Conscious Incompetence to Unconscious Competence

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In any new endeavor you undertake in life, you might not possess all the skills and abilities you might need right away. In this video, LIFE Founders Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady remind us that to become great in anything worth doing, we must allow ourselves the time to develop the skills and abilities we need in order to do so. They explain that we will need mental toughness to endure the hardships that will come when beginning any venture in our lives that is worthwhile. Orrin and Chris explain that if we can remain mentally tough and display discipline, we can move from the state of being consciously aware of our incompetence to a level of mastery where we can be unconsciously competent in the skills and abilities we need to be successful.

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3 thoughts on “Conscious Incompetence to Unconscious Competence

  1. This is an excellent video on Developing your skills by using mental toughness to get through conscious incompetence.

  2. Thanks Dan … Perfect time for this video, it really helped !!

  3. This skill set has been clarified for me recently. My oldest son just received his driving temps and we have been driving almost every day. Normally I drive without really thinking about it. Kind of like when I use to work as a pharmacist, I would get to my destination and hardly remember all the details of getting there. That is unconscious competence. Now with Adam driving, I am all of a sudden consciously aware of every little detail helping him learn how to drive.

    Driving is one of many examples of how we can develop an unconscious competence through routine practice. Over and over developing a skill set that eventually we don’t have to think about it. Amazing stuff!

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