Orrin Woodward: Courage of a Whistleblower

What is the truth about Orrin Woodward and his past relationship with Amway/Quixtar? Is Orrin a hero or just another person out for personal success at the expense of others?

To myself and the other founders of LIFE this is old news, but since the “Amway Drones” want to keep talking, lets share the whole story and clear up some untruths.

I wanted to cover four main points in this article:

1) In 2005 Orrin Woodward risked his hard-earned position at Amway by writing a letter directly to billionaire owner Doug DeVos to point out major problems within the Amway/Quixtar business model.

2) Orrin Woodward, after nearly three years attempting to drive change within the company, departs from Quixtar in disgust. Orrin and his leaders spend tens of millions of dollars to get free from Amway’s tentacles.

3) Earlier this year, in a California court, Amway/Quixtar settles a potential billion dollar lawsuit by surrendering over 100 million dollars in settlement money. Not surprisingly, many of the disputed issues in this case were the same ones that Orrin pointed out to Doug DeVos back in 2005.

UPDATE: Recently, in both a state and federal court, the same issues where challenged once again. The Amway vs bHip Global lawsuit was settled with a jury ruling unanimously in favor of bHip. 

4) Undaunted, Orrin instead of criticizing the old, creates the new. He forms LIFE with his co-founders, and fixes the concerns he expressed in his letter to Doug DeVos.

The critics claim Orrin Woodward is a misleader, however, how do you explain that when Orrin left Quixtar over 40,000 people gave up their checks from Quixtar and followed Orrin and the Team into the unknown? Maybe the 40,000 recognized the same problems and chose to follow a leader with the character and courage to fix them. I believe that is what you will find after reading this post.

Lawsuits, negative internet traffic, rumors…what is one to believe? When you begin to hear the whole story it is easy to see Orrin Woodward is taking so much heat because someone finally had the guts to blow the whistle on the problems with the A/Q business model. No one likes to be exposed and be caught doing something wrong.  Sadly, most people instead of owning up and changing, choose to finger point, blame and attack. Once the whole story is on the table it is easy to see, most of the negative is just “Amway Drones” still not willing to take responsiblity, face the facts and go away quietly. Instead they ramble on with gossip, lies, and attacks on people who truly are out trying to make a difference.

Finding the truth can only happen in one of two ways, get to know Orrin personally or look at all the facts objectively. I have been able to do both, but I realize many people reading this or other articles may not have had the chance to meet Orrin on a personal level so lets look at the facts.

A hero deliberately and courageously overcomes obstacles for the benefit of others without regard to personal consequences. Conquered obstacles are the only qualifying credentials of heroes and a measure of one’s true leadership.

-Modeling Future Heroes, Inc.

After reading this article I believe you will see, in a day and age without heroes, this quote best describes what Orrin Woodward has done with the last 18 years of his life. While researching some history I came across a letter written by Orrin Woodward and delivered to Doug Devos, one of the owners of Amway/Quixtar.

What is interesting is Orrin gave this letter to Doug in 2005, nearly three years before the final showdown with Quixtar resulting in Quixtars’ private arbitration process. Talk about courage and conviction.   Would you hand a letter to a billionaire business owner of the company you represent knowing that if he did not like what you said it could damage your long term relationships?  Sadly, because Orrin would not surrender on the principles involved, it eventually resulted in Quixtar and Orrin’s team parting ways in 2007. This resulted in the arbitration process that many judges have deemed unconscionable.

What happened over the next five years will shock you! Orrin’s letter to Doug DeVos made an impact; a letter that started a journey to protect a community; a letter that one man had the courage to write; a letter that stirred up so much criticism of Orrin, now five years later has come full circle and is vindicated by a recent settlement from a lawsuit against the Amway/Quixtar company.  In fact the lawsuit settlement vindicates Orrin on nearly every issue he fought for over the last five years. Furthermore, being a man of purpose, Orrin and the seven other business founders launched a company called LIFE that addresses and fixes almost all of the problems spelled out in the letter to Doug DeVos.

I want to walk you through this letter step by step and explain what unfolded, not based on rumors, biased opinions, entrenched beliefs or corporatism, instead, however, lets examine the true story of a man who risked everything; reputation, finances, popularity, his business and much more to protect what truly matters – his purpose, character and his commitments to his community!


I would like to thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to meet with various board members on the Monday of the board week. I have always admired the DeVos and VanAndel families. Your families have exemplified the Godly foundation that is sorely lacking in our country and business culture today. To be given the privilege of sharing open and honest communication on how we can improve the Quixtar opportunity was an honor that I do not take lightly. Randy Bancino did an excellent job of presenting the main roadblocks holding Quixtar back from truly thriving in today’s business environment. I feel, after the transparent communication offered by the family leaders, it is important that the Board members share transparently any ideas we have to help transform our business.

At this point in Orrin’s career he was one of the top distributors in Quixtar and invited onto the IBOA board to help represent all of the IBOs (Independent Business Owners) in the company. As a matter of fact, Orrin was routinely recognized as having the fastest growing group in the whole English speaking community.  I remember attending a conference with Team around this time, as I was fairly new to this profession and still trying to figure out if this was something I would pursue. The Team’s major leadership conference was in Green Bay, WI and the executives from Quixtar sent over a video for the crowd to watch. The video edified Orrin and the Team, celebrating Team as one of the fastest growing communities in Quixtar. The video communicated Quixtar’s leadership and supported Orrin’s practices 100%. Is anyone shocked that Quixtar stopped supporting Orrin after his letter to Doug DeVos?  Whistleblowers never seem to have a long career path in the company they expose. I will return to this point later; however, isn’t it interesting how the story changed? Before the letter to Doug DeVos, Orrin was celebrated for the very practices that later they would claim where “bad” practices.

Can you say whistleblower? Orrin’s letter initiated several years of behind the scenes conflict focused on fixing Quixtar’s ailing business model. This letter reveals that Orrin was not a greedy business owner trying to leave Amway/Quixtar to start a company; rather, it reveals a man of courage trying to right a known wrong. Once a person reads this letter and understands that Orrin was a whistleblower on the failing North American business model, it becomes clear why the “Amway Drones” began a smear campaign in 2007, attempting to discredit the message by shooting at the messenger. Back to Orrin’s letter:

My Deepest Motivation

One of my favorite theologians and statesmen of history is a man named Abraham Kyper. Mr. Kyper was a strong Dutch minister that taught that God was working out His sovereign plan through culture. He taught that Christians were called to redeem culture through their Godly example and business ethics. Mr. Kyper did a series of talks at Princeton in 1898 known as the Stone Lectures which I strongly recommend to anyone concerned about the current state of our culture. Abraham Kyper said, “When principles that run against your deepest convictions begin to win the day, then battle is your calling, and peace has become sin; you must at the price of dearest peace, lay your convictions bare before friend and enemy with all the fire of your faith.” As Randy was presenting the slides, my mind kept drifting to how this vehicle is my main opportunity to influence culture and make a difference. I was led to Christ, as a direct result of my involvement in the business, through the ministry of Billy Zeoli and Bob Dickie. My world view was formed through reading the Christian classics and asking what was truly important in life. Edward Gibbon, in his magnum opus Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, stated the five attributes that marked Rome at its end:

1. Mounting love of show and luxury (affluence)

2. Widening gap between rich and poor

3. Obsession with sex

4. Freakishness in art masquerading as originality

5. Increased desire to live off the state.

The parallel between the decline of the Roman culture and the cultural decline of today is self-evident. Many of the IBO leaders feel their communities are a platform which can be used to stem the tide and reverse this decline. I am proud of the system created to educate our IBO’s and feel that our system is vital in the ongoing culture war. The goals that I have for my personal life have more to do with influencing culture than just simply making more money. I know that those who make money, if they use it for the glory of God can have great influence in the culture in which they live, But the driving passion of my life is to influence our nation and to help turn our culture back to the God of the Bible. Making money is just one way of many for me to have influence and leverage in the culture in which I live. Our stated objective of the Team training system is to “Lead people to the truth.”

In Orrin’s book Resolved: 13 Resolutions for LIFE the first resolution is Purpose. Back in 2005, when this letter was first penned, Orrin had a very clear purpose for his life and how this business could achieve it.  How many people in your life could so clearly define their purpose?

Orrin was not the only one to see there was a problem.  Randy Bantino, Quixtar’s sales director, explained all of the problems as well.  However, Orrin was the only one more concerned with purpose than money, which gave him the courage to take a stand.

“If you do not stand for something, you will fall for anything.”

This also fits into the 2nd resolution in Orrin’s book on Character. Character is not only knowing what is right, but being willing to do what is right!

While reading this letter it becomes obvious that Orrin not only writes books about character and purpose, but he also lives what he teaches, that takes courage.

To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men. – Abraham Lincoln

Let us continue through the letter.  In the next section, Orrin begins to use his award winning benchmarking skills to lay out the problems facing the business.

The Importance of the “First Circle”

My ability to influence culture and lead people to truth depends directly upon our ability to help the “first circle” (network IBO) work. The first circle must be able to buy good quality products at below market price and then turnaround and retail these products to develop a profitable business. If the first circle does not find a good value in the products then we should expect a high attrition rate, which reduces our ability to influence and change culture.

All business’s need to offer competitive prices if they plan on staying in business, yet Randy’s data represented the exact opposite. Most people joining the Amway/Quixtar business model realized that they could not afford to buy the products let alone sell the products to legitimate customers! Again, Orrin Woodward could have sat back, making money off of this flawed business. Instead, after three year with intense effort, working on the inside to get things right; he realized Quixtar was not going to change. It was only at this point, realizing he could not leave because of Quixtars rules and he could not stay because of his principles, Orrin was forced to blow the whistle on Quixtar’s business model.  Back to Orrin’s letter:

Mr. Gerber states: “Ray Kroc began to look at his business as the product, and at the franchisee as his first, last, and most important customer. For the franchisee wasn’t interested in hamburgers, or French-fries or milkshakes; he was interested in the business. Driven by a desire to buy a business, the franchisee only wanted to know one thing: ‘Does it work?’ Ray Kroc’s main concern then became how to make certain his business would work better than any other.”

When people no longer feel the business proposition works due to overpriced products and little ability to sell those products at retail price, they become discouraged and eventually quit. My goal to influence people is severely hampered if the first circle will not stay in the business long enough to gain respect for the leadership team and fall in love with learning and growing. In my ten-plus years in the business, I can count on one hand the number of people who have continued to buy products after leaving the business. Many of these people are still close friends of our family, but they refuse to buy products because they say they are overpriced. Therefore, we have a situation where we lose our ability to influence culture, Quixtar loses out on massive sales potential, and the new IBO loses out on the opportunity to grow a new business.

Clearly Orrin understands the necessity of a viable business model as the first step to helping people succeed. Orrin’s point is that it takes reasonably priced products in order to build a viable business model. Without properly priced products the business model becomes personal consumption only, making it hard for people to become profitable.  The good news is in LIFE, Orrin fixed the value based proposition which has lead to over 20% customer base already.  Orrin continues:

The Current Value Proposition Prevents Sales

Since 1994, I have consistently been in the living rooms of this country representing this business plan to people, an average of 25 times per month. The number one objective I deal with night in and night out is the price of the products. I have repeatedly had people conduct price comparisons on identical products, and we lose every time. I have arrived at the point where I am hesitant to display the catalogs until after they have signed up into the business. (Why should the IBO’s have to hide the product catalogs in order to register people?) After the new IBO is registered, the next toughest task is to get them to order products. We have had to resort to holding special meetings (150 PV parties monthly) just for people who generate volume. Without the PV parties, our leaders feel volume would drop an estimated 50%. Randy stated that 8% of the IBO’s do over 40% of the volume. This means that 8%, the ones that are receiving bonus checks, are doing a large part of the volume. 

