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Now with the Mental Fitness Challenge, you can learn from some of the top leaders in North America. The LIFE business was created to serve the community and improve lives, one person at a time. Enjoy this article were Warren Bennis shares his six attributes of leaders.

God bless,

Dan Hawkins

Warren Bennis – Six Attributes of Leaders

Warren Bennis, noted leadership expert, writes on the six key attributes of leaders. The LIFE Founders exemplify these leadership attributes. Orrin WoodwardChris BradyTim MarksClaude HamiltonBill LewisGeorge GuzzardoDan Hawkins, and Rob Hallstrand are excellent leaders individually, but combined they are the best! With the recent release of theMental Fitness Challenge, the rest of the leadership field is learning of the world-class materials offered through the the LIFE Business. Here are the six leadership attributes:


Integrity means alignment of words and actions with inner values.

It means sticking to these values even when an alternative path may be easier or more advantageous. A leader with integrity can be trusted and will be admired for sticking to strong values. They also act as a powerful model for people to copy, thus building an entire organization with powerful and effective cultural values.


Dedication means spending whatever time and energy on a task is required to get the job done, rather than giving it whatever time you have available. The work of most leadership positions is not something to do ‘if time’. It means giving your whole self to the task, dedicating yourself to success and to leading others with you.


A magnanimous person gives credit where it is due. It also means being gracious in defeat and allowing others who are defeated to retain their dignity. Magnanimity in leadership includes crediting the people with success and accepting personal responsibility for failures.


Humility is the opposite of arrogance and narcissism. It means recognizing that you are not inherently superior to others and consequently that they are not inferior to you. It does not mean diminishing yourself, nor does it mean exalting yourself. Humble leaders do not debase themselves, neither falsely nor due to low self-esteem. They simply recognize all people as equal in value and know that their position does not make them a god.


Openness means being able to listen to ideas that are outside one’s current mental models, being able to suspend judgement until after one has heard someone else’s ideas. An open leader listens to their people without trying to shut them down early, which at least demonstrates care and builds trust. Openness also treats other ideas as potentially better than one’s own ideas. In the uncertain world of new territory, being able to openly consider alternatives is an important skill.


Creativity means thinking differently, being able to get outside the box and take a new and different viewpoint on things. For a leader to be able to see a new future towards which they will lead their followers, creativity provides the ability to think differently and see things that others have not seen, and thus giving reason for followers to follow.

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26 thoughts on “LIFE Community Leadership

  1. Thanks for sharing! This was a nice way to start the day. Also, thank you for modeling these 6 attributes. They say you can learn by studying the great men in a given field. It is awesome to see the great men of leadership performing on the field before my very eyes!!

    1. Thank you for the kind words Adam! Steve and Kelli were just bragging about how you are out leading and making a difference! Keep up the great work!

  2. Amazing post! Really got me thinking of the qualities I want to exemplify and be known for like yourself and the rest of the PC! Thanks for leading by example!

  3. As someone that is currently taking the mental fitness challenge, and for the first time, detecting my Purpose, its refreshing to see these attributes as assests and prerequisets to becoming a leader! Whats more, is the excitement of the realization that I too have the potential to pursue all this things and become great as well! Thank you for modeling these 6 attributes and making this tangible for all too succeed! God Bless

    1. Thank you for having the courage to pursue your purpose!

  4. Dan, great post!! appreciate all u do

  5. Thanks Dan!

  6. I’m excited that my best friends exude and continue to excel in these Six Great Attributes. Thanks Dan great post.

  7. Thanks for the post Dan. Especially like Magnanimity 🙂 not something you hear about everyday.

    1. That is such a cool word! Will have to add that to the vocabulary.
      Thanks for the post Dan. Pretty cool when a large group of leaders aspire to live all six attributes.
      Steve Leurquin

    2. Love these six attributes! The future is bright for this leadership team!

      1. What a great list of attributes to measure myself on every day! I agree, Eric!

  8. Thanks Dan,
    Everything I have been exposed to in this journey of LIFE has been a million times better than anything in my life before! I’m so greatful to be apart of this community. One thing that stuck out to me is a leader listens to his people! This is a very common problem for me (and most men) to overcome! I found myself getting people to open up and then trying to find a way out, which didn’t do them or me any good! With this type of information, great leaders, and some grace from God surounding us, we can make a hugh impact and change the course of history!

    Thanks again and God Bless

    Keith Whitaker

  9. Thanks Dan, I love seeing powerful thoughts from other leadership gurus. Bennis says a lot with just a little. More importantly, it says a lot that his words describe the leadership of TEAM and the PC so clearly. Thanks for the resource.

  10. Dan, this a great find of a list! I love the word “Magnanimity” in particular. Each of these would be great word-studies for us as a family.
    By the way, your LIFE talk Tuesday night in Pewaukee, Wisconsin was EXTRAORDINARY! I woke up several times during the night thinking about areas I have not yet PDCA’d in my life….and then got up early to begin writing them out. That’s the mark of a great talk I tell you! Amen??
    Thanks so much to you and Lisa for pursuing such excellence always.

  11. Great post, Dan! What I love about that list of attributes is that they all can be learned and developed…no special natural talents needed!!

    1. YES!!! Everybody “qualifies” to pursue leadership excellence! Thanks to you and Dan and the rest of the PC for personifying leadership excellence!

    2. That’s exactly what I was thinking. Tonight’s “Game Planning” CD spoke to that in a way I had previously heard, but never really believed could be applicable to even me! In the past I’d have read through a list like this and thought, “Check, check, nope. Guess I’m not a leader. Fail.” But reading it tonight it no longer seemed like a “don’t have–present tense (and that’s the end of the road);” instead it was a “will have–future tense (the game’s not over yet!).” As long as I keep practicing, I’ll get there.

      And like the others before me, while Magnanimous stuck out as the sore thumbed word my tired brain is *still* attempting to process with the emphasis on the right syllable, the point that grabbed me the most was regarding humility: “It does not mean diminishing yourself, nor does it mean exalting yourself. Humble leaders do not debase themselves, neither falsely nor due to low self-esteem.” I don’t think I’ve ever heard of humility as being a middle-of-the-road characteristic before. But if you really think about it, one that debases oneself is really taking pride in being so poor. When I think of the ultimate model of humility, I think of Christ–and nowhere is it recorded in scripture that He walked around trying to convince people that they thought too highly of Him.

      Man, so much to contemplate and learn. And only one lifetime.

  12. Excellent post! Thanks for all you and the other Policy Council members do!

  13. This is great! The MFC is changing my life and others as well.

  14. I love this post Dan. They are all great examples of attributes to strive for everyday.

  15. Agreance to the fullest. I love the opportunities to rub shoulders with these couples. Orrin Woodward is one of the truest men I have ever met. Chris Brady and Orrin have spent time with me personally, with no obligation, or charge, but out of the love of their heart. These men are true servent leaders!

  16. Awesome post Dan! Those attributes are now printed out and are a fantastic reminder of what we ALL should be shooting for.

  17. Great post Dan, What an Awesome List!! Reanna and I agree with Mr. Bennis that you and the other Founders truly exemplify all 6 Attributes of Leadership and we are extremely blessed and proud to be FOLLOWING your lead!!

  18. 6 simplified things to work on myself and appreciate in our leaders. Thanks Dan.

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