May 24

Getting better ideas to improve your LIFE

Information –> Actions –> Results

This small formula is causing success or failure in your life. The 90 Mental Fitness Challenge was developed to challenge your thinking and give you new information. New information leads to new actions, and new actions lead to better results.

So many people get stuck in the action phase, not liking the results, instead of changing, just stay busy doing more of the same.  Albert Einstein is quoted as saying “the definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over and expect a different result.” Unfortunately, many people, spend all of their time in the wrong actions because they feel they do not have time to get new information.

The MFC was designed with you in mind, made in small bite size pieces you can easily work into your day. Read 15 minutes, listen to some audios on your way to work, school or maybe playing in the background while you work around the house, and find ten minutes to watch a video by leadership experts Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady.

Ideas have consequences, are you happy with yours? Take the Mental Fitness Challenge today and start to build a better tomorrow!

God bless,

Dan Hawkins


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  1. Matt Mielke

    Great video clip Dan! Everything does start with your thinking and you are a great example of a changed mind. Thanks for continuing to pay it forward.


    1. Eric Schilling

      Information leads to action, which leads to results!

      1. steveleurquin1

        So true Eric. And great information leads to great action! Thanks for working to greatness.
        Steve Leurquin

  2. steveleurquin1

    Why is it that if we don’t intend to make bad decisions most of us always do? Do you think we make bad decisions thinking they are good but deep down we know their bad? Just some thoughts that I thunk!

    1. johngraff01

      I think I thunk that thought once or twice myself. My guess is that it’s my ego in conjunction with whatever fear I allow to get hold of me. Just a thought I thunk as well.

    2. adamrossman

      Steve – I liked what you said at a recent meeting….”Do you ever wake up and just decide you are going to make terrible choices today?” NO! We always think the choices we make are great choices and that is how we get ourselves in trouble if we are not getting correct information to be able to make great choices, instead of just listening to our own thinking and getting the same results we have been getting.

  3. brunerjr

    Couldn’t agree more. Ideas have consequences. New information leads to new decisions. Thanks for the post Dan.

  4. Keith Whitaker

    Thanks Dan
    The Mental Fitness Challenge is the Greatest component of the LIFE business yet! What is so great about it for me is, before the MFC we used the 8 F’s, only in the ways we could personaly see or in something we knew we needed more focus on! That was fantastic and very Life changing! Know with the MFC there is no geuss work. We know what area’s we excell at and what area’s we need improvement, and the MFC streamlines the right information directly to us, in ways we can easily understand and fit into our daily Life! I’m personally so thankful for the fact that my Lord and Savior has made every step in my Life a stepping stone to get to this point, so I can live the life he has planed for me.
    “LIFE is Life – Fight for it”
    Thanks again
    Keith Whitaker

  5. mark maas

    better information leads to better thinking witch leads to better choices put into action leads to better life, it all goes back to the info you put in your brain. the mfc is the best place to start. i know how it has improved my life. mark maas.

  6. John Hendon

    What a winner! Thanks for all you do.

  7. Lori Maas

    Stinkin Thinkin leads to a stinkin life – a life you really don’t want!! Right thinking starts with putting in the right information that will lead you to the life you always wanted!!

  8. Lucas Moldenhauer

    Great video Dan

  9. Steve Sager

    Mental Fitness Challenge…its like boot camp for your mind! Love it!

    1. Teesa Rossman

      Love that!

    2. Amy Nelson

      That’s great Steve! love it!

    3. adamrossman

      I liked that part too!!

  10. Tony Klubertanz

    “Everything starts with your thinking…” That is such a powerful comment! True, but how many of us actually invest in our thinking? From the neck down we are all worth minimum wage and yet many times I have spent more time thinking about the food that I am going to eat than the difference I am going to make.

    That is something I have definitely worked to change and with tools like the mental fitness challenge there are no longer any excuses for leaders, aspiring or otherwise, to not invest in their mind by sending themselves to boot camp.

  11. Teesa Rossman

    It’s an amazing concept, we just need to do the “work”, if you can really call it work.

    1. Miriam

      Lol definitely agree! It’s so much fun!

  12. Kristina Meinel

    Loving the mental fitness challenge!!

  13. Josh Meinel

    Couldn’t agree more. Ideas have consequences. Good thing we have the MFC! Thanks Dan.

  14. Lori Maas

    thank you for all you do for Team Stealth and the entire Team LIFE!!!

  15. gregjohnson on leadership


    It is no wonder many people do not have the results they want. It is their source of information. I needed to change my source of information to have my actions change.

    A simple but powerful message.

  16. gregjohnson on leadership

    A simple but powerful message.

    Thanks —

  17. johngraff01

    If man buy ‘book’, but doesn’t apply principles within… nothing wrong with bike, uh, I mean book!
    thanks Dan, I will get better.

  18. Miriam

    It’s crazy how this one principle effects everything!

  19. Lori Maas

    HA! Good one John!! Thanks Dan.

  20. adamrossman

    “Everything starts with your thinking.” That says enough right there! We all need the right information to get the best results. I’m so glad to have been exposed to information from people that are already successful in all different areas of life, rather than listening to myself the rest of my life.

    1. Kevin Knuteson

      Good stuff Adam. It’s scary to think about where I would be if I only had MY best thinking to make decisions off of…rather than getting new information from people who already have success in the areas I want to improve in!

  21. Kevin Knuteson

    “We are all minimum wage from the neck down.” Thanks for the post Dan!

  22. Eric Blomdahl

    Great post Dan…thanks!

  23. Kristen Seidl

    “Unfortunately, many people, spend all of their time in the wrong actions because they feel they do not have time to get new information.”

    …But then they forget to analyze the consequences…

    Awesome post Dan! Thanks for all you do!

  24. Nathan Harbottle

    Great post! Too often people want to blame others for their lack of results when actually it is the information we allow in. That includes the people we associate with, the media we listen to & the information we read. The MFC, LIFE materials & the community have impacted me & my family immeasurably. Thank you Dan & the other PC members!

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