What would you do?

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What would you do if you were able to create a pipeline income that exceeded your current job income? In this crazy economic time we live in there are a group of Rascals that have decided to use the LIFE Business to take control of their lives and their future! Kelli decided that working at the factory 8-10 hours a day was not what she was created to do, so they decided to have fun with her last day of work!

Everyone has a dream inside waiting to get out, usually it is just a problem of not enough time or not enough money that is holding them back. Steve and Kelli Sager are a couple of Rascals who said, enough is enough we are getting our dreams.

Over the last couple of years the Sager’s have worked with their team to develop a community that will not surrender to the critics, bad economy, the nay sayers or everyone who believes the world is hopeless. Instead, they have decided to become part of the solution and create a group of leaders who are learning and succeeding in LIFE!

In the video below you will be able to see a split screen of what was happening inside the plant while their team gathered secretly on the side of the building waiting to get the signal to come pick up Kelli!

After reading this letter from the Sagers and watching the video please share how you will spend your hard earned freedom and success!

I know Steve and Kelli now are free to pursue their purpose in LIFE!

God bless,

Dan Hawkins

From Kelli…

The ride to work was exciting. Steve drove me and was “pumping” me up! As we pulled up in our car, I took a video on my phone of the very last time going into work. I have worked the graveyard shift for the past several  years, so I had to trade shifts with someone to be on a day shift for this occasion. People were surprised to see me there during the day and they had no idea what was about to take place in a few hours.

I was not able to give anyone notice to my co-workers or even my supervisors;  since the employer escorts you out of the building and to your car immediately after they are given any notice. Only a few people actually knew. Throughout the day my job was pretty smooth and quick. The particular job I was doing was keeping me busy and I felt that I was in the best mood I have ever been, in all my years at the factory. I was unable to control my smile all through the day and kept thinking “I can’t believe this is finally happening!!”  Here’s the REAL funny part, I was even asked if I wanted come in for some overtime the next day….I said no J !

One particular conversation that I overheard that day involved several employees that were turning the age of 60 soon. They were discussing on how many (more) years it was going to take to retire and it was very hard to keep my mouth shut.

3:00 pm rolled around and my stomach began doing flip flops like I have never experienced before. I took my last break around 3:30 and was waiting in the locker room, waiting for my name to be called over the loud speaker. At this point in time a co-worker came in for the next shift and stated “there’s a ton of people on the side of the building just standing there with umbrellas!! “ I had to ‘play dumb’ and I began to get even more nervous for what was about to happen.

The receptionist finally came in to the locker room and said there was a police officer up front asking for me. I was thinking “ok, here we go…this is it!!” The next few minutes went perfect. My boss, the HR representative and the receptionist were all standing there watching this go down. Jeff (the police officer) did great and was very professional. I was soooo nervous as this was happening, and that it was as real as it could get. When Jeff put the handcuffs on me my emotions were building up big time. I was then ‘escorted by the Officer’  out the front door and then I saw everyone….and there was A LOT of fired up people standing in the rain, blowing horns, cheering….it was SO LOUD! Then all the emotions just released and it was better than I had pictured it would be.

When Steve took the handcuffs off me and set me free, one thing came to mind>> I knew it had all been worth it!! My grown up kids were right there giving me flowers and hugs, which was one of the very best parts of all. We then got into the H2 Hummer limo, watching the crowd cheering and knowing that I will never set foot in that place ever again…..speechless….. FREEDOM!!!


From Steve’s perspective:

After dropping Kelli off that morning; I drove away knowing that a victory was about to happen. Throughout the day I was talking to teammates about how this was going down, and had a smile that never went away. So everything was pretty smooth. When we were in the limo parked less than 30 seconds away, I was waiting for the phone call from Jeff. During this time I got a sudden burst of adrenaline. It was like the space shuttle taking off!!  I then had a moment where I looked inside the limo, paused and just reflected upon what a blessing this was…..To have our kids, Gary & Erika Severson, Steve & Jamie Leurquin, and Dan & Lisa Hawkins for this victory.  They all were the real reason this day was happening.

I got the call from Jeff. We pulled up to the front door and there were so many people there cheering, that even local police department had to block off the roadway!!! Employees at the factory were peeking out the windows, coming out of the doors and had a “shocked look” on their faces. I made my way through the crazy crowd of Rascals, looking for Kelli. I got to her, smiled and took off the handcuffs, for setting her free!!

All the miles driven, all the critics, all the lost sleep and time we gave up…..IT WAS WORTH IT!!  Now, Kelli can live her life to her priorities and not of obligations. We see many more of Team Stealth early retirements in the future and we are on our way to 1 million!!

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25 thoughts on “What would you do?

