The impact of reading

One of the most powerful tools people have is the ability to gain knowledge. By picking up a good book, one can position himself a step ahead of the average Joe. Unfortunately, many people rarely take the time to sit down with a good book and acquire new information and learn new concepts. But through daily reading, contemplation, and the development of new ideas, one can expand his knowledge, wisdom, and creativity and gain the capacity to engender a rewarding and prosperous life. Pick up a good book today and explore the possibilities!

Life Leadership is creating a group of entrepreneurs who love to read and learn. Every time I speak to this group and ask who has read a book in the last 30 days over 90% of the group raises their hands. By creating the habit of reading good books, you are creating a future with limitless possibilities!

Here is a short video from LIFE leadership expert George Guzzardo on the power of reading. Enjoy!

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Dan Hawkins

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8 thoughts on “The impact of reading

  1. The power of reading is substantial. My wife and I have always enjoyed reading but we’re too “busy” to read as adults and parents. Beginning to read again has opened up an entirely new fountain of information in our lives, directly affecting the decisions we make for finances, family, faith, and friends. You always can make time for what you enjoy and now I enjoy getting up early to read a good book!

    1. If it wasn’t for your example with reading Dan, I wouldn’t be as far out of the mess we were in a few years ago. Thanks for helping me develop the love of learning through reading.

  2. I love the reading culture of this association! I believe more so it’s the great material we read. I’ve seen reading groups before, but what they are reading isn’t worth while. I was an avid reader before LIFE, but the loads of graphic novels and scifi/fantasy wasn’t getting me anywhere in life. I can’t thank out leaders enough for the books they select to promote. The top 5 books alone have had a major change in my professional and personal life 🙂

  3. Great post Dan! It’s refreshing to know that Life Leadership books like “Toughen Up” by Claude Hamilton are sure to challenge and inspire me to grow. Every new subscription is a treat!

  4. George Guzzardo is so brilliant. I always appreciate how he can share the lessons of history and make them relevant to our present time.

    We are grateful that LIFE Leadership is creating a culture of readers. It’s been so much fun to watch the results people are getting in their lives by learning new information and allowing their thinking to be changed. I thought that sounded a little controlling at first – to change someone’s thinking. But I have now realized that there is so much that all if us can learn if we study what the greatest thinkers have put down in their books.

  5. Good stuff Dan Thanks.

  6. Dan thank you so much for leading the way through reading and leading! What a combo!

  7. “Turn the Page: How to read like a top leader”

    Read Right to Lead Right!

    Mind Blown.

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