Notice in this paragraph, that Orrin and the Team were criticized for not promoting products early enough. The Team focused on building depth to help people climb the bonus chart quickly, so that the products were less over-priced. The Team believed they had to work around Quixtar’s broken business model, if new people stood a chance of winning. Back to the letter:

If you take away signup volume, making this statistic even more extreme, we will find that a majority of the IBO’s are doing almost no volume. Why won’t they even buy products from their own business? The answer is that they cannot reconcile in their own mind the buying of overpriced products. Furthermore, if it doesn’t make sense to buy the products at the wholesale price, what chance do we have to sell products at retail? This difficult situation would disappear if we had an authentic value proposition where the first circle sold products at retail and prospered financially.

Author John Love, in his book McDonald’s, Behind the Arches, teaches how Ray Kroc’s thinking was different than other franchise operators: “By comparison, everything in Kroc’s franchising plan was designed to encourage the success of his franchisees first, and on that McDonald’s itself would prosper. Kroc instinctively knew that making an easy killing at the expense of his franchisees would not produce anything that would last. McDonald’s was in business to satisfy the retail consumer, but as a veteran salesman, Kroc knew he was also in business to serve his franchisees and build loyalty with them. They were his customers too, and if they failed, he failed.”

The Current Value Proposition Prohibits Growth

Randy Bancino’s main point of his presentation was that most IBO’s (90%) are not making money, and that a better retail business would generate more profit for the first circle. I agree wholeheartedly, but we need products that are reasonable value propositions at retail in order to sell them. 70% of business owners in other networks make money because they have products capable of retailing at retail price. Without a proper pricing strategy, we will constantly register people and cycle them through the business as they realize the poor value proposition. Randy stated that we were growing at 1/3 the rate of the networking industry as a whole. Combining this with the fact that we are registering people at five times the market share means we are losing people at 15 times the attrition rate in order to grow 5/15 or 1/3 the rate of other networks. Can we really continue to cycle through 15 times the number of people that other networks cycle through, and all that to end up growing more slowly? To provide an example, think of a typical bottle of spring water. If the target cost is $1.00, then we have to have the retail price set at $1.00 or less for a comparable product if we expect retail sales. We can no longer expect the market to bear a wholesale cost of $1.25 for the water and just encourage people to sign up others to generate a discount in order to drive the cost of water back to $1.00, (after you factor in your monthly bonus), let alone the retail price being $1.50, in which no sane person would buy a product from you for $1.50 that they can buy elsewhere for $1.00.

Quoting again from John Love’s book about McDonald’s; “The essence of Kroc’s unique but amazingly simple franchising philosophy was that a franchising company should not live off the sweat of its franchisees, but should succeed by helping its franchisees succeed.” I feel we have all agreed there needs to be more retailing in this business, but without an even somewhat realistic target cost, it will not happen. It is morally wrong for me to sell products to people, who believe in me, in a value proposition that is not to their benefit. When would it ever be right to offer a product through our network that is not sellable by IBO’s to customers at the retail price?

This is a crucial point. Because of the poor pricing and over all bad business model, distributors had to sponsor 15 times faster just to grow at the industry average.  What business would be ok with 15 times the attrition rate? No wonder Orrin was so persistent in bringing these concerns to Quixtar.  Why continue to build a business when the company executives refuse to fix the business model?  Essentially, what the company wanted Orrin to do is churn thought 1000s of people in order to maintain their corporate profits.  Knowing Orrin, this is clearly something he refused to do. Either the business model must be fixed or Orrin must leave. One or the other.

 The Current Value Proposition Protects an Uncompetitive Margin

The last major point is the operating margins discussed in the meeting. On one of the slides was a chart that stated the average operating margins for Alticor products was 17%. This shocked me, since I was in the process of reading Don Soderquist’s new book, The Wal-Mart Way, where he states that Wal-Mart’s operating margin was 3%. I can understand why we are not competitive at the retail price if we continue to expect margins of almost 6 times the world’s benchmark company! I am all for the Alticor companies making a great return, as long as the value proposition to the first circle is in line. If not, then this is morally wrong and must be fixed, or I am misrepresenting the truth when I show the plan.


The Current Value Proposition Makes Constant Achievement Almost Impossible

The most shocking piece of data is the number of people who have achieved a Founders Emerald level or above since the founding of Quixtar. The number of Non-Multi-Cultural’s (NMC’s) who have achieved Founders Emerald or above, who started in the business after Quixtar began in 1999 is estimated to be between 7 & 10 people, with only one achieving Founders Diamond level. Approximately 700,000 NMC’s have had more than 5 years to achieve Founders Emerald and approximately 1 out of 100,000 have achieved it. Alticor states its goal is to be the “best business opportunity in the world”, but the data for the NMC’s does not back up this claim. To state these statistics differently; if you were an NMC and started the business in 1999 or 2000, you had a .001% chance of achieving a Founders Emerald level or higher after 5+ years. Further, according to Quixtar, the average Founders Emerald only makes $80,000.00 per year (less than twice the median income in America, and below what those with professional degrees will earn after less than 5 years in their profession). Who would or should be excited about an opportunity like this.

Referring again to Gerber; “It is literally impossible to produce a consistent result in a business that depends on extraordinary people. No business can do it for long. And no extraordinary business tries to! Every extraordinary business knows that when you intentionally build your business around the skills of ordinary people, you will be forced to ask the difficult questions about how to produce a result without the extraordinary ones. You’ll be forced to find a system that leverages your ordinary people to the point where they can produce extraordinary results over and over again.”

Those of us involved with Quixtar must build a business where any hard working American can have a business opportunity that works! As I studied the information and trends, I realized it was not the negative lies on the internet that were killing us, but the negative truths on the internet that were killing us.

The critics would like to say Orrin ignores criticism, but he clearly stated back in 2005 that he was learning from the critics who had legitimate concerns. Eric Blomdahl posted an informative article on the topic of how to deal with criticism both just and unjust. Eric also dispels and explains many of the lies bantered about by the “Amway Drones.”  Back to Orrin:


The Value Proposition Can Be Changed From an Obstacle to an Opportunity

I am not a negative person. And I am not easily discouraged. But I am concerned by the disappointing data that was presented at the IBOA board meeting. I believe it is imperative that we all come together to make some corrections to improve this business beyond the problems that we currently face. Leaders solve problems and I believe we have successfully identified the problems and now just need the courage of our convictions to implement successful solutions. I believe everything should be on the table. If you told me my bonuses will have to be reduced in order to meet target costs, then I am prepared to discuss this option. For me, this is beyond a business discussion and has become a moral discussion. This is because I have leveraged my relationships and credibility with those on my team in order to generate product volume. I have tens of thousands of people who are counting on me to do right, and I must maintain their trust and personal integrity. We are all ultimately accountable to God for our actions and pleasing him should be our first objective.

I am so proud to be in business with Orrin Woodward for his courage to stand on principle.  While many people talk the talk Orrin Woodward walks the walk. The “Amway Drones” accuse Orrin of being only concerned about money; however, as far back as 2005, he volunteered to take a pay cut to fix the business model. What leader that is only concerned about money would do that? Clearly Orrin is more concerned with helping new people win then padding his own pocketbook.

When Orrin chose to confront the powers-that-be, and try to fix the problems, he did so knowing it would jeopardize his respected position at the company. Instead of making millions while other struggled, Orrin risked bankruptcy and spent tens of millions of dollars in order to stand on his convictions. Orrin did not enter this conflict with the intention of starting a new company, or gaining more wealth; rather, he did it because principles he holds dear were at stake; freedom and justice.

I was with him one weekend during probably the hardest part of this fight when he said to me, “If Laurie and I have to sell everything and move back into a trailer, that is what we will do to make this right.”

Does that sound like a money-hungry greedy person, or a person who is willing to sell everything except his principles?  Orrin continues:

The Destiny of Our Business

We live in challenging times and it will require great leadership and courage to get the job done. I believe you and your father were called for a time such as this, just as Esther was of old. I am willing to help in any way you deem fit and appreciate the opportunity to express my feelings and thoughts in a transparent way. I promise if you do your part to fix the product pricing and the opportunity for the “first circle,” then I will do my part and, God willing, will put over 1 million people into our community proudly driving traffic to your website for product purchases. We can be the best business opportunity out there and we can win the culture war in the process of achieving our business goals.

I believe in this business with all my heart. I am grateful to you and your family for providing this opportunity that allows me and so many thousands of others to achieve financial freedom and to use our talents, wealth, and gifts to influence the culture in which we live. Doug, it will take courage to make the right choices to correct the things that need fixing in this business. I am confident that if those choices are made this business will become the greatest success story in our lifetime. I know that the suggestions that I am making will work. If we do not make the decision to fix the problems that are hindering us from going from good to great, then it is my feeling that some other corporation will eventually see what needs to be done and will do it. This is our opportunity to make this business the greatest business opportunity in the country. I want to forge ahead with you to a fantastic future. I want to give genuine help to those who are struggling financially. And finally, I want to see this business be used of God to help bring back to our country the Godly principles that it was founded upon. This is a goal worth striving for and a life worth living. Sir Edmund Burke once said, “The only way for evil to prosper is for good men to do nothing.”

Thank you for your time in reading this letter. I would love to take you to lunch sometime and give you copies of the books from which I have quoted. If I can serve the Quixtar team in any way, please feel free to call or email me.

God Bless,

Orrin Woodward

In hindsight, this letter is powerful! Imagine if they would have listened to the advice from Orrin Woodward and the rest of the leaders who were calling for change. Most likely, Amway’s 100 million dollar Pokorny legal settlement  (The judge ordered a 5% price reduction; sound familiar?) would have been avoided, if they would have only listened to Orrin back in 2005.

Let me sum up this Amway/Quixtar/Orrin Woodward conflict in a few talking points:

1) In 2005 Orrin Woodward risked his hard-earned position at Amway, by writing a letter directly to billionaire owner Doug DeVos to point out major problems within the Amway/Quixtar business model.

2) Orrin Woodward, after nearly threes years attempting to drive change within the company, departs from Quixtar in disgust. Orrin and his leaders spend tens of millions of dollars to get free from Amway’s tentacles.

3) Earlier this year, in a California court, Amway/Quixtar settles a potential billion dollar lawsuit by surrendering over a 100 million dollars in settlement money. Not surprisingly, many of the disputed issues in this case were the same ones that Orrin pointed out to Doug DeVos back in 2005.

4) Undaunted, Orrin, instead of criticizing the old, creates the new. He forms LIFE with his co-founders, and fixes the concerns he expressed in his letter to Doug DeVos.

Is Orrin a money-hungry person or principled-centered person?  You decide.  As for the Hawkins family we are with Orrin and Laurie Woodward, going to 1 million people and beyond.

Any good idea goes through three stages. First it is laughed at. Second, it is violently opposed. And third, it is finally accepted as self evident. People who live by their convictions will make fast friend and fearful enemies. As the old saying goes… If you do not want to be criticized, say nothing, do nothing and become nothing.

It’s your life.  Is Orrin a hero or just out for selfish success? You decide.

God bless,

Dan Hawkins

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559 thoughts on “Orrin Woodward: Courage of a Whistleblower

  1. Thank you for clearing up so many of the falsehoods that are spread by the drones out there. I witnessed the policy council stand up against quixtar when they called us all “their property”. I’ve never been more proud to represent LIFE and all that the Policy Council has worked so hard to make a reality. Thanks again!

    1. I agree 100%

    2. I also agree!

    3. Its still funny though that if this post was never written and we never heard the whole story, it still doesnt change anything for the TEAM we understand truth and we understand what the whole TEAM is doing. Sometimes faith in others comes into play and that is stronger than any words. I am so thankful to you Dan for breaking this up and explaining so much. It just feeds my hunger to help more people find truth and freedom through wonderful people in our community!! Emily

      1. Right on Emily! People of integrity expect to be believed and when they’re not we’ll make sure their proved right!

    4. Dan, thank you for posting this. I have it bookmarked on my browser, and I have shared it with several people. There is a lot of “haters” out there, who want to paint Orrin Woodward, and all who follow him in a bad light. (I stumbled upon one today called “AMTHRAX” …it was not really worth reading, and yet I got caught up in it for a few moments. Nothing constructive, just a lot of hate and finger-pointing….attacking the credibility of Orrin, and others.)

      I’ve been part of LIFE / TEAM for only a month, but I love the cause…and I’m ready to rock this thing.

      God bless and keep you.

