of struggle and change, fear and faith. Whenever I consider the many experiences of my life I see signs of courage and also lack of courage. Which brings up a question: Why did I have courage in some moments and not in others? I believe courage is within all of us, we just need to learn to embrace it and cultivate it.

Wherever you are right now in your life, fear is the thing holding you back. Some fear stands between you and whatever you really want in the years ahead.

In this book I will share stories of courage and fear (and they often go together). Too many times in life I sat with the bat on my shoulder, afraid to swing. Too often I let fear run my life. Learning how to develop courage has changed every aspect of who I am, and it has impacted all areas of my life. I will share stories, some very personal, about how courage or lack thereof determined the outcome of so many events. Learning to muster the courage and push past fear proved to be the key in my marriage, parenting, finances, faith, and business success.

The same is true for everyone, I believe. If we keep the bat on our shoulder, we are letting fear determine how we live. The courage to swing is essential if we want to succeed, in anything, ever. But this is easier said than done. Wherever you are right now in your life, fear is the thing holding you back. Some fear stands between you and whatever you really want in the years ahead.

The Courage to Act

Knowing how to push past your fear and do what will bring you what you want—this is a powerful lesson and skill. Those who learn how to do it, and use this understanding, are able to consistently progress. Those who don’t, too frequently find themselves in a rut, wanting more, but standing here on this earth with a bat on their shoulder while the pitches of life fly by. One after another.

This book is about becoming the kind of person who changes this pattern and swings. In short, real success in life doesn’t come to those who stand there with the bat on their shoulder. To live the kind of life we really want, we need to swing! Most importantly, this book is about how you can become such a person.

I did. You can.

One thing I know, and all successful people know it as well, is that whoever you are, there is a fear (or fears) standing between you and what you really want. This is just the way life is. But fear isn’t nearly as powerful as it seems. Not when you have a bat in your hands.

So get ready. Because we’re going to learn how to lift that bat and really use it in your life. It’s time to swing! And I can attest from personal experience that this one important change will make all the difference.


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16 thoughts on “SWING: Finding The Courage to Become

  1. We are so very excited for the release of this book and the lives it will change for each reader!

    1. Thank you Jammie! You and Richard are making a difference. Can not wait for the world to hear your story!

  2. Dan,

    I feel like this book is going to relate to so many people! The uniqueness about it is that YOU lived it and are willing to share what soo many people are unwilling to talk about; the fears that stand in their way from them living an extraordinary life. Thank you for your resound mentorship and always believing in us! We’ll see you at the TOP!

    1. Thank you Greg, your story too will impact many. Keep leading and learning!

  3. I believe this book is timely, especially for me. I definitely need to develop more courage in my life. I look forward to purchasing it this coming weekend. See you in Kansas City.

    1. Thank you Bryan. Make sure you give me updates on your progress!See you this weekend!

  4. I have so been looking forward to the release of your book! I am so excited to get a copy this weekend!! Thank you for sharing your story, I know it will inspire people to work past their fear and go out to make amazing change in their lives and the world around them! Thank you Dan!

    1. Thank you Lynn, we are so excited for the weekend!

  5. Dan –

    thanks for living what you teach! It takes courage to share the struggles of life with an open ended audience. I am blessed to know you brother!

  6. Dan –

    Jenn & I are blessed and inspired by your words and leadership. Thank you so much for your courage to break through your fears so that you may give us and so many others the opportunity in LIFE to crush ours. We look forward to grabbing our copy this weekend!

    Thankful for your hard work brother.

    1. Thank you Doug!

  7. Thank you for this Dan. I was started in Team and LIFE a few years ago. Some personal things happened to me and left an emotionally abusive relationship as well as eventually being homeless and living in a shelter with my daughter. I am talking to John Mossner whom i was under with Team Momentum about getting back in. I have seen you and Lisa speak many times and have met you..You both have inspired me tremendously. Cant wait to get back in and cannot wait to read!

    1. Hello Michelle, I am humbled by the courage you must have to overcome the last few years. The Mossner’s are a fantastic couple to work with. Stay strong and keep chasing your dream. Your courage to “Swing” again will inspire many!God bless!

  8. Wow! What a great book! So many things that I have allowed to hold me back I am now confronting. My coworker needed a ride into work so as we were making our way in I asked her about her future, her goals. 25, college grad, doing a job well beneath her abilities. She said opportunities were available but she was too afraid to go for it. I ordered your book today and am going to give it to her as soon as if arrives. I left a reminder for a 30 day follow up on our progress. Thank you for sharing your story. What a difference you are making in so many lives….Ray DelGado, TEAM Explosion 💥!

    1. That is fantastic Ray! I love to hear Swing is making a difference. Keep leading you will be such a blessing in that coworkers life!

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