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Hello everybody, I had to post this incredible interview from best selling authors Orrin Woodward and Oliver DeMille. The New York Times best selling book Leadershift is making an impact. Every where I go to speak I am hearing people sharing the breakthroughs they have had due to this book.

Leadershift on the road

Leadershift was such a big hit the authors are hitting the road again to do a second round of book signings. Stay tuned for the upcoming locations so you can be a part of history!

Why Leadershift

Western Society is at the crossroads between chaos on one side and coercion on the other. What we do as citizens is crucial to the future of freedom in North America. LeaderShift was written to launch a shift in the dialogue taking place. No longer can North America afford party splits that paralyze real change. For instance, in America the labels Republican, Democrat, and Libertarian must be replaced by a new label like: Concerned Leaders of America.


Enjoy this interview and get a deeper look into the authors thinking on the 5 Laws of Decline.

God bless,

Dan Hawkins

8 thoughts on “Leadershift

  1. Fired up!! Leaders are willingly called and reluctantly made. Leadershift is a movement that requires both. I look forward to watching God form the 10% that will write the future.

  2. This is incredible information. They certainly know encourage us to want to know more.

  3. Great thinkers and great doers do great things. Let the Leadershift Begin!

  4. Orrin and Oliver are so great together!

  5. Dan,

    There is so much to be gained by knowing the Five Laws of Decline. There are applications that we can make in our families, businesses and churches as well as the country. Below is a description of how knowing FLD help me reverse the negative decline in my company.

    In 2007 when I became associated with the Team organization, my service company was nearing the point of collapse due to the 5 laws of decline. During the next 5 years, the same time frame, ironically, that Orrin was developing the material for his book Resolved, I implemented the following things that I learned through, and as a result of that teaching. I stopped using employees (the 90%) and began using contracted entrepreneurs (the 10%) in order to overcome Sturgeons law. I compensated these entrepreneurs by paying them a straight percentage of each contract to overcome Bastiat’s law. The harder we worked, the more we got paid. I stopped utilizing credit, which made me appear to have assets that in truth, were only liabilities. This overcame a form of Gresham’s law that had crippled the solvency of my company. I maximized income and minimized expenses, making decisions based upon profit not comfort, which overcame the law of diminishing returns. Finally, the colossal impact of the life changing information that became Orrin’s book Resolved completely reversed the inertia of negative current in my company. i look forward to the future now and to building a community through the life organization through which I can help others do what I have done. Thanks Dan for all you do.


  6. This interview is a must see for all with a vested interest in viable solutions to our ailing nation!

  7. I could watch these interviews over and over and learn so much! How amazing is it that we are directly involved with the greatest minds with the best intentions!! Great post Dan

  8. Kevin,
    Thanks for sharing your experience. I hope more LIFE members will make time to share their testimonials!

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