What is the LIFE Business?

The LIFE Business Community

The LIFE Business is growing across North America. Who is this leadership community and what is the purpose of LIFE Team?

What is the LIFE Business

LIFE is an innovative leadership company that has combined the best parts of four industries.

1. Home Based Business

2. Community Building

3. Leadership

4. Life Coaching

Home Based Businesses (HBB) are exploding. Riding on several trends that enhance it effectiveness, many men and women are working at home today. Mitch Renkow, economics specialist elaborates: Three key trends promise expanding opportunities for some small and home-based businesses while diminishing returns for others. They include:

1. Rapid advances in information and telecommunications technologies

2. An ever more integrated global economy

3. Changes in the shopping habits of consumers

Communities have been in decline for over fifty years. Author Jon Tyson writes:

From Wall Street traders to advertising executives, from nannies to MTV producers, it seems that in some fundamental way we are incurably communal. What’s ironic is that all of these people are living in New York City, surrounded by millions of people, yet feeling incredibly alone. Though they may feel like it, these people are not alone. This loss of community has in some ways become our collective experience of American life.

This relational disconnection was first identified and popularized in the year 2000 in Robert Putnam’s work Bowling Alone.

1. Simply put, he proposed that America was losing its sense of community, or its social capital — the reality that we are a part of “the whole,” and that we participate in small but significant ways to the greater good. He noticed “that we sign fewer petitions, belong to fewer organizations that meet, know our neighbors less, meet with friends less frequently, and even socialize with our families less often.”

2. Putnam went on to suggest that changes in work, family structure, age, suburban life, television, computers, women’s roles, and other factors have contributed to this decline.

One of LIFE’s major initiatives is to bring people together into a community of encouragement, unity, and growth. When a tide is rising it lifts all ships and LIFE’s goal is to help raise the tide by bringing people together in communities. When LIFE marries the best of Home Based Businesses and Community the results is communities where the people are rewarded for referring others into the community in a win-win fashion. Lead a little; bonus a little. However, Lead a lot; LIFE bonuses a lot. This allows people to choose their own level of commitment and bonuses.

Remember, in an HBB, you are in business for yourself, but in a community, you are not by yourself. In other words, the community meets people at their needs and helps them become better.

This is where leadership and personal development come in. LIFE is built around the internationally acclaimed leadership principles in Chris Brady andOrrin Woodward’s New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling bookLaunching a Leadership Revolution. Both Chris and Orrin were recognized as New York Times best sellers. They co-authored (Leadership and Liberty and Tidbits and Treasure, and L.I.F.E.) and solo authored (Rascal for Chrisand RESOLVED for Orrin) numerous top selling books. In addition, Orrin Woodward just won the 2011 IAB Leadership Award.

LIFE’s leadership pedigree is second to none. With leaders of this caliber, anyone can learn to lead and the community ensures the principles are taught and applied within the leadership growth groups. For example, reading a book is good, but it pales in comparison to living it within a growing community of like-minded people. This is what LIFE is – a community of people who desire to improve personally and professionally with the ability to own a home based business if so inclined.

What leadership materials does the LIFE Business offer?

The LIFE series offers life skills in Family, Fitness, Freedom, Fun, Friends, and Finances. This a monthly subscription oF: 4 CDs and a book for $50. YOU heard it right Fifty bucks! Why so low? Because LIFE wants to reach people that the rest of the leadership field ignores. How many people can afford thousand of dollar seminars and multiple hundred dollar CD packs?

The Following category is served through the Launching a Leadership Revolution subscription which includes: 4 CDs and a book for $50. Yup another steal! Everyone can afford to be part of LIFE and begin associating with people who are growing and advancing.

Furthermore, for those interested in growing in the Faith F, the All Grace Outreach series. This is a non-denominational Biblical message and includes: 1 CD and 1 Book for $25. All corporate profits from the sale of this series goes to the All Grace Outreach charity to support numerous Christian charitable organizations.

Finally, LIFE coaching is by leaders with proven results within the community. LIFE believes that a certificate does not qualify someone for life coaching, but a life well lived does. Remember, in leadership, example isn’t everything; it’s the only thing. Based upon a person’s willingness to grow, they will receive mentoring at no additional cost, since everyone wins when the community grows.

When LIFE combines these four trends into the TEAM community which has weekly growth groups and a monthly seminar, we have a recipe for long-term success.

Why join the LIFE Business?

Since a person cannot advance beyond his or her personal leadership ability, when his or her leadership improves, life improves. The bad news is that leadership across North America is in real trouble, with government debt rising, companies struggling, jobs melting away, and character in decline in nearly every profession.

The good news, however, is that LIFE is a plan to restore character based leadership at the grass roots level. Instead of waiting for politicians to fix the mess, let’s develop our leadership and fix it ourselves. Imagine a business where you are paid to improve yourself and others? Crazy but true? Life has thousands of satisfied customers and members. Check out one of our leadership groups for yourself and see the LIFE difference.

How do I build the LIFE Business?

When a person joins LIFE, he joins a leadership growth group (LGG). Leaders who have more experience and results help get you started by reading, listening, and associating. By attending the weekly LGG, you will learn from top leaders on principles for personal and professional success. For those who desire to go from being part of the community to a group leader, they can start their own home-based business. In order to become a leader, one must first be an apprentice and learn how to lead one of the growth groups.

Here is how LIFE and LIFE Training break down to help a person take advantage of the four industries:

1. LIFE teaches leadership and personal development

2. LIFE Training teaches community building principles

Where does the LIFE Business meet?

Because LIFE is home-based, we start in people’s homes. Bigger meetings are in hotel conference rooms and the larger meetings fill stadiums across America. Leadership growth groups join together for larger monthly seminars which combine several times a year for major conventions.

Here is a great video by LIFE Founder and best selling author Chris Brady that helps explain this powerful opportunity!

God bless,

Dan Hawkins



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36 thoughts on “What is the LIFE Business?

  1. Excellent summary of LIFE. It’s made such a difference in my life. Thanks!

  2. Very well said Dan! You break the entire movement down to simple concepts that anyone could understand. We have benefited immensely in our own personal growth quest in just a relatively short time.. We have been able to apply the principles taught on our finances to eliminate ALL debt( including mortgage) and now can weather any economic storm that will be coming. Creating cash flow and debt elimination , are the two main conditions that help ensure financial security in these unsettling economic times. Key is to learn how from people who are already demonstrating secure financial principles and then DO IT.. Is it sometimes hard, yes, but I can tell you the benefits are totally WORTH IT! I’m grateful for the LIFE/TEAM community!! As we have a means now to Live the LIFE we have always dreamed and searched for!! God Bless!

  3. Another GREAT posting Dan! Thanks for sharing, encouraging, and leading the way!

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    1. I think the only questions that remains is why NOT to join LIFE? With all that up side, what legitimate reason is there (that lets you still want to look at yourself in the mirror) for choosing the status quo rather than becoming part of the LIFE Community? Thank you, Dan! I’ll definitely be sharing this one with people I know!

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    ~Jen Ulrich

    1. I second the awesome summary comment. We are about ready to hit mainstream and your goal of filling the coliseum with 10,000 people will become reality and a stepping stone to 1 million. Godspeed

  10. Couldn’t have broken it down better myself. The crazy part is, with open and seminar subscriptions, we now get paid to congregate. In some places they call that loittering, but here, we’ll pay you for it!!! Thanks Dan

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      David Schoechert

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    The power of the LIFE community in bringing people together to grow personally and to bond with other people brings empowerment to the individual in a way rarely experienced. I have witnessed this first hand and it is very rewarding for all involved.

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