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People are daring to dream in LIFE Leadership

Sorry I wrote this earlier and just got around to posting today

Hey everyone, I was inspired this morning to share an article on daring to dream. LIFE Leadership has given me the courage to dream again and the information to achieve them. Earlier today I was able to drop my 2 year old off at her first day of preschool. Both Lisa and I are free to celebrate and experience this day together. It started off so fun, my daughter so proud getting her new first day of preschool dress and shoes on. Having mom fix her hair just right (dad leaves that up to mom 🙂 and getting on her new shoes. Next pictures by the preschool sign with a big smile! All was going great until she realized this was her first day of school not mom and dads! That is when it feel apart, tears, crying, calls for help, and that was just Lisa. 🙂 All joking aside it is a big day for my 2 year old, the first experience of independence from mom and dad. What a special day!

After leaving the preschool we were able to stop over to see another dreamer who dared to dream and is now living it! Steve and Jamie Leurquin just purchased their dream house and are moving in today! We dropped in as they just began to move some items in. To see the look on the Leurquin families face was priceless, the look of dreams coming true.

You see somewhere along the way someone will try to steal your dream because they lack the courage to pursue theirs. Stay strong and persist, because dreams do come true, just ask the Leurquins!

Dan Hawkins

“All men dream: but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds wake in the day to find that it was vanity: but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act out their dream with open eyes, to make it possible.” – T.E. Lawrence

All dream; few achieve. Since everyone wants a better life, why do so few accomplish it? The answer: one must solve the problem of pain. It’s painful to dream of a better future and get shot down again and again. Success, although predictable over time, takes a massive amount of persistence to stay the course when results are not forthcoming quickly enough. In fact, I have watched many talented men and women surrender their dreams through the lack of one key attribute – Adversity Quotient (AQ).  These people had all the talent; some even applied themselves for a period of time, but when the chips were down, they quit.

My fourth grade teacher’s favorite maxim, which he repeated daily was: “When the going gets tough, the tough get going.” I am not sure of its effect on the rest of the class, but as for me, it transformed how I responded to challenges. Any time I ran into difficulties, I reflected back on my teacher’s words. I was fortunate to have parents who taught a similar philosophy to that of my teacher. For instance, most people surrender with little or no fight when they run up against a wall, but not my parents. Interestingly, my mom and dad used entirely different, although both highly effective, strategies in overcoming walls in life. Let me explain. If my parents were taken to a twenty-foot-high brick wall and told they had to bust through it, I am convinced they would both accomplish the task. However, the means to the end would be entirely different.

My mom is a worker. No, that doesn’t quite explain it. My mom is a fanatical worker. In truth, to this day, I have never seen anyone work as relentlessly as my mother on any task undertaken. She would announce a project, dole out various assignments to the five children, and off we went. If my mom needed to get over a brick wall, she would metaphorically lower her head and crash into the brick wall until it gave way. I am not exaggerating here; she would literally will herself through that wall. The amount of obstacles that I saw my mother overcome humbles me to this day. My mom, in other words, would do and then think about how she did it.

In contrast, my dad was a thinker. No, it’s probably more accurate to say he was a philosopher of life. In fact, to this day, I cannot recall an evening where he wasn’t discussing some concept or principle he was wrestling with in his head. I had no idea at the time, but my dad used the Socratic method to draw out how we thought on a multitude of subjects, forcing us to reason properly or be shot down around the kitchen table. Indeed, if my dad needed to surmount a proverbial brick wall, he would state the problem, count the bricks, and form a working hypothesis on how to overcome. Counting, analyzing, and theorizing would be logical steps in the achievement of his goal. My dad, in other words, would think and then act upon what he thought.

Somehow, during the fourth grade, I began adopting my mom’s work ethic along with my dad’s philosophical methodology and combined them together with my teacher’s get tough principle. What an empowering gift these mentors bequeathed to me! My dad taught me to begin with the end in mind. My mom taught me that a job well begun is half done, and my teacher taught me the importance of AQ in any worthy endeavor. I had no idea how revolutionary these concepts were to become in my life.

What does all this have to do with dreaming? Nearly everything! Dreaming is beginning with the end in mind, doing is moving towards one’s goals and dreams, and lastly, persistence is staying tough even when everything inside of a person is screaming to surrender. I have lost count of how many times, when I was on the verge of surrendering, that the winner’s voice inside of me said one more time, “When the going gets tough, the tough get going.”

Do you have dreams? Of course, you do because everyone does. Are you still pursuing them, or have you surrendered to the pain? I say get back up! If you are willing to run for what you truly want, if you are willing to get up every time you are knocked down, if you are willing to persist through every painful experience, then, and only then, will you win in the game of life.

Everyone is born into the race of life. Unfortunately, most have quit because they cannot handle the pain and choose passivity over activity. I, however, encourage you to reenter the race and press on to the end to receive the heavenly prize for which God, through Christ Jesus, is calling us. God gave us the gift of life; do not hand it back to Him unused.


Orrin Woodward

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  1. Thanks Dan – yet another inspirational post!

  2. Thank you Dan,

    Powerful words by a powerful man! The best thing about Orrin Woodward is the way he uses his power for good! Not greed or for himself! Orrin truely wants us all to succeed and help others along the way, a true servant leader!

    Thanks again,
    Keith Whitaker

    “LIFE is Life – Fight for it”

  3. I needed to revisit this article. It’s inspiring to know that LIFE Leadership Founders and Policy Council members (and every speaker I’ve had the honor to hear teach) sincerely have the best interests of not only their communities but future generations at heart. Spending time with any LIFE Leader is a sure-fire way to get re-acquainted with my dreams.

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