      – Greg Bie
      London, ON

  2. Hey Dan, This is an article that needs to go mainstream as fast as possible. The truth needs to be heard by all. Thanks for sharing all of the details of how Orrin and the Team got to the point where they were able to launch LIFE and make a business that will produce millions of results for people around the world.

    All the Best in LIFE,

    Alex Nickerson (http://alexnickersonleadership.com)

    1. COuldn’t agree with you more Alex!

      Michelle and I hitched our wagon to this wagon train about 5 years ago because of what the leadership, Orrin Woodward, Chris Brady, George Guzzardo, Tim Marks, Bill Lewis, Dan Hawkins and CLaude Hamilton stood for in life and business. We left my pharmacy career and Michelle’s pediatrics practice to be a part of a righteous pursuit to do good for the people. We didn’t just up and quit our jobs, but we applied the financial principles taught through the LIFE system. We studied the relationship and leadership skills training, and when we were in a position financial to leave our careers, we did.

      Every step of this journey has unlocked a greater perspective on how special this business is we call LIFE. It provides the principles to live a good and righteous life- serving others, loving others, accepting others, yet, never allowing for complacency.

      There is nothing more noble than to be in a battle for good! We are proud to be a part of an exceptional, God-fearing, trut- living group of men and women from around the world.

      Godspeed to 1 million and beyond with LIFE!!

      1. Absolutely, it has been incredible being involved with you Matt for the past year and a half. Watching you and Michelle consistently apply these principles and grow in every area of your lives has been phenomenal. I appreciate the example you guys are to me and the rest of the team.

      2. Dan, thank you for sharing.

        This is a great article. It shows true intergrity and character when Orrin said, “If Laurie and I have to sell everything and move back into a trailer, that is what we will do to make this right.”

        Thank you to Orrin, the Policy Council, as well as the entire community!

        Harry Pavlos
        Red Eagles

        1. Harry, we just spent the weekend with the Woodwards, Hawkins and Guzzardos! I know these couples better than I know my own family. They have proven again and again that they have the character, integrity and courage to do the right thing. I am so honored and blessed to know all of them and to have my children be influenced by them. If I had to pick which people would I want my children to be raised by, hands down it would be them.

          1. Thank you for sharing Matt. As you know, I recently had the chance to spend time with Dan too and I couldn’t agree with you more. Jan, I and our family looks foward to more time with all of them as well as you and Michelle.

            1. Couldn’t agree more. We just spent a Saturday afternoon at the Woodward’s MI property with three of the LIFE founders and there isn’t a better group of people that I would want to associate with. It is an honor and a blessing to have them in our lives. To have people that stand on character and do what is right even if it costs them.

          2. Matt, you are right. I don’t think you could find a group of people with more character than the Policy Council of Team. It is so comforting to see a group like that. To know that every decision they will make is the right decision and that if they accidentally make a mistake (they are still human) that they will own up to it and correct it as quickly as possible.

          3. Also Matt, I was with you over the weekend as well. It was really great for both Teesa and I to hear what you and Michelle had to share with the group. You guys are helping create an amazing culture.

            1. I love being part of their professional yet fun loving team!

          4. Hey Matt, it was an amazing weekend!! Not only spending time with the Woodwards, Guzzardos and Hawkins, but also with all the other leaders like you and Michelle and the others. Hearing them talk only proves that our leaders are doing what they are supposed to do . . . help create more leaders!! We have the best of the best and you and Michelle are in that list. Your team and the team as a whole is so blessed by your leadership.

            1. WOW tell me about it Lori! I just can’t get enough of those weekends! Not just for our personal team and leaders, but for you guys too! Your victories inspire us so much!

          5. I agree 100% Matt! These couples have proven their loyalty to us all and I have grown to love them as family. George and Jill have helped me in more ways than my own blood and that is truly a reflection of Orrin and Laurie’s example and leadership. When I read the garbage the drones write about the Woodwards, Guzzardo’s and any of the PC leaders it fuels a fire in me that never existed before. How dare anyone speak ill of their motives. They have no clue the character of these men and women. All the more reason to go to a million. Lead on my friend!

      3. Hi Matt,
        Isn’t it funny that a person of influence tends to attract people of influence… and here you are! Penny and I respect and appreciate the guts it must have taken to go on faith when you and Michelle initially got involved, but we also know you well enough now to know that you sought out the facts in order to make an intelligent decision to move forward. That’s clear, discernable decision making at it’s finest. Proud to be in the battle with you.
        John and Pen

      4. Thanks Dan for this article it is nice to be involved with a group of leaders that stand for something more than just making money. This is the best thing anyone can do with their lives to take control, invest and grow themselves in all areas especially faith and family. Like Matt says above this is the best way to serve others, accept others and to help people live a fulfilling life.

        1. Shawn, I have been blessed to see you grow into to the man you are today and am so very proud to be in this community with you and Amy. The legacy you are creating for your family with LIFE will be a ripple effect that will bless and go into all generations to come.

        2. Absolutely Shawn. Accept people where they are at and let them grow at their own pace in all areas of their life. Getting information and mentoring with the people that have results in life.

      5. Thanks Dan for this post. And thanks to the rest of the PC and Team leaders. Having joined the Team well after this all occurred this post serves many purposes. 1. It’s gives clear details on the past and why Team and Amway parted ways. 2. Builds posture and confidence by showing the true character and integrity of the Woodwards. 3. Can be used as an excellent tool to share with people who “do their research” and have some doubts. Thank you again and God bless!

        1. Yes, yes and yes. Great insights Jim. Let the light shine on truth and let people make decisions based on truth and not false, half-trust or mis-leading information. Thank you for the post!

          1. It still astounds me that Orrin & Laurie were SUCCESSFUL in that old business environment and, being engineers, wanted to make improvements that would benefit everyone. Leaders lead. If not in one organization, then somewhere else. I am grateful that Orrin and the other Founders have developed the LIFE Opportunity.

            1. Yep, with great leadership anything is possible.

      6. Matt, you are spot-on! This business truly is special and it’s not just concidence but providential that we’re linked up with men and women of character. Look at the positive ripple effect this has had on so many lives! It’s amazing and we feel honored and blessed to do whatever we can to move towards 1 million and beyond!!

      7. It’s about time. Thank you Dan for clearly stating what has happened in the past. Who will you listen to? A nameless, faceless person on the Internet or someone willing to roll up their sleeves and help.

        The MFC is going great! Check it out at http://www.mental-fitness-challenge.com. Thank you LIFE Founders for continued innovative products to grow in all areas of life.

      8. Let the truth be spoken.

        I never thought truth as God intended it to be could be so misinterpreted by those who stand in the way of it’s powerful light. But as Dan has so strongly written, the truth cannot hide for long. Orrin’s mission is a blessing to all who have the sense to open their minds to the principles the leaders and the policy council have put before us through the information so freely given to better ourselves and help those around us, thus changing our nation and then the world.

      9. When my husband and I joined the community, we did so based on the information itself. After we joined, we saw that there was some negative information about some of the LIFE leaders on the internet, but at that point, we had already seen for ourselves that the leaders of this community all embody character and integrity at a level that is not seen elsewhere in our society today.
        Even though we felt that we didn’t need to know the gory details (we were just happy to have a vehicle that would take us to where we knew we were meant to go with our lives), we knew that other people would and do care about the details. Since this wasn’t a topic that was openly discussed, we simply didn’t ask. Now being able to learn what actually happened, just instills that much more faith in the quality of leadership that we have for this community.
        Everyone needs to make their own decision based on all of the facts that they are able to find, but when a person keeps an open mind and really evaulates all of the facts, the only path to take is with the LIFE community! It is this committment that will take us to 1 million lives affected and much further!

      10. Matt,

        As you know Tammy and I were on the verge of saying no to the best thing that has happened to us. I am so proud of what I represent, I love it when team members state that they would stay involved just because of the information. This really lights my fire to see growth and leadership, I have found my purpose and can not wait for it to be my full time calling. I have never really liked reading and now I can not stop. I never wanted to write now I want to write a book. This is the best opportunity in the world and would not change it for anything.

        As for the past and how effectively and graciously Orrin has endured the criticism and how he fought and lost millions of dollars doing so…Just because it was the right thing to do. I simply can not wait to meet this man and I really feel that this is my destiny. I have taken the time to read the entire court filed complaint that Orrin and others filed. It is very clear from this document that there was a lot of thought and effort put into this process; all because he wanted there to be an opportunity for everyone. How can we not help but be proud to call ourselves followers of the Orrin. He has stood up for what is right even though it has cost him money in the past. He is the true american leader and I am “all in” for our march to a Million people and beyond.

        Eric Rosenow

      11. So glad that you guys were introduced and had the vision to see past the hearsay into the character of the leaders involved! If you hadn’t, I’d have to leave my two little girls for work every day instead of being a stay at home mom!

    2. I agree Alex, the truth always comes out at one point!

      1. You are right, Mike!! The truth always will come out. With the group we have leading the Team – the truth needs to come out!! Just wait till we hit 1,000,000 and people see what this group is really capable of!!!!!

    3. I agree Alex! Its crazy that those who aren’t willing to do the work to bring about positive change – will criticize/condemn/complain about those who are willing to do the work and bring about positive change.

      The more exposure I have to Orrin and his teaching(s), the more enthusiastic I become about being actively engaged in bringing truth to people and helping them to bring about positive changes in their lives.

      They don’t raise statues to crtics – the nay sayers will be just a memory in the past as we continue to move onwards towards 1 million people plus! They’ve said it couldn’t be done, they’ve criticized – next step is for them to acknowledge (by TEAM and LIFE’s results) that they knew Orrin could do it!

      1. I agree Scott very well said.

      2. I agree with both Alex and Scott, you have both made amazing points and are great examples of men who are duplicating his example.

      3. Well said Scott!

    4. I agree with you, Alex. This does need to go mainstream. Personally, I was not around for any of this. And, while personally, I assessed the character of LIFE and it’s founders myself, based on the information they provided and the ‘fruit on the tree’ that I saw when dealing with the people, we do run into those who want to judge based on what others are saying. So, the more ‘others’ who have read this article, the better.

      Here’s to millions of results for people around the world,
      Colleen Thompson

      1. Thats fantastic Colleen! 🙂 To one million!

    5. Well said!

    6. Yes, thank you Dan for explaining everything of what happen everyone should know this. Thank you for everything u do as a PC.

    7. Well put Alex, funny how all the great men/women in history are attacked by selfish giants trying to keep a bigger piece of the sandbox! Orrin is a man of character, integrity with a devotion to helping anyone looking for a better life.

    8. U are so right Alex, Awesome article Dan!!

    9. I can’t wait for others to do their research on this article!

  3. Back in the 70’s I think it was, my parents were introduced to Amway products through a school teacher and personal friend. They bought a few of the products. I remember having them in the house. They were good products….but I recall my parents saying that they were too expensive to buy again and we didn’t. It just seems so “Business/Economics 101” to provide products at a reasonable price.

    I believe in Orrin. I’ve never met him personally, but from all that I’ve read and heard from him, I’d bet my life on him as being a principled and trustworthy person. My husband and I are so incredibly grateful for the opportunity we have before us in the LIFE Business….and look forward each day to the journey of becoming ALL that our Father in Heaven has in store for us. Thank you Orrin! and Dan, thank you for sharing this article. I didn’t need it in order to believe in Orrin and the LIFE Business opportunity, but I am thankful to know more about the man behind this incredible business.

  4. Hero!

  5. Dan Hawkins!
    Indeed the truth shall set you free! Kudos to you for posting this and putting an end to all the rumors,lies,and evil that have come against Orrin personally.I have NEVER met a man with more integrity than Orrin Woodward.I felt absolutely honored and privileged to be part of a group led by a man who stood for what was right regardless of the consequences.
    They never once bad mouthed or denigrated any entity of Quixtar and asked us to be people of honor and not gossip.
    Orrin Woodward’s character really strikes a chord with me cause my own father was a whistle-blower for the US Government. Now I can candidly help other people pursue the life they have always wanted, with the best tool that exists and with the most honorable people I have ever met!!
    God Bless,
    Deb Dodson


    1. Deb you are one of the most amazing women I know. You are not afraid to stand up and fight for what you truly believe in. Standing with you to make a differance for the future generations. Love and friendship, Lori

      1. The women in this organization inspire me to be who God made me to be!

  6. Thanks for sharing this Dan. The character of Orrin, Chris, and the rest of the policy council was what first attracted my wife and I to get involved with the Team. Sure, we had dreams, and we still do, but those alone would not have kept us around through all of the turmoil and changes that we’ve seen in our short time. I am even more impressed after reading this to see that even in 2005 Orrin’s focus was on serving instead of self.

