Building memories in the LIFE Business

Well this will be the second winter for our family in Florida. The first week was great, warm sun and great friends! We started by kicking off the month with all of our greatest friends, business partners and mentors.

Every year Orrin Woodward is kind enough to open up his estate to anyone who is building the LIFE business and helping others. We had about 50 of our friends playing volleyball, eating great food, cruising on the yacht and spending time sharing experiences and stories. It was such a blessing having LIFE Founders Orrin & Laurie Woodward and George & Jill Guzzardo at this event to share from their hearts and for the team to get to know them better.

I love to see the looks on the faces of the newest people when they realize that Orrin and Laurie are such down to earth, real people who truly want to help them win in life. When is the last time you got personally invited to the owners home, of a multi million dollar business and they asked to learn about you and how they can help you achieve your goals and dreams.

The LIFE Business is creating a world class community of winners who are going into living rooms night after night to find the next one.

On the last day of fun we were able to spend time with some of the biggest leaders on our team. The ladies went shopping and the guys headed to the deep sea to do some fishing! It was an incredible afternoon with Orrin Woodward, Steve Leurquin, Matt Mielke and Captain Bill! Everyone caught some fish with Matt bringing in the only shark of the day, but have no fear Orrin and I will head back out in search of the Big One later this month.

The LIFE Team has a motto of Have Fun, Make Money and Make a Difference! One of my favorite parts of the LIFE business are the memories we are creating along the way. This month we started with our best friends and will spend the rest of the month as a family enjoying some of the rewards of freedom. Reading to my 16 month old for hours a day, swimming and riding the wave runners with my two older girls and getting time to spend with my wonderful wife Lisa.

God has blessed my family greatly and we pay it forward for the rest of our lives. Enjoy some of the photos and videos from the weekend!

God bless,

Dan Hawkins

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11 thoughts on “Building memories in the LIFE Business

  1. What a great opportunity that lets you have the freedom to spend a month in Florida with your family and some of your closest friends! Thank you for opening up your home and spending some of your vacation time with us to stretch our minds and show us what is possible! We had a great time and plan on sharing that message every time we see our teammates so that we can help those that want to get down there next time.

    It was fantastic spending a whole day at Orrin and Laurie’s place. Their property is so beautiful, their boat is amazing, and just like you said – they are very humble/loving people.

    We are looking forward to the day when we can spend a month down their with our family and have our biggest leaders stay down there with us. Team Stealth 180………WE WILL!!!

  2. Thanks Dan,

    We can’t wait to get our business big enough to get some real time with all of the Life Founders! We might have to talk Orrin and Laurie into spending some winter time up in the North Woods of Wisconsin (or Michigan) for some real winter time adventures! Winter in Florida? I don’t about that! Do they have snowmobiles there? Oh yeah wave runners! I guess they’ll work!
    All kidding aside we truely wish you all the best! Have a great time and don’t worry about the home front, we are some of the best and growing Leaders this biz has ever seen!

    Thanks again,
    Keith & Tracie Whitaker

    “LIFE is Life – Fight for it”

  3. This is awesome!

  4. Words can not describe the feeling of being around this group of leaders. My advise is do what is needed to get there. Write your future!

  5. Thanks Dan,

    What an awesome opportunity it was to get around you and Lisa, George & Jill and of course Orrin & Laurie for an entire weekend of some serious “Mind Stretching” and fantastic relationship building with all your Team Leaders. Mark Maas said it perfectly, you just can’t put into words the experience these promotions provide. To top it off, the weekend gave us the opportunity for my wife to see and play in the ocean for her first time. Without this business there was no telling if I could of ever made that happen, so THANKS again for all that you and Lisa and the rest of all the 20 Mile Marchers have done to fine tune this Awesome LIFE changing easy to follow system!!!

    Love You All, GOD BLESS

    1. Thanks for sharing, you guys are doing great things, this is just the beginning for your family!

  6. One week later in the freezing cold, snow on the ground, and overcast sky, I sure would like to be back on that boat fishing for sharks in the warm sun! More than that I wish I could bring some amazing leaders on my team with me. That wish will come true and all I want to know is who is coming with me?!?!

    1. Hey Steve, Orrin and I missed you at our workout this morning! It is 82 degrees and sunny today, and just so you know there is plenty of room for you and your team down here! Keep leading!

      1. sorry I wasn’t there to deflect some of the pain!

  7. Thanks for sharing! The stories told to us by our leaders after the trip were incredible! Team Stealth 180!!! We will!

  8. DREAM struggle VICTORY
    Dreams are great fuel for the struggle when you see them come true and become victory. Thanks for sharing the victories with us Dan.

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