  1. That was awesome and inspirational! Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thank you for commenting! This is just one story of many to come!

  2. Dan thanks for sharing this video, it truly is an inspiration to many! Steve and Kelli Sager has shown that having a Dream and being committed no matter what it takes, can give you the life you have always wanted! They showed me that a hard work in the right areas is really worth it. I know our team will all have their freedom days. My last day will just be a stepping stone same with many to start living by our priorities instead of our obligations. I’m running to get free so I can start doing what God called me to do! Build principle focused communities to one million, also be able to travel on mission trips around the world and help people that are in need from natural disasters and more. Also start other types of mission trip organizations. We are all called to lead in some point in time of our life! Why not start now! Today is the first day of the rest of your life!

  3. Love the freedom video! I can’t wait for more! Thanks!

  4. WOW!!! That was day that we will never forget, to see that many people come out in full support on that cold rainy day just spoke volumes!! It was a very emotional day for many of us in attendance because Steve and Kelli are touching so many lives and personally helping all of us do exactly what they did so we too can live a LIFE of Priority instead of Obligation!! The Sager’s Exemplify Servant Leadership, if the society we live in today just took a small portion of how the Sager’s live a life of selflessness, the country and possibly the world wouldn’t be in the hardships we experience today!! We LOVE you Steve and Kelli and THANK YOU for showing us that with Perseverance / Tenacity and Love for Others that Anything is Possible!!

    Team Stealth United Forces….. We Stand UNITED!!!
    Love Bryan,Reanna and Levi Kemp

  5. Freedom! To have complete control of your time, spending as much time with who you want, when you want, to have no person tell you what to do and when to do it, to have the courage to stand on principle because nobody controls your decisions with a pay check………………..PRICELESS! It’s all worth it!

  6. Great post Dan…fired up!

  7. Congrats Kelli!! Fired up!!!

  8. This is a video taken by Gary Severson….enjoy!

  9. Whoop Whoop this is awesome! Congrats Kelli! Thank you for giving me this inspiration!

  10. Congratulations Steve & Kelli for staying courageous and fighting for you’re freedom! You are an inspiration.

  11. Great stuff, CONGRATULATIONS!!

  12. Our whole family drove over 2hrs to be at Kelli’s retirement party. This is our 5th retirement/freedom party we have attended, including my wife’s, through the life business and it is one of our favorite things to do. Way to go Steve and Kelli for running for your dreams. Proud of you! matt

  13. Awesome!! Thanks for sharing!!

    Neal and Mallory Ruffner

  14. Our entire family drove the 2+hours to share in Kelli’s freedom day. It’s a day our children still talk about. Thank you for running, Kelli and letting us join in your day!

  15. While we left the littlest one at home with Grandma, we also made the 2+ hour drive down for Kelli’s freedom day and our 3 year old STILL talks about it! As soon as I click on the video, he’s jumping into my lap saying, “Remember the big truck, momma?” and when the camera pans the crowd, he asks, “Where’s Daniel?” He knows he’s in there somewhere! I can’t wait for him to see the video of his daddy’s freedom day–Daniel will be front and center in that one! Thanks to the Sager organization for making such a memorable day, and for giving us all the belief that ours is coming!

    1. Thank you for sharing Jen! The future is what we make it now that we have such an awesome LIFE Business! STEALTH 180!

  16. Dan,

    Thank you for sharing all you do with us. I saw this video and thought it summed up the teachings and lessons that you and LIFE have been instilling my family and I.

    God Bless!

    1. Thank you for sharing Susan. I love what the LIFE Team does in families across this country. All of us will need to pursue an income but few jobs or businesses generate an income by serving others. One of the most valuable things I have gained by building the LIFE Business is the boxes of letters and cards, thousands of people explaining how this community has been a blessing in their lives. So many great people have come into my life and have banded together to go out and make a difference. The biggest impact and most important to my life is the countless people who now have a relationship with Jesus Christ because of this community. After all, all things in this world will perish but the lives we lead to Him have eternal value. God bless, Dan

  17. The ripple effect the Sager’s are making is inspiring to say the least. Love this video and so proud to be running along side such a united organization. Go TEAM/LIFE Wisconsin!!

  18. Watching Kelli’s freedom day, sent shivers through me. Congrats, Kelli! Thanks for being an example to all of us and for inspiring us to run for our goals!

  19. Great post Dan! The Sagers are directly helping hundreds and inspiring thousands with their determination and success! What an awesome event Kelli’s freedom day was! A big thanks to the Sagers for their awesome servant leadership and inspiration!

  20. Congratulations to Kelli!
    There is no feeling like the freedom to control your life.

  21. Congratulations! That was a great video. Appreciate the sharing and firing us up!
    So happy to be part of The Team!!

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