Are you tough enough?

LIFE LEADERSHIP teaches mental toughness

Learning how to be mentally tough almost always makes the difference. So many times in life it is not ability or talent that is the deciding factor of who wins, but mental toughness.  For the past decade I have surrounded myself with people who are at the top of their field in many different arenas. The common theme that is always found is the way they approached the challenges. They all have a toughness about them, not from the outside but from within. Every success story has a struggle in the plot. Winners always find the courage and toughness to push through and become victorious.

LIFE LEADERSHIP founders have what it takes

One of the best stories I have ever heard for having and learning mental toughness is in the book Toughen Up by Claude Hamilton. If ever there was a person to write about being tough, it is Claude Hamilton. Countless times, I found myself cheering for Claude with tears in my eyes as I experienced his trials and victories. A life well lived requires mental toughness, and this book not only shares great stories of overcoming, but it helps you overcome too.

What areas in your life do you need to toughen up in and make a change. Lets make 2014 the best year every!

Enjoy this video from New York Times Best Selling Authors Chris Brady and Orrin Woodward.

God bless,

Dan Hawkins


The uniform of success and leadership is thick skin. In order to have thick skin, you must first develop mental toughness. Success in anything requires mental toughness. In this video, LIFE Leadership Founders Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady discuss the importance and value of having mental toughness. They explain that, just like success, being mentally tough is a conscious decision. We have the choice to be mentally tough or not. So the question is: Which do you choose to be?

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7 thoughts on “Are you tough enough?

  1. Great post Dan! Ready for 2014!!!

    1. Thanks Chris, 2014 is going to be a world changer and you are playing your part!

  2. Hi Dan,
    I am currently in the middle of this book. It is a fantastic book -something I know I need to develop and it is most definitely a need for the current generation of youth across NorthAmerica. Thanks for all that you and all the PC do to make a difference!
    God Bless and Gods speed!

    1. Thank you for being the example our kids need, adults who continue to learn and improve! Have a great 2014!

  3. Thanks Dan for your example of breaking through when times were tough. 2014 will be a phenomenal year!

  4. Thanks Dan, awesome and I want to thank you and Lisa for a outstanding Seminar in Ohio.

  5. As always another timely and immediately applicable post Dan! Toughen Up was a page turner that every man woman and child should read ASAP! Thanks for the great example you continue to set as a servant leader.

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