    1. I agree Matt! It’s so exciting to see the continuous improvement and to gain just a glimpse of the obstacles that had to be overcome to develop a world class community!

      1. World Class it is!

      2. Those were some big obstacles!

    2. There is so much to be said for the kind of servant leadership and character that Orrin and all the Policy Council members show. That is certainly what has kept us going. I agree it is impressive to know that it isn’t new to Orrin – his integrity is inspiring.

      1. I agree Sue, that it is inspiring to know that we are following an amazing man who puts intergirty and what’s right over money. He sure is someone worthy of following.

        1. How nice to know that there is a group of people out there that we can be confident that when it comes down to doing what’s right or to making more money from themselves – they will choose to do what is right everytime!!

      2. I love the character and integrity that TEAM leadership lives on a daily basis. They are a great example to follow for sure.

        1. It becomes harder and harder today to find people that will live on principle and stand up for what it right instead of just going along chasing comfort trying to arrive at the end safely only to look back with regret.

        2. Absolutely! Character and Integrity have always been the strong foundation of the Policy Council, that we are so very proud to follow!

      3. Well said Sue!

    3. It’s interesting how people of integrity and character attract others who are either like minded or people who are striving for those results. I never really understood servant leadership until embarking on our team-life journey and we are all the better for it!

      1. Well said!

      2. I agree, I didn’t even know the difference between character and integrity until TEAM/LIFE opened my eyes to it. But more importantly armed me with resources required to build my courage and self esteem to follow through on what I believed in.

        1. So true Raylene. The whorl class resources we have are outstanding.

      3. I agree Aage! It’s tough out there to find those who are like minded who believe in character, integrity and serving others but they are definitely out there and it’s our mission to find them! I love what this community stands for!

  7. As a person who lived through the Amway/Quixtar debacle, I can truly say that I have watched everything that Orrin did at that time, and what he continues to do. I have never met a more principled human being than Orrin and one whose actions speak so loudly that one cannot hear what he says(although that is not entirely true, because I do listen to everything he says and writes). If this culture is to change and become the country envisioned by our Founding Fathers, then the LIFE community is the vehicle to do it. Orrin has provided a business model that provides not only excellent monetary value for even the newest member, but more importantly, the intrinsic value to change lives for the better in so many ways. As a culture that has become so self centered and isolated from the concept of real community, LIFE offers what most yearn for, a community that teaches purpose, character building and team work, with a team that truly cares about each member’s success. God bless Orrin and Laurie Woodward and may their example be the light that reawakens this Nation and Western Civilization to its true potential.

    1. Thank you sharing Less, you were one of the people who knows the true story and decided to live by principles!

    2. It means a lot to those of us who weren’t around in those days, to hear from those who were as it reassures us that our thoughts are correct about Orrin and his outstanding character and integrity.

      1. Absolutely, that is the most striking thing about the man. It seems like most people nowadays like to “talk the talk” but never “walk the walk”. I can honestly say (and everyone else too) that Orrin does both!

        1. I would have to agree.

        2. Yes he does!

    3. I, too, lived through this period. One of the big items that has always amazed me is how companies deal with incites from someone not in the senior corporate levels. Sadly, the difference and short sightedness always shows up. A/Q really missed a great opportunity. What Orrin did was truly remarkable – he offered up a suggestion that many of the IBO’s wanted to get across. I am delighted by my decision to follow a leadership organization that wants to develop more leaders rather than a company that wants to sell a product. Products come and go, get improved on by another company, which in turn continues the cycle ( like Lexus – in search of perfection). The idea of building communities of people who simply want to improve their lives and in turn help others improve their lives was a by product of the NLM industry (they need groups of customers who are loyal to buying a particular product). LIFE is set up by a group of leaders who will cherry pick the best writings about leadership and personal development, and spread them through communities of people who want to live a different, better life. Yep. You are the product that you are loyal to. You get the best help from people who are trying just as hard as you are to become better selves, friends, spouses, leaders. In order to build a community, you have to learn how to build – that is, become a leader that someone will follow. No amount of book reading will satisfy the requirement – once you read it, you must practice it. I kind of like describing the LIFE business as a LIFE practice (like a doctor’s practice, or a lawyer’s practice). You never truly master all of it – you just keep practicing and getting better. Orrin and Chris are truly amazing leaders as are the rest of the PC council. I am pleased with my decision of following principled men who live the principles they espouse. Reminds me of the founding fathers who pledged their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor to establish a country where honesty, character, and integrity matters. Too many greedy, power hungry people have gotten in the way of what is truly the bedrock of this nation. I am in full support of improving myself in all 8 areas, because I know that the ripple effect of that work will find others who want to do the same. Thank God I have found a group that want to do the very best and have the human incite to know they must work at it. “We’re doing the best we can, but we’ll do better.” What I HAVE learned from Team is no where close to what I WILL learn from Team, and happily, I can count on that. And, happily, you can, too, because we are all in this together with people who truly care to give their very best, and teach others how to do it, too.

  8. To sum it up best… “people of integrity expect to be believed; and when their not–they let time prove them right.”

    What Orrin & Laurie Woodward did (and continue to do) was truly an act of service and honor to so many touched lives; for so many who would never take a stand for themselves (or even have a voice). In the past 5 years my wife & I have seen the peaks and valleys for the Woodward’s and their TEAM. It takes down right Courage and Integrity to have that unyielding character in today’s selfish culture.

    To put not only their financial worth on the line,yet even further, their own livelihood: is rare and precious in today’s society. What I find even more impressive is that even after all the slander/lawsuits/cowards that now are being exposed; the Woodward’s still have the humility to not criticize, condemn nor complain about the past…..AND THAT IS CHARACTER!!! It has been said “most people want to change the world but few feel the need to change themselves.” Its truly a blessing to be not only a partner of Orrin & Laurie in the LIFE/TEAM, but also being able to point to them as the model of Leadership consistency, that my family and I will honor in the glory of our creator.

    Thank you dearly Orrin & Laurie
    Jeremiah 29:11

    Steve Sager
    Stealth United Forces

    1. Thank you Steve and Kelly for your leadership in this amazing battle! As cross line cousins we have much love and respect for you both.

    2. Hey Sagers! So agree with you on that! I love Woodwards because they were willing to fight a battle to have many others have the right to develop a business and lifestyle even if it cost them theirs.


    3. Thank you Steve & Kelli for joining the force that is going to change this world and standing up for what is right. It has been the experience of a lifetime to get to know you two and to be on this journey with you guys! Can’t wait till the whole world sees what you two are capable of!!

  9. Thanks Dan and Orrin for putting the truth out there! It’s time to stand on truth, purpose and character. LIFE, Orrin and Laurie and all the founders and wives are worth following and setting an example for us to follow. I am pleased and excited about making a difference in my life with the world class information Orrin and the founders provide. The LIFE information is worth becoming a student and learn. We no longer need to stand alone for the things we believe in because there is a community of people working together to reach a million people who stand with truth, purpose and character.
    Thank You to Orrin and all the PC for fighting to make us a better community of people!!!!

    Penny Tahtinen
    Red Eagles

    1. Right on Penny! This is the age of the Entrepreneurial Community. What Orrin and the rest of the leadership has done is provide a community for average people to gather together, collectively learning and growing. This is how our culture will change — from the bottom up, not the top down. No certain president can be elected that will have as great an impact as someone leading a grass roots movement comprised of people intentionally working on their personal lives.

      Derrick Knoff

  10. Great article and a look into the heart and mind of Orrin. When my wife and I started with TEAM we heard of the rumors and hearsay about Orrin and TEAM. Fortunately for Heather and I we look at the fruit on the tree of the developed leadership and not what anyone with a internet connection can post. Thanks Orrin and Laurie for not only having courage to step out and make a difference, but for making me wanting to strive to do the same.

    Troy Woods
    Red Eagles

    1. You got it Troy. What’s even better is that Orrin’s system is a factory of people development. The people involved in his community are constantly striving to become men and women of strong character. So much so that when you meet someone who tells you about this opportunity, they truly are doing it because they feel it will benefit you in some way. There are no ulterior motives with the LIFE community members! I thank Orrin and all his leadership for stepping out and fixing what was broken with the business model.

      1. That’s a great point, Derrick! We have such a different point of view when we approach people with this opportunity from the one many of them think we have. Sadly, it’s because of companies like the one mentioned above that have led people to the idea that we’re just trying to “get them.” Hopefully, this blog article alone will help to dispel the campaign of misinformation against Orrin and the rest of Team.

        Like Troy said, we saw the fruit. And much of the fruit being the leaders who were created by these leaders. The Policy Council, naturally is worth emulating, but look at the Round Table leaders and even the leaders who aren’t at that level yet. They, too, have marriages that are God-pleasing, are good parents, are encouraging leaders to their teams. Those leaders are the fruit of the Woodwards, the Bradys, the Guzzardos, etc. We’re so blessed to have access to these men and women!

        Red Eagles–First to Serve!

      2. We’ll said Derrick. People leveraging information to help others.

    2. Well said, Troy. I found a few heavily negative articles about Orrin when I was looking into joining Team, but I experienced something totally different from what those articles claimed. Generally I go with experience over hearsay. If a man is dishonest, lacking character and integrity, that trickles down and shows up in the people he influences.

      I’ve been studying the materials, studying what Orrin says, what his leaders say and do for about 2 years; what I found was that there is more character and integrity practiced here than almost anywhere.

      People have joined Life for many different reasons, sometimes simply to make a lot of money, but over time they change and become more purpose centered, less obsessed with ‘getting rich’ when they find the true riches of better relationships, self-esteem and a sense of worth as a person. That’s what I’ve seen in the past couple years, and that’s the recurring testimony of people who bought into Orrin’s idea years ago.

      If I were in his place I hope I’d make the same choices he did.

      1. No doubt about it… Orrin is a hero and is quickly leading tens of thousands to financial freedom!

      2. Jinn, you are one smart woman! With the explosive growth we are experiencing, there has been an alarming spike in people using the online hearsay to make their decisions. All the more reason this article plays an important role. While it is wise for everyone getting started to learn first through the information they receive in the books audios and association, we know most will jump online to ‘do their research.’ This article is an excellent tool to teach the truth when those folks read the lies the drones are writing.

        Thanks Dan for speaking the truth and allowing us to share this with those who haven’t discovered it yet! I can’t tell you how many people I have had to send to this article! It’s saved a lot of people from making the wrong decision.

        1. I wish I knew this article was out there. I could have sent a few people there myself.

  11. Thank you for sharing this article! We thank God for many women like Orrin and Laurie Woodward and many others who are willing to stand on principles and what they believe no matter what the cost might be to them personally! A person of integrity expects to be believed and when they’re not they let time prove them right! Thank you for your example! sincerely Dave and Beth Ober

    1. Dave,

      I couldn’t agree more!

    2. Amen. Time is proving ‘us’ right on this one!

  12. Thanks for sharing Dan!! I very much appreciate your clear picture of the issues, of Orrin’s dedication and vision, his proposal to fix from within, the eventual breakdown of relations leading to the departure of so many from Quixtar. Your observations point correctly to the source of the purpose and vision of Team/Life and it is indeed an honor to be a small part of this organization. We have a great task in front of us and the stage is set for us to act first of all on our own character and integrity and then on to the future of our families and our country.

    God Bless,

    Larry G. Wieberdink

  13. Thank God for Leaders like Orrin Woodward! What this world needs more of are men and women of character and integrirty! We stand with Orrin and the LIFE Team! God bless!

    1. Well said Kevin. And now thanks to the Team and the MFC we are building more of them!

  14. Thanks Dan for putting that out there. I have only had one person not want to meet me because of something they saw about Orrin. My response was – “with all the important things he has done, is that what you noticed”. I knew something had gone on in the past, but saw that the leaders were living the motto “the person you become”, learning from mistakes and seeking the truth. We see principled wealth and honest caring about others in a corporate America that seems to only take.

    I see some of the companies you mentioned making large political campaign contributions and fail to see how that becomes a core mission. We are here for the long haul and want to be part of the million people goal.

    To living intentionally for excellence,
    Bozidar and Linda Nikcevich

    1. You are going to play a big role in that!

  15. This is crazy!
    I’m very proud to be apart of Orrin’s team and the LIfe Community

  16. As for the Knuteson family, we firmly stick by the Woodwards and Hawkins for sure!

    1. Right on!

  17. Dan, I have to be honest here, when you and Lisa first told us about the business 7 or 8 years ago, what you described above is exactly what I thought about the business.
    Until . . . I saw you and Lisa grow and change. Until I met the community. Until…. I met Eric and Jen, Rene, George and Jill, and Orrin and Laurie. Meeting them, seeing their heart, their integrity, hearing their dreams and goals for the future, seeing the difference the Team culture had on people’s lives – for the good, that was a game changer for me. I wanted to be a part of something great. Something that would help change the culture and direction of our country! I took a leap of faith and got started. Then the craziness began. And I had the privilege of watching how the leadership handled the mudslinging and the name calling…well, I was never so proud to be a part of the most amazing Rascals in the world. I am so proud of you and Lisa and of all the leaders in Team LIFE. We will stand with Orrin and Laurie and all the founders. LIFE is too important.

    1. Lori, I love your story. One of the best testimonies involves a changed mind. I really appreciate how you and your family have been strengthened and blessed through this project!

    2. Amazingly put Lori!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. Nicely said Lori, thank you, we had a similar experience.

    4. i was able wittness this as it happened, this spoke truth to me i will never forget. i know the true charactor of these men, i will follow then to learn!! god bless. thank you mark maas.

      1. Thanks Mark, it is refreshing to know we are following a group of leaders with character. Thank you for being part of the next wave of character based leadership!

        1. Mark IS in the next wave of leaders. If it wasn’t for the amazing example and mentorship of the leading couples in LIFE I don’t know where our marriage would be. Today, when I look at my husband, I see a great man of charater and integrety. I see his growing wisdom and discernment. I see his heart and the love he has for his teams and the TEAM. I see him do what ever it takes to listen and read and grow himself personally to be the man his family and his teams need him to be. His strength and humility are the perfect ingredents for a great leader. I love and adore him and will follow his lead where ever he goes . . . because I trust his heart and the heart of our leaders in LIFE.

  18. Check out the background on this guy! To quote from Orrin’s bestselling book, Resovled: 13 Resolutions for Life, “George Washington developed into a man of character whose love of principles surpassed his love for power” (13). The same thing goes for Orrin, he sacrificed his own convenience to bring a legal, moral, and ethical opportunity to the masses. Thank you to Dan Hawkins for the blog post. And thank you to Orrin and his leaders for providing a system in which ordinary people can insert themselves and achieve long-term systematic success. The information through LIFE has truly changed my life and I hope anyone reading this blog article chooses correctly and gets involved with whomever presented this opportunity to them.

    Derrick Knoff
    Red Eagles (First to Serve!)

  19. Thanks for posting this and giving accurate voice to this part of Orrin & Laurie’s story. I’m proud to be associated with a group of leaders that share truth and confront issues head-on.

    There are so many deep lessons learned by so many through these past few years. From my perspective there are some that chose not to learn, seek to understand, display grace, or simply let go of the past.

    The LIFE business that Orrin and the other founders have launched is amazing. It is the answer to so many problems of the past. We have decided that to drop our baggage and run into the future, that’s where hope lives.

  20. This is the most amazing truth on how when you find your true purpose you can do anything to accomplish your goals and dreams. I believe in Orrin and what he stands for he is a true Leader of the people!

  21. i was involved while all this was going on, i stayed in this buisness because i believed orrin had the will & charactor to fix this, i am glad to say he has!!! let the truth be told!!!

    1. To everyone who has ears to hear!

  22. Thank you, thank you, thank you for posting this article!! We signed up back with Team was still with A/Q and, unfortunately, left before we got a look at the Team, and all we saw was A/Q. When we were approached again, it took a long time for me to come around and check out how far the Team had come. At first I would ask what happened, but eventually decided to drop it because I was reading, learning, and listening to truths I couldn’t deny.
    Now, as I go out and talk with people, they ask about this situation and I really had nothing to tell them. Now I’ll just direct them here!

    1. You know, when I first skimmed your comments and saw A/Q, I immediately thought of Orrin’s talk about Adversity Quotient and thought that’s what you were referring to. I love your story and I know it’ll be a great testimony to the people you share this opportunity with!

      But with Dan’s post here in mind, Orrin’s talk about Adversity Quotient is all the more meaningful. Did he not exemplify all those qualities during those tumultuous times? He’s more than qualified to teach us how we can have that “mental toughness” as we go out and share this with others. If Orrin could face tougher critics than any one you or I may meet, then we are more than capable of sticking with it. We know it will be worth it!

  23. Dan, oddly enough when I was first introduced to this ‘industry’ we were partnered with Q. It was at that time in my life that I wanted nothing to do with this business or the products. I saw no hope for myself having success. In fact, I was a signer-upper that never ordered products for the very reason Orrin explained. From a birds-eye view I watched the TEAM. I was not connected with the TEAM (but a different organization within Q) and when we would go to conventions with Dave I remember Orrin speaking for recognition or something and how I wished I was a part of his organization. It wasn’t a hard decision for me because I saw something I was longing for in the TEAM. By God’s grace we got connected to George Guzzardo. I post this only to say that if it wasn’t for Orrin’s courage to follow his principles, myself as well as many of the members of my TEAM (and I would imagine ‘the Team’) would not be here today. In fact, I know it was only a matter of time before I would have quit. Now I have made this my lifelong endeavor. I will follow Orrin no matter where he goes!

    Thank you so much Dan for breaking this letter apart. Reading it only makes me feel more confident in who is leading us. I am so glad I can lead people to this post when people ask me questions about the TEAM’s history! I have never believed the paid negative websites that posted garbage about Orrin and thanks to community that garbage will soon lose all its sting. Thanks for taking a stand Dan and getting the truth out there to the world.

    1. People attract what they are – in this case Orriin is attracting winners. Orrin’s legacy will be via TEAM and LIFE and the millions of lives that it affects in a positive manner…. The ‘others’ will have to console themselves with what might have been had they had the character to do the uncomfortable.

      1. Well said Scott!!

      2. Yes Scott. I agree.

    2. Kristen, it is great to see you stepping up as a younger leader and going out there to make a difference in the world and the lives of the people around you! KEEP GOING STRONG!!!

  24. Wow, Orrin is an American Hero and will be written up in txt books in the next 5 years! What courage and strong character it must have taken to do this!

    1. Danny,

      This is a great example to follow!

  25. Well done, Dan!
    For Penny and I (and many others) we can acknowledge that we know Orrin and Laurie personally. So we see the character, not the reputation. Without going into detail, we’ve been around long enough to see (land be part of) how it all played out. Bottom line: we followed true, principle-based leadership! It has and will continue to make all the difference. We will continue to follow a group of men and women who do the right thing because it is right – period! As always, thank you Dan and Lisa for your leadership as we move forward into LIFE. As for this blog article; I sincerely challenge anyone who’s willing to take an honest assessment of the facts presented, and tell me we’re following the wrong guy, or more importantly, tell me this isn’t a guy worth following.

    1. Well stated John!! You and Penny are shinning examples of the leaders following the Woodwards!! We are blessed to call you crossline cousins and friends.

  26. Thank you for spelling this out so well Dan. I joined Team in 2006 and knew that the A/Q model could not be supported for long. I am so proud to be associated with people of such great principle as the Team leadership. The LIFE business is exactly what I hoped would be the result of the upheaval caused by Amway/Quixtar.

  27. Thanks Dan for the great information!

  28. Thanks for posting this Dan! I love your yearning to share truth and let the rest fall where it may. As we all know there are two sides to every story and so much goes left unsaid, but this part of the history needed to be shared so that people can silence the voice of unreason. No one and no company is perfect, but to simply ignore facts and story spin is disturbing and this will help for those who are seeking first to understand. For those who are looking for a negative, about Orrin and Laurie, Walmart, Christ or any topic, rest assured you will always have plenty of ammo to plead any case you choose, but I love your close Dan and it is true in any area: if you do not want to be criticized, say nothing, do nothing and become nothing. The LIFE community is doing something, and something that breaks a lot of unspoken rules and good deals, because of that the critics will come our way, but soon it will be evident the cause and the need for what is offered.

    1. Jammie – we love you guys!! You and Richard are products of Orrin’s leadership and creators of many leaders under you. Thank you for all you do for the community!!

      1. Thanks Lori, we feel the same about you and Mark.

  29. AMEN!

  30. Dan, This is your best one yet and you’ve done some good ones. I appreciate an honest man of guts who works for the glory of God like you. If only your courage would influence the cowards to face their own faults to change themselves instead of always pointing fingers. God Bless You! George

    1. Well said George!!

    2. There are so many out there with wrong information who are condemning because they are certain what they were told or their perspective is truth. I pray that they will have the ability to seek first to understand and learn the truth from each side and find the reality of what you stated here, not only that, but the fact remains that if someone wants to move forward they will figure it out and do so, and if someone doesn’t – they won’t.

      Either the pain of staying the same is so great that you change or the pain of change is so great you’d rather lose – I think this applies to learning the truth and thinking, too.

    3. George, it was great to meet you this past weekend! Thank you for taking the time out of your schedule to get to know us! We are looking forward to getting to know great leaders like you and Jill as we travel this journey to make a difference together.

    4. I agree – very well said George!

    5. Thank you George for your example of leadership to each of us!

  31. Awesome post… a great example of courage and character!

  32. Awesome post Dan! Thanks for bringing the truth out into open for all to see. I really appreciate all of the leadership in the LIFE organization. Our organization is heading in the right direction. We are paving the way to a new industry! Team 10 to 1 million!

  33. This was the shot heard around the world wide web today!

    Dan, thank you. I am so incredibly proud to be associated you, Orrin, and the cause and community of LIFE! I am posting this on my Facebook because I believe it is high time for this message to go VIRAL and for the haters and negative bloggers, media and press to be silenced—once and for all. I even hope the mainstream media and press picks up this story—to get people talking!

    Their whisper campaigns of lies and misinformation have prevented so many well-meaning and good-hearted individuals from having access to the unbelievable benefits of the LIFE community and information. It needs to stop—now. I almost didn’t join this community, because I, too, was influenced by the negativity and flat-out lies that Orrin’s haters love to spread. What I didn’t know at the time, is that, today—we are in a battle for the mind. It’s a war on mindshare.

    Joining Orrin and his LIFE cause wasn’t the most popular or glamorous thing for me to do—and my family, friends, and acquaintances didn’t understand or support my decision at the time. That’s okay—I thank God someone encouraged me not to listen to my emotions and critics, and instead, I decided to take an honest, objective look at the facts about Orrin and LIFE. What I found was the most noble and upright man and cause I have ever found and am proud to represent. There is no better way to make a difference in the world.

    The general public and mainstream media needs to hear Dan’s message and let’s all try to make this blog post go


    1. Will, I’ve never heard it quite put like that before, “a war on mindshare.” I like that! That’s exactly what it is! Like most people, after getting involved and being vaguely told that Orrin used to be a part of another organization, I googled it. I came up with all sorts of negative stuff, but it didn’t take long to figure out that not a single negative thing I found out there was from a credible source–mostly anonymous complainers. I’m glad I had the foresight to go on faith of what my sponsors and mentors told me (people I knew from before; people whose character I trusted) instead of the “committee of They.”

  34. Lots of good points! 1 that’s sticks out the most to me is everyone who has something bad or negative to say hides their true idenity behind screen names or something made up! We don’t! Thank you and God bless

  35. Great article, Dan! Thank you!

  36. Thanks for sharing this Dan.
    People of integrity expect to be believed and when they’re not they let time prove them right.

  37. Thank you so much for this information! I am new member of the LIFE community and have already been asked questions about Orrin’s history I could not intelligently answer. You have now given me that ability. Beyond that, you have cemented my conviction that LIFE is a company I want to be associated with. The Godly stand Orrin took, and his willingness to pay-the-price no matter what proves he is a man of his word, and more importantly, a man of The Word. Thank you! And thank you Orrin for submitting to God and His ways. May He continue to bless you and guide you and the rest of the PC.

    1. Welcome to LIFE, Elma! This article truly is an amazing example of the character and integrity TEAM stands for and your comment that this article “cemented my conviction that LIFE is a company I want to be associated with” is a great way of putting it.

      1. Amen 🙂

  38. Dan, WOW you are right on with this blog post! I was one of the involved men as we left q and I was so happy to reveal the truth about their business model. People out there who try and defend them and knock us are the ones who never built the business when I did. Its’ a shame cause if they would have done the right thing and listened to people in the field they could of been great but now they are not even good in my personal opinion. Thanks for sharing the truth and I’m sure some and only some which is only about 3 or 4 people will attack you for this post and try to look like more than one person but we know truth will prevail! You are a man of courage Dan and I respect you for that.

    God Bless,
    Jim Martin

    1. Jim this is a great response to this blog post. I was an outsider to the Team when they were with Amway. The leadership I was supposed to follow in Amway represented individuals who had not been building A/Q effectively for over 10 years. They knew I wanted to grow soo they had me and others council with someone they called markerman and after a few short months I realized he also was NOT the person I was told he was. I wanted to find a leader that had accomplished things himself instead of accomplished things by a position or a father. All I wanted was a chance and when I saw what these individuals and Amway did to the only leaders stepping up and growing I started investigating for myself. My personal opinion , as an outsider to Team, is that Orrin Woodward did the best he could with a broken system. The more I have truly looked at Orrin and his system of leadership development , the more I respect what he has done to Right the Wrongs in the industry.

      1. It is so refreshing to hear your perspective, Cody. We have appreciated hearing your thoughts and listening to the knowledge you and your family share from stage.

        1. Jammie thank you and thanks for coming to Wichita a few mths back.

      2. Great perspective Cody. Also thanks for coming to Halifax Nova Scotia to share your thoughts.

      3. thank you cody for your prospective. I love learning from you all!!

    2. Great comment Jim, that is likely another truth to be shared! Thank you for sticking through the rough years so the rest of us could be part of the glory years!

    3. Nicely said Jim!

    4. Thanks to people like Jim Martin and Dan Hawkins Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady people like me at a young age can build a HUGE business founded on the right principles and not by the Junk you hear from the internet I am so Happy that their is still people like Dan Hawkins that gives me hope, and is not afraid to speak the truth or My uncle Jim Martin that has been on of the biggest role models in my life, it is great to know that this is all the proof that needs to be said LIFE is the real business in what I got started for a chance for the brand new guy to have the same opportunity as a person has been in the business for a long time. i CANT thank the Policy Council and Round Table enough for this! THANK YOU FOR S[EAKING UP FOR TRUTH RATHER THAN BACKING DOWN!!!

    5. Great point!

    6. Jim,

      As an outsider to TEAM, but involved in the A/Q business for many years I couldn’t agree more with your comments. A model that eroded over time could have become a model for growth and tremendous future for many. Unfortunately when you refuse to change (A/Q Corporate) and then blame others (Orrin Woodward & TEAM) for your mistakes then you sow what you reap.

      It’s unfortunate that a man I have come to respect (Orrin Woodward) has been viciously attacked via negative on the internet. It is repulsive that this negative not only seeks to defame a man of character trying to right the wrong, but that it hurts those seeking opportunity to determine slander from the truth.

  39. Man. I feel like pasting this link to anyone who criticizes. Every day. For the next ten years.

    1. go for it jinn!

    2. Me too! I’d much rather let Dan (and Orrin through him) do the verbal battles for me 🙂 Thanks Dan!

  40. Wow! Awesome post that lays out the truth! It’s funny how negative untruth is a loud voice that everyone seems to run to at first. Then as an earlier person posted, “People of integrity expect to be believed, and when they are not, they let time prove them right.” and what happens is people eventually start coming to the realization that the truth was right under their noses the whole time.

    When a brave man takes a stand…….. I am you are addressing this. If everyone could read Eric Blomdahl’s post as well some great truth will come to light as well. http://ericblomdahlbetterlife.com/2012/05/09/meeting-unjustified-criticism-head-on/.

    Thank you. Steve Leurquin

    1. Write, great blog by Eric as well…look at the integrity of this organization!

      What stands out to me is the positive attitudes everyone has – even when many were going through such challenges. What a great group to be associated with and for my kids to see us associated with. We are so proud that our children have Team leaders like Steve Sager, Steve Leurquin, Dan Hawkins, Orrin Woodward, and their amazing wives to look to as role models!

      1. Well said!

      2. After hanging out with 3 of the founders of life this weekend – I agree with this statement even more. Its great to be with a group of great people working at doing great things for the world!!

    2. I’m not sure who said,……… “When one man takes a stand, a thousand spines will stiffen,”
      but this statement is SO true. Although, i’m sure if you ask Orrin we WILL change that to
      “A MILLION SPINES WILL STIFFEN.” Thank you Woodwards for letting GOD work through you.

  41. Hi Dan,

    Thank you for this post. It is a honor to be in business/ministry with men like you and Orrin.

    I am thankful to have yet another tool in the arsenal! I have had 3 people leave from ‘stuff they found online’ posted on a website which shall remain nameless. A resource like this blog post will speak volumes to someone if that scenario shows up again.

    Thank you again.

  42. Great Post Dan

  43. […] Mental Fitness Challenge is a success system designed around the 13 Resolutions as laid out in Orrin Woodward’s book, Resolved – 13 Resolutions for LIFE. The 13 resolutions, broken down into three […]

  44. Awesome post Dan. It really shows the history of where the TEAM has come and the incredible character and integrity of Orrin Woodward.

    Thanks for posting

  45. Great article!!!

  46. Dan,

    It is amazing how the truth will set you free.

    After 29 years working with Amway and Quixtar and not being a member of TEAM or associated with Orrin I saw the same view from a distance. During my last 8 years as a Quixtar distributor I came to realize the business model had changed to produce some serious flaws. Orrin Woodward as well as a few other courageous leaders tried to rectify the problems agreeably with the company. The leaders at Quixtar could not seem to be convinced there needed to be changes made.

    After several years of frustration on my part watching a good company lose their way and not being able in good conscious to offer my growing children the same opportunity I started with I decided to join Orrin and TEAM in their efforts to affect change. I was immediately given an ultimatum to separate from TEAM or be terminated from my business of over 29 years.

    I decided that Orrin Woodward was a man with integrity and worthy to follow. I can say now after knowing and working with Orrin for the last 4 1/2 years that his character has shown through to be a man of honor and integrity.

    Your article is right on and there is plenty of documentation to support your article from the people who were there.

    Thanks for setting the record straight.

    1. Excellent post! I’ve heard numerous times that we are an ‘information rich and wisdom poor’ nation — and the issues that you, Greg, let alone Eric & Dan have brought out in your posts and comments prove this out. Information is at the drop of a keystroke, however, is it really all true? It is all a funnel to wisdom? Not even close. One needs to truly associate with these companies ( LIFE & TEAM ) to truly see what the heartbeat is. And, I, fortunately, have been able to.

    2. Proud of you Greg for making a tuff decision for the better of your family and your team. Probably won of the best decisions in your life to join the Woodwards and friends! I know I’m sure glad I made the decision to follow Claude amd Lana when we had to make a choice.

    3. Amen, to all that Greg stated!

      My wife and I joined Amway in 1977 and qualified Emerald in 1979 and every year there after until our UK diamonds were terminated by Amway without reason and we were given “the Ultimatum.” We were uninvited from the free trip that we earned because “we did not fit in”.

      Our resignation was a little difficult since we were in our sixties and had heath challenges; but was necessary for our moral code.

      We walked away from a six figure income to follow Orrin and The Team. Best decision we ever made!

      1. Ken & Joan,

        You are the type of people anyone would be proud to follow, and we so respect your decision to follow a strong moral code.

    4. Greg and Lyn your leadership has blessed so many in the Team/LIFE Community. Thank you for your insight and words of wisdom!! Love you guys.

  47. Amazing! Orrin is a man who fears God and none other!

  48. Dan, you are right on! In our 30 plus years of networking experience we have never met any one of higher integrity than Orrin.

  49. Great article Dan. about time we set the record straight! Thanks pal

    1. Couldn’t agree more! I think a lot of people had many questions and this article clears things up very well. Great job Dan!

  50. Amen to that, Mark. We had the chance to be adopted into Orrin’s Team at a time when our employer wanted us to quit Quixtar (talk about slavery). We quit that employer instead, and we are so grateful for the chance to call you and Lori friends. To personally know and spend one on one time with servant leaders like Dan, Lisa, Orrin and Laurie has been a dream come true for us. Thank you for posting your article, Dan. You are telling our story as well.
    Chrystal Moldenhauer

  51. There are people that stand back and watch things happen and then there are those that stand up for what is right in spite of potential personal loss. Thank you Dan for shedding light on Truth about Orrin and the Man that he is.

  52. Dan,

    Thank you so much for posting the article about Orrin Woodward. He has done so much for us. We only knew about some of the things that went on backstage and behind the senses! Orrin will for sure have our backs. I am shocked that back in 2005 he was triyng to correct the wrongs in this industry. Think of where we all could have been if people humbled themselves as much as Orrin and Laurie Woodward have done. I know that the rest of the policy council did so much back then also. I wanted to thank every single person that has fought for us.
    Thank You


  53. thanks Dan for getting the correct info to people, we are very proud and honored to be part of Team/Life because of the amazing communities we built with Wayne and Raylene and the mentorship they received from Claude and Lana we knew we were meant for this Team/Life and we will follow these guys anywhere.

  54. The word boldly courageous comes to mind when I read this article Dan. A man of courage is an understatement for Mr. Woodward. What Orrin was willing to do and not know the outcome is conviction of purpose. He risked his families future and his reputation for the cause of freedom, not just for himself but more importantly for so many others that are free today because of his actions. Its breath taking to know their are men of honour and courage willing to do what is right even at such a cost to themselves. Thanks for the time you but into this article Dan.
    God Bless

    1. It is such a powerful article, isn’t it Wayne?! When I read it yesterday it really settled my final questions for me. So many people are quick to jump on the band-wagon of doubt, critique and slander. Orrin’s integrity and Dan’s eloquent description of what actually happened is inspiring! Who can question joining this community once hearing this story? After reading it I went online to research some of the law suits against Amway and Q and it was stunning to read what all went on there. What peace of mind to KNOW that we are led by Orrin and the PC team and their deep sense of integrity. Thanks to you as well for following the PC Leadership in how you and Ray lead your team. You have learnt well from the best!

    2. Amen to that Wayne. We are all truely blessed to be affiliated with all these great Team leaders.

    3. I agree, Wayne. It’s one thing to stand for what’s right when you know you’ll come out on top when the situation is resolved. But to risk so much by standing firm when you may lose everything except your knowledge that you did what was morally right? That is special, to say the least.

      1. A winner always sets out into unknown teritory for the right thing!

    4. I agree totally Wayne. Just remember, you are an example of a man of courage also.

    5. You’ve hit this one out of the park my friend! True champions, leaders, heros etc…. cannot predict an absolute outcome, however they will “die trying” to obtain the results for the greater good. We are so fortunate that despite the negative comments and actions, that Orrin had his elephant charging for good and now we all can assist in the better futures for our children and future generations to come.

    6. Claude Hamilton says that ‘spines are stiffened in the presence of the bold’, and I know that I walk a little taller knowing that I’m blessed to have leaders of such strength of character and conviction to follow. I love that we have examples worth following with the leadership of TEAM

      1. I heard Terry Franks say that he feels “6 feet tall and bullet proof” when he is with Claude Hamilton. We are so fortunate to have Claude, Orrin, Dan, George, Bill, Chris, Tim… and many other leaders with us everyday in our world class Team System to help us all achieve our very best self!

  55. Hero!! There is no doubt in my mind! I have seen the fruit of the information LIFE provides…changed marriages, people coming to faith, better finances, happier kids!! Keep up the great work.

  56. I agree Alex, this article is getting the real truth out there and it is so important for it to get to the mainstream public to help clear up the misconceptions about a fearless American hero, Orrin Woodward, who fights for freedom not just for Americans but Canadians as well and anyone who desires to build compensated communities in this day and age.

  57. Thank you Dan for your insight on this topic. As always people are looking for truth and the only way to find truth is to investigate and ask questions. Every question or concern was answered in the article you have posted. Now with a clearer example of what really took place between Orrin Woodward and Amway/Quixtar, people can make a truly informed decision. A decision for their future with LIFE/TEAM and the friend, family member or acquaintance who thought enough of them to pick up the phone and make a call to invite them on a journey that could be everlasting!!

    1. And what a journey it is and will continue to be!! Thanks to Orrin, Laurie and the PC for fighting for truth, honesty, integrity and freedom! Godspeed to everyone joining this journey that Orrin started. And thanks to Dan for sharing this information and clearing up so many people’s questions with truth.

    2. Well said Wade! I totally agree

    3. Well said Wade, it’s now up to all of us to move onward and upward, taking this quest for excellence to those who are just waiting for us to show up!!

  58. Dan, thanks for your research and insight as you have exposed truth. LIFE truly is the sum of all the fixes that Orrin presented and I am excited about there being leadership material being delivered to market at a reasonable price so that anyone can afford it. As system engineers, Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady were able to identify the fixes that would make the biggest impact to the most numbers of people in the compensated community and I am thankful for their wisdom and tenacity to stand up to giants in the industry and offer the answers, be rejected, and still put together a system to help anyone get The life they have always wanted. The LIFE Business has brought many blessings into my family’s life. Thank you.

    1. Good points Jaqua! I remember you and Bryan going through that painful transition time and following Orrin and the rest of the PC as they took their stand and left Amway. The respect you had (and still have!) for them is one of THE main reasons why we decided (finally!!!) to join LIFE. Thank you 🙂

  59. Excellent post Dan! Very informative! What I keep coming back to is the fact that Orrin was already successful and his success was recognized by the company. So he was able to build a significant income stream using what appears to be a sub-optimal system.

    That’s a huge clue that his motivation for change came from a desire to improve the opportunity for others who would come after.

    1. This gives us all hope!

  60. What an amazing post Dan! Thank you so much for giving us the right information. When it comes to people who are critics and enjoy judging others I realize we are all so blessed to be apart of this amazing journey. We are being led to the truth and taught to seek first to understand.

  61. […] I don’t personally know any other man who could have endured what Orrin has gone through and had the grit to stay the course. I’ve seen Orrin with tears in his eyes as we watched our friends suffer personally and financially. I’ve watched his heart break as people whom he had poured his love and energy into would fail to keep their commitments to him, only to see him think upon them with a forgiving heart, knowing that they are just fallen men, as he is. I’ve watched him suffer the sting of terrible lies, and because he holds his character so high he refuses to gossip about the liars. I know people who quite simply are telling lies about Orrin. If Orrin ever decides to go public with all that he knows (and can document) about these slanderous attacks, they will be embarrassingly exposed. UPDATE: Dan Hawkins sets the record straight in a brilliant article, found here. […]

  62. I’m proud to know Orrin personally and also now (thanks Dan Hawkins) know even more of the the facts. Hero or selfish Success? not a very tough question. Super easy answer. Orrin Woodward is a HERO!!!!

    1. Phil, i`m with you all the way pal! Orrin is a Hero for sure!

    2. Well put!!

  63. I am very proud to be part of Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady all the pc team. I wouldn’t be on any other team! Thank you guuys for everything u have went through and done for us.

    1. The community association has been very important in my journey to the LIFE business and I am thankful for ppl who have invested in me (like you Vicki). The principles that Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady and the rest of the founders have walked out in their lives makes it easy to follow their example. They do not claim to be perfect and they have apologized for areas where they have needed to PDCA that may have held back the growth of the business but I am so glad that these are men/couples that humble themselves to adjust towards their purpose rather then living in their pride. These are our modern day heroes who care about the community and are great people to associate with as we move towards our own purposes.

  64. Dan, thank you so much for exposing the truth and letting the world see what we all know. Those of us who choose to follow Orrin do it because we know he is a man of character and integrity. It does not matter what cowards say about who we are, god knows who we are and why we do what we do! It`s refreshing to see that men and women like you and Lisa and the rest of the Policy Counsel who are willing to stand up for what is right! God Bless

  65. Proud to be following a man of character and integrity such as Orrin. His level of character and integrity is something I want to strive for. Thanks Orrin.

  66. Thanks Dan for clearing up some of the biggest misconceptions about Orrin and TEAM.

    1. Yes its great to see all the support!

  67. I’ve always been confused over the issue Team had with pricing of Amway products. Particularly in light of the Teams embracing and promoting a $35 bottle of juice… which you had to buy 4 each month. Also, Woodward and Brady appear to have had bad math skills. Team IBOs did not exploit the Amway compensation plan to make IBOs profitable. Building with the 2 leg approach made Platinums little money and stacking caused a very high attrition rate. This is a relationship business. Stacking strangers together wasn’t very effective.

    1. Great questions, let me clear up some things for you. The Pokorny settlement was very clear, with a judge forcing a 5% price decrease in prices, obviously Orrin was accurate on that point. A leaders main responsibility is to protect his/her community and keep them alive during a fight. Dallin Larsen and MonaVie was a company that believes in win-win principles and offered a win-win partnership for Orrin and the Team. To this day my community enjoys the Monavie products even after we launched LIFE. Imagine if Amway/Quixtar thought win-win, the Team and its top leaders would still be there today.

      You might want to check with your boss or whoever shared attrition rates with you. According to Quixtar executives, the last report to the Team was, the company average 33% retention for the rest of Quixtar, while the Team had a retention rate of 65%. Building depth is one of the best ways to build tight relationships, win-win mentality. Interestingly, if it created bad relationship why was the retention rate double and when Orrin left most of the Team followed? Only great relationships and respect can explain this.

      Hope that helps, God bless, Dan

      1. Dan–Thank you for this reply. I think you were spot on with your comment that “building depth is one of the best ways to build tight relationships”. My husband and I are new to Team, although we did meet you and your lovely wife at the spring convention. We both came away from that convention with a feeling that our journey in LIFE and TEAM is going to be not only one of personal development and monetary success, but also one that is filled with tight and meaningful relationships. We came away knowing that while some of those relationships will be with people we already know, many will be with people we only just met and even with people we haven’t even met yet!! And this is one of the biggest reasons why we are so excited about the LIFE opportunity. There is just something magical that happens between people within a community of like-minded individuals (I know my husband and I both felt it) and our whole family is looking forward to the continued building of those relationships.

        1. Wow! What a great attitude!! Welcome to the community Toni & family 🙂

      2. There are too few companies that follow the win-win principal and that is why our countries are in the situation of such low moral and discontent. People are following the PC because we see that everything you guys do is for the better of the whole team, not just the guys at the top. Thank you.

      3. thanks for the data dan! numbers sometimes speak louder than words!

        1. That’s right Keith — there are people out there that need to hear the numbers!! Isn’t it great to be part of a group that doesn’t have to be afraid to publicize the data?! I have noticed this on Orrin’s blog as well.

      4. Retention rates is ultimately the primary indicator in the networking industry. That the Team has such high rates and continues to find new ways to compensate the community shows that both income/value and relationships are taught and modeled in exceptional form here…..that would scare anyone who doesn’t PDCA both on a daily basis like the leaders on this Team do.

    2. Just to provide a comparison (and Dan please correct me if I am wrong on this), but any business is dependent on the relationships within it. It is clear that the higher you are potentially promoted in a corporation, your ability to work with people holds greater weight. Pretty much as soon as you get a job in corporate America, you are not working with people you already know (maybe a few here and there — maybe), but for the most part they are all strangers to you. Every traditional business relies on relationships and “stacks strangers together”.

      1. That is a great example! Thanks.

        1. What is the weight of our lives? Are we satisfied with being a lightweight? Obviously Orrin, Chris and The Team are actively pursuing a life of great weight. Super!

      2. Personally I haven’t seen a business where some or most of the employees weren’t strangers in the beginning. Church and community groups grow this way also. When they do well it’s because of good leadership and relationships. When they fail it’s because leadership and/or relationships are lacking.

        1. Great point.

      3. That is a great comment!

    3. As a former Amway/Quixtar ibo outside of TEAM and now a current TEAM/MV/LIFE member I feel especially qualified to comment here. Pricing of Amway/Quixtar products outside the core Amway products was a big problem. Distributors paid more at distributor cost than they could have at retail at local outlets. There’s no comparison between the MV comp plan and the A/Q comp plan. MV pays roughly 50% of the gross and A/Q is not close. And LIFE is at least double the A/Q plan! Stacking strangers (TEAM approach) has given my wife and I the best friends we have in this life and certainly a much higher retention rate than while we were owned by A/Q with a 6-month non-compete clause.

      1. Absolutely true Keith! You have seen this transformation unfold before your very eyes, and are living proof of the retention rate. You have been in all three compensation plans and clearly see why LIFE is setting the benchmark!

        1. I love what you have to share about “stacking strangers!” I agree with you whole-heartedly, Keith!!

  68. A little about how I know Orrin. I joined team about 15 months ago after realizing Orrin, one of few men fulfilling his purpose in total character was out to help others achieve better improvement in their own lives and leadership. I am dyslexic with learning disabilities however that hasent stoped Orrin from inviting me down to his house I Florida to meet him this past March, but as a man of Chatacter thinking of others he set big goals for us to be able to participate in the visit and has invited everyone to do so! Orrin is about equal opportunity to the community and is willing to Serve day in and day out!
    Orrin your abilities to carry on as a free man inspires many, helping us to achieve and fight for such Character for ourselves in helping us figure out what our purpose is!

    1. Beautifully PUT!!!!!!!

  69. I’m proud to be associated with Orrin Woodward and all of the PC. I’m not sure the critics have anybody saying that about them. I know that criticism will come – because we’re making a ‘difference’ – not making a same. People who do things differently always attract criticism – unfortunately this appears to be part of our culture today.

    I have to add 1 of my favourite quotes from Terry Franks – ‘You can’t argue with an idiot (loser) because they’ll drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.

    We’re all in – and with or without the approval of the nay sayers – we are going to continue to go out and effect positive changes into the lives of 1 million + people through sharing truth and life changing information with them. If someone says that’s wrong – ‘next’!

    1. Well said Scott!! I, too, am proud to be a part of a team that is lead the charge for positive change in today’s world.

    2. Everyone wants you to get ahead, just not ahead of them. That is something that the Life Business has taught me to help me understand those critics. Orrin and Chris really stuck in there to give us the opportunity to get ahead despite the critics. What a great example.

  70. It is very calming to me to know that there are people out there that actually make decisions on morals and the “right thing” to do, not always based on money, fame, status. The PC of the TEAM and founders of LIFE have proven that to be true by going through the tough years not knowing the outcome for them personally, for the chance of great years for people they haven’t even met yet. There have been many Diamonds and above attempt to leave the A/Q business to find themselves years later so deep in layer and court expenses that they couldn’t even continue the fight for truth. I have also personally witness people leave the fight for the easy path to protect their personal interests from A/Q instead of sticking to what they knew was the correct thing. Thank you Orrin, Lauire, Chris, Terri, Claude, Lana, Dan, Lisa, George, Jill, Bill, Jackie, Tim and Amy for your persistent effort towards truth!

    1. Great point Wade! In our culture so lacking in true heros Orrin truly is the real deal. Because he has stood on his convictions, we have the opportunity we have today!

    2. Nicely put Wade! We had the choice like many others to read the good and the bad press through the internet and it was clear that there was an unfair fight going on. We looked at the character of people like Wade & Rhonda, Wayne & Raylene, Claude & Lana and by virtue of their examples knew that Orrin & Laurie and the rest of the PC took the road less traveled and we knew who corner we were in. Simply put, I’ve got your back and I know who has mine because we are the TEAM and we are apart of LIFE!!

  71. I commend Orrin for standing up for the truth rather than bowing to political pressure from a corporation that let greed take over rather than free enterprise. We had just joined the Team before Orrin announced he was leaving Quixtar for all the reasons mentioned above. We already knew Orrin,Chris,Bill,George and Claude were all men of character and principal so it was a no brainer to follow their lead. Thanks to all the PC men and woman for have the GUTS to stay strong in their beliefs and face probably the largest obstacle they will ever face in their business careers. God Bless all of the Team leaders and we will reach 1 MILLION people!

    1. Sorry I forgot to mention Tim in that amazing group of PC leaders. Sorry Tim. You the man!

  72. Dan, Thank you for all the time and effort you invested in capturing the character and convictions of Orrin Woodward! Your writing is excellent and this article is priceless. I appreciate how your article is founded on historical facts, instead of a random smear campaign built on rumors and opinions. How could any Team ever climb the “1,000,000 Person Summit” if its sponsor organization continuously saddled the individual climbers’ back packs with boat anchors & pianos instead of crampons & climbing picks? Useful tools (ie, competitively priced, valuable products) aren’t a nice-to-have feature but a necessity for any viable business opportunity in the information age! I’m proud to be one of the many climbers, along with you and the rest of LIFE’s Founders, who endured the trials of the Q/A desert experience together as we can finally see the vision of LIFE’s oasis become clearer and clearer each week! Here’s to a very bright future while we all pursue living the lives we’ve always wanted! – Mike Hartmann, Patriot Revolution

    1. Well stated, Mike. I’m proud to be on your team pursuing Orrin Woodward, Chris Brady and LIFE’s vision for a bright future. – Anna Walsh, Patriot Revolution

    2. Well stated, Mike. I’m proud to be on your team pursuing Orrin Woodward, Chris Brady & LIFE’s vision for a bright future. – Anna Walsh, Patriot Revolution

  73. What strikes me first, as I go through this article, is the signs that indicate who is on solid ground in the character department. If Orrin was being edified for his business practices when he was going with the flow and then denounced when he started to question [i]their[/i] practices, there is a problem with the foundation of those doing the edifying/denouncing.

    Sounds like a structure built on a foundation of sand.

  74. The last line you wrote Dan, really jumped out at me. “if you do not want to be criticized; say nothing, do nothing, become nothing” Orrin has clearly stood up to the criticism and has created an amazing business opportunity. Let us stand up to our critics and “lead people to the truth”

    1. We appreciate all that the PC have been willing to endure to continue to provide an opportunity for all of us. They were called for such a time as this. Looking forward to the future with all that we have our hands on.

    2. Hear! Hear! Rose, I agree. That is a powerful statement. No matter what significant action someone takes, they can expect criticism. I’m on board with standing up to our critics and leading people to the truth.

    3. I love that statement too – lots of people go throughout their lives saying, doing and ultimatley becoming nothing of significance.

  75. When some one tells me that they don’t trust Orrin, I have to hold in my laughter! Talk with him once and you know EXACTLY what he stands for. When him and Laurie look at you, you can just feel you’re best you coming forward, ready to change and grow for the same principles! Eyes are the window to the soul. Thank you for this article, for those that need words to see, what I see in the Woodward’s eyes.

    1. So well put Miriam!! I agree 100%.

  76. Dan the man, Thank you for filling me in with what happened. I appreciate it. Especially from someone like myself, who is knew, and wants to know past experiences. I know this took a while to time frame. Thank you for protecting the freedom at hand and for fighting for the truth.

  77. It amazes me to read the very things Orrin Woodward and the IBOA board requested from the founding families of Amway/Quixtar in 2005 was settled in a California Court 6 years later. Why would a company not see the value in the suggestions given by the board? Why would they wait to be forced to settle and solve the problems after the departure of tens of thousands of members? Although…. could this be devine intervention?? Without A/Q the departure, the founders of LIFE were locked into contracts that would not permit them to launch such a remarkable company.

    1. Divine intervention for sure Wade! There is certainly a larger purpose being carried out in the LIFE business.

      1. Yup! We’re not a business with a purpose, we’re a purpose with a business wrapped around it!

    2. Well put.

  78. Great blog Dan Thanks so much will help to spread the truth getting this into as many hands as possible. I have never met a more sincer honest man in my life as Orrin Woodward. People need to walk a mile in a mans shoes before casting oppinions. Can’t wait to share this one because one million people will just be the begining!!!!!!

    1. I agree totally Joe. I truely believe that 1 million will be just the beginning also!

  79. Thanks Dan for spreading the thruth! There are actually many people who want to hear the truth. Unfortunately lies and stories are sometimes more fun for some people to spread and follow. As Orrin always say”BRING IT!!!!! God Bless

  80. Thanks for laying out the facts so objectively Dan. It is great to get the full truth from someone who has the facts.

    1. As you mentioned earlier today, Rose, we don’t necessarily need all the details because we’re already convinced. But having the details will help, should we ever need to help someone else see.

      1. That is so true – it’s great!!

  81. Thanks Dan, for standing up and setting the record straight! Orrin has done what most people in this world would NEVER have the guts to do, stand up for what IS RIGHT and to fix what IS WRONG!!! I cant even IMAGINE what this has all been like for him and because we all know Orrin is such a man of character and integrity, he kept his mouth quiet while everyone else didn’t. Orrin is definitely a man of Truth and a man of Courage and is a man that is living a life worth watching…

  82. Thanks Dan for writing this blog,

    What I find interesting is all the twist and turns in life that makes you into the person you are today, It was a long process Orrin had to endure, I know that he had many days that he was not well liked to some for his view points. If you don’t stand for something then soon enough you will have no ground to stand on.

    What I admire about Orrin, is he does talk the talk and walk the walk. I remember being down at his house in Florida hanging out with a few of our friends Wayne and Claude, and just being amazed at how humble he is, that his stuff is just stuff, it’s the relationships and the dream of improving our culture. Orrin has the ability to simplify complex things and to generate things into tools to be used for the betterment of our lives. I would say listen to the10 laws of financial management and tell me that wasn’t designed to help people out. I remember when he brought Oliver DeMille out to a major leadership conference to talk about Freedom Matters, that was not to solve some personal goal, but to influence culture to a positive change. What I really appreciate is seeing families get closer and more aware of their finances and understanding relational issues, that’s what I feel Orrin is producing, as well as the leadership that he is growing in others and the path to faith that he’s guiding people on.

    I truly believe a modern day hero can and should look like Orrin Woodward. I know so many people that do conventional business with people that they would never want their family around with, I do unconventional business with people that I’m proud to have my 2 boys around!


    1. Well said Dumon!

  83. An Outstanding Expose’! Keep ’em coming Dan!

    1. You are right! Dan is an excellent author and I am also very glad to see him sharing that talent with us online!

      1. We are looking forward to potentially seeing a book out from you one day, Dan! It would be so great to be able to share with people some of the specifics of what you have learned and how you have grown in your journey. Your story is one that so many people relate to.

  84. Personally, just the definition you give of a hero, Dan, is enough to make this post worth reading. And, it definitely does describe what Orrin has been doing, in my opinion.

  85. Dan, thanks for this post. It reinforces for me why I got involved with TEAM and the LIFE business. Orrin is a man of character. Proud to be part of TEAM.

  86. Everything that happens in life puts us all in the place we are today! Great post Dan!

  87. Thank you for offsetting all the lies about Orrin Woodward and Team with TRUTH! Mark Twain said, “A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.” Thank you for all that you and the founders of LIFE are doing to help us make a difference!!!

  88. Great stuff Dan! Thanks for sharing. For those who actually know these people and what happened, we know this is true. It’s the AD’s or those who want to see Orrin go down in flames because of envy, that continue to persist that the alternative story is true.

  89. Dan, thanks for putting the truth out there. In response to your question – Hero for sure!

    1. Yes, definitely HERO!

  90. Although there are some here who have seen Orrin and the other PC in the trenches of this battle, I have only heard the stories from both sides and it’s easy to see where the truth lies. Having had the opportunity to spend a little time at Orrin’s at the end of March, it was clear that he and Laurie wholeheartedly believe and live the servant leaders life and provide such incredible role models for all of us. We then see it in the other PC and Round Tables but it’s most impressive when you see the newest person feel the effects and pay it forward. You cannot dispute the moral fibre in Orrin and Laurie, willing to risk it all to protect the integrity and principles of the great men and women in team and now life. We feel privileged to be lead by such an amazing couple and the entourage of amazing leaders they have helped. Thank you Dan for your blog, so many people will benefit from the clarity of your words.

    1. The more Jamie and I get to know Orrin and Laurie and the rest of the leadership on the Team the more impressed we are. No place else in my life have I ever come across that. It’s amazing when a couple does as best they can to follow Truth how grounded their lives are to making the right decisions to serve.
      Steve Leurquin

      1. You’re so right Steve, my wife Kathleen said that Laurie was one of the first people she has felt her respect and admiration grow while physically in their presence. I in the same token, felt very settled with Orrin and he had a way of making us feel at home yet we were at his home. It is clear that both Orrin and Laurie are resolved in their principles and simply love people where they’re at.

        1. Amen!!

  91. Dan that article was incredible. To see the integrity of or leader lain before us in a story is really inspiring. What Orrin sacrificed for all of us will change the tide of our ailing culture. It all stated with a letter,a heart of gold, and most importantly a moral compass, God-given & God-inspired.

  92. Dan,
    Great post – I so appreciate you getting this out as it is a must read for so many people!

    We have hung around this Industry for 22 years, knowing there were some great things that could happen (if one applied him/herself). Many of those years, we followed so called “Leaders” who were going to help take us to the promised land. During those years, we worked and invested more then most people could fathom doing, but we had a DREAM & a CAUSE that we felt was worth it!

    In 2004 while at a Convention, I got to hear Orrin speak for the first time, and was totally impressed with his passion and willingness to help an Organization (outside of TEAM), to get on the right track of building Communities! There was something different about him, and his purpose seemed to shine through. That prompted me to get any recordings of him I could over the next few years, to study and learn from someone who I knew was going to do something BIG. I was amazed at his growth and speed into top LEADERSHIP, and how he made his decisions based on solid principles, and he did not waver from these principles – a far cry from my “Corporate America” days and those days with other “Organizations.”

    In 2008, I had the opportunity to sit with he and Laurie, and it has forever changed our lives. All of the recordings I’ve listened to, and books I’ve read, are how they live their lives. They are real people, always striving to become better, and in turn helping those around them want to do the same.

    I know there were many people (so called “Leaders” and myself included) who felt like Orrin did,
    wanting to have changes take place in the “A/Q”. Everyone knew it needed to happen “if they wanted to succeed or help others succeed”. Orrin (and many other TEAM Members) stood up for what was right, and I so applaud that! They did what many talked about doing, or wished they could have had the guts to do. I also believe they went about it the proper way, as I saw many who chose different routes and got totally destroyed in doing so.

    Once again Dan, thanks for posting this and getting the facts straight. We are so blessed to have Orrin (and rest of the PC of TEAM) leading us into LIFE. What an amazing opportunity we have to offer those who choose to “Live the LIFE They’ve Always Wanted”! We now have in place what so many people had hoped and prayed for.

    1. Dan,
      Thank you so much for serving as a ‘voice of truth’ by taking the time to share this important post. As it is often said – “A man with the facts is NEVER at the mercy of a man with an opinion.” I can’t tell you how blessed and humbled I feel to have the opportunity to ‘run the last 4 laps’ and stand on the shoulders of giants like an Orrin Woodward, a Chris Brady, the PC and a couple like Jeff and Tammy Darling.
      Thin threads: The TEAM and I were introduced just 13 months ago and my LIFE will never be the same… Regardless of the internet rumor, hearsay and popular