Mental Fitness Challenge: Resolve to become your best

Here is a video by best selling author Orrin Woodward. Watch as Orrin connects resolutions with some of the greatest minds of the past. The Mental Fitness Challenge is about creating the best you.

George Washington, Ben Franklin, and Jonathan Edwards were all 18th century colonial Americans who made a difference in the world. What did they have in common? Each developed resolutions to live their life by. Today, the Mental Fitness Challenge (MFC) captures the wisdom of the ages into a 90-day program for long-term success, founded upon the wisdom of the ages.

Enter the Mental Fitness Challenge. Designed around the 13 resolutions put forth in Orrin Woodward’s best selling book, RESOLVED: 13 Resolutions for LIFE, the Mental Fitness Program helps people live the life they’ve always wanted to live. This is accomplished the way adults learn and grow – not through expensive conferences in tropical locations, or danger simulations and artificial adventures, or even high-priced concert/seminars with public figures – but rather through small, incremental, daily steps implemented according to timeless principles, as explained in Orrin’s book.  After all, it’s the formation of new habits that brings lasting change, and this begins with exercising the mind and becoming mentally fit.

Resolve to become a better you, take the Mental Fitness Challenge today!

God bless,

Dan Hawkins

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15 thoughts on “Mental Fitness Challenge: Resolve to become your best

  1. I really would like to know why we were never exposed to this type of information before? Who made the choice to keep these Resolutions from being taught to us and our children? I today am making a promise to myself and with God as my witness to learn live and teach these Resolutions first to myself, my family, friends, and then to any and every person I come into contact with!

    Thanks again and God bless,
    Keith Whitaker

  2. The more and more I share this information with others the more I realize how we all need it. Many people talk about health (fitness) but not mind(mental) fitness and when you compare and share more people are getting the point of how important it is in our lives. Thanks for putting the MFC together and allowing us to share. God Bless, Lindee Kimball

    1. So proud of how you and Kelly have implemented this info, and equally importantly; have directly affected the next generation with your daughters!
      Love, John n Pen

      1. I agree John, as I see families like yours where this information has transcended generations, it is a feeling of community pride that comes over me. There are so many other communities that seek to have an impact, but the negative connection that drew people to them is repeated generation after generation, rather than the positive that was poured in able to stop the cycle.

        What I am witnessing here is very inspiring because we see the negative generational cycles being interrupted and hopefully time will prove them to be stopped, but also an injection of new positive cycles. We had our first backwards meal the other day. Today a garden was planted by multiple generations in my family and to the best of my knowledge there was tension, but were no shouting matches or tears shed 🙂 Thanks to new information!

  3. Everyone talks about problems, few are willing to do anything. This information shows us the way to improve ourselfs first to be the example!! History has proven this!! I believe LIFE has the answers, don’t delay, start today!! God bless, Mark Maas.

  4. I let go of the bouy!! Swimming for everything Life has to offer!

    1. That was an amazing talk by Orrin about the bout.

  5. Resolutions to affect thinking, to affect actions, to affect habits, to affect character to affect destiny! Working on it.

  6. I’m only a couple chapters into the book and it’s already opened up a whole avenue of change and growth for me!

  7. It’s amazing to hear how these people of history that we think so flawless had many personal issues to work on before they became great. I sure am glad the soul can be schooled.
    Steve Leurquin

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  9. Two words on the Mental Fitness Challenge…game changer. This changes the face of leadership and professional development as the industry knows it. Thank you for challenging the status quo leaders!

    1. You are correct Tony. The people who have done things the way they have always have been done just because that’s the way they have always been done have two choices: 1) get left in the dust or 2) change. The way Team Life has set up their community they are able to change on a dime. If others have not set up their leadership that way they will be left behind.
      Steve Leurquin

  10. Great clip Dan, thanks for posting it!

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