Review: Understanding the LIFE Leadership Business Model

LIFE Leadership Making a Difference

LIFE Leadership has now been in business almost 4 years. In that time period we have experienced so many great things that fall into our motto of Have Fun, Make Money and Make a Difference. Tens of thousands of people receive subscriptions every month of LIFE changing information they can use to improve their lives. The stories come in daily of people applying the information to get promoted at work, improve their relationships, get out of debt and on and on. Just yesterday I received a letter from a grown daughter to her father who has been using the LIFE Leadership programs to improve his life. I was brought to tears by the letter applauding her father for becoming a better man and leading his family. Things like this make me want to work harder to reach more people because of the impact this information can have. So many will lay their head on a pillow tonight praying for answers to problems they are having or dreams they want to fulfill.

LIFE Leadership Products Retail Sales

images (2)Not only do we receive constant messages about the products making such an impact in peoples personal lives, but also the stories of people succeeding to incredible levels retailing our products to the world. Some members who join LIFE Leadership decide to learn how to make an income marketing our products and building a team to help. The LIFE Leadership Corporate Program launched a couple of years ago and continues to skyrocket. Individual members from LIFE are going out armed with great marketing tools from LIFE Leadership and introducing the programs. The stories rolling in range from getting a small business owner started to getting entire corporate management teams started! The feed back has been overwhelmingly positive and because of the response we have launch 3 – 6 month programs with a facilitators packs to lead the courses.

However, our number 1 selling product is the Financial Fitness Program (FFP). Members across the world are introducing the FFP to individuals, church groups, schools, accountants and business leaders just to name a few. The stories of people getting control of their finances and removing the stress that money can have on relationships is inspiring. One of the key elements of the FFP is not only the great information and tools offered to help with finances, but the incredible support of a communityimages of people working together to help everyone succeed. Best selling author Orrin Woodward has been able to clarify the financial struggles so many people feel in his ground breaking book The Financial Matrix. In his book, Orrin describes the reason so many are upset but can not explain why, why over a million people a few years back marched on DC to protest agains Wall-street. In this short video about the Financial Matrix, Orrin Woodward summarizes his new book to help people understand how to get free of the matrix. Social media is lighting up with people taking this to heart and thousands of people are reporting their success in eliminating debt. People understand there is a force at work, working against the masses daily, but this can be undone. By learning the right principles you can get free of this matrix.  Yesterday, I received a social medial video of one couple sending in a $10,000+ check to payoff their vehicle, and another sending in a check to pay off their last bit of credit card debt. The FFP is making such a difference, it is creating a revolution of financial independence that will change the way we view money and debt.

LIFE Leadership Business Model

UnknownI get asked the question a lot, the LIFE Leadership materials are great, but to be honest the principles we use have been around forever, why do your materials actually create change? The secret is in the community! The LIFE Leadership community is such a special group of people, a group of entrepreneurs working daily to improve their lives and the lives of others. The LIFE Leadership materials are created by the most successful of the members, people who have worked at applying the principles first in their own lives and after they have succeeded, they are asked to share how the did it. In short, the life changing products are created by people who have changed their own lives first and now feel called to help others do the same. The world really does not need another book calling for change, but a group of people being the example of change, that is what LIFE Leadership is about.

When the founders where deciding how to best create the environment for this change to happen, the network marketing model was the only model we could find that creates the platform to truly make a difference. All of the LIFE founders gained their experience in this field. Working hard to improve ourselves to get more success in business, we realized that real success came by working on self and adding value to others. This industry, is in my option, is the best way to reach out and serve people. As an auto mechanic struggling in so many areas I was not reaching out for help, however in this industry, someone reached out to me, met me where I was at and lead me down a path of seeking truth. I was suddenly surrounded by people encouraging me to be my best and giving me the tools to do so. I remember bringing my first book to work, The Five Love Languages. Now this is not the book to bring into an auto shop, purple with flowers on it, but I knew, through mentorship, that I needed to work on my marriage. I was the laughing stock of the place, I am surprised I was not threatened to be beaten with a wrench. People there felt threatened by someone trying to improve. At the LIFE Leadership events was a different story, they probably would have threatened me if I did not read the book! 🙂 All joking aside, the people you surround yourself with matters, they will either encourage you to grow or criticize you to stay the same and keep them comfortable. LIFE leadership is about moving forward, getting better and helping communities do the same. We hope you decide to join us in this revolution of setting people free!


I have attached a short video from one of the LIFE Members explaining the business model we use to Have Fun, Make Money and Make a Difference.


God bless,

Dan Hawkins

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  1. Awesome article Dan! Totally sums up LIFE Leadership. The most important part for my wife & I has been the community & mentorship of Holger & Lindsey Spiewak! Thank you for being audacious enough to run for your dreams and help create this amazing business! Trevor & Brenda Most

    1. Thank you Trevor! You are blessed to be able to work with Holger and Lindsey, they are amazing people. Keep learning and leading!

  2. Fantastic summary Dan! There is no better business for an individual to pour energy into than Life Leadership. Knowing coaches like Mark & Lori Maas and Tom and Sharon McBride will love me where I’m at and model best business practices day in and day out helps me to persist despite daily struggles. We ARE making a difference having fun making money! Thanks for always leading by e example!

  3. Love the post.

  4. Thank you for a great article Dan, this will be another great tool to leverage! You do an incredible job of providing explanation – and the new video of you and Lisa showing the plan is an excellent example of that! The Life Leadership system, when introduced with the financial matrix messaging is going to give millions of people the tools they need to live the LIFE they’ve always wanted!

    All the best,
    Hunter Ketcherside
    Team VIP

  5. Great article Dan. These materials are helping everyone. It’s blessed us in many ways, not only eliminate tons of debt but beable to give my fiancé the wedding of her dreams. Thanks to great mentoring and information through the LIFE community. This is just the beginning.

    1. Ryan, Your story is an amazing one! Can’t wait to see the rest of the movie that is playing out with you!

      Great article Dan!

  6. Thank you for this perfect summary of what LIFE Leadership is all about! It is so true that this business is all about relationships and getting yourself around a community of changers!

  7. […] Dan and Lisa Hawkins, local Life Leadership founders and Directors of All Grace Outreach (AGO), heard about the incredible ministry and wanted to get involved. Currently AGO (a 501(c)3 charitable organization) financially supports the MRM, and the funds have helped the program and facility expand and meet the needs of even more people. The Hawkins wanted to take it a step further, however, so they coordinated an opportunity for some of their top leaders to participate in a day of giving back. Organizing clothing, serving food, spending time playing games with children and sharing the gospel are just a few of the ways that volunteers can get involved. In fact, local Life Members have served in these ways on multiple occasions over the past few years. Most recently, these Wisconsin leaders spent time organizing the clothing department. […]

  8. Thanks, Dan! I could hear your enthusiasm while reading your article! It was a pleasure to see and hear you and your wife this past weekend! You are an inspiration!

    1. Thank you Ruthanne, we have a lot to be excited about! Keep leading you are making a difference!

  9. Thanks for the article and the video. I love how your article tells of our secret weapon, the community! Then Rob explains how powerful community building is. I believe if people truly understood the power of the community there would be more people joining Life Leadership. The secret is out and the people are coming! #loveliveleadership
    Carpe Diem

    1. You are part of that secret weapon Danny! You are making an impact that will continue to grow. Very proud of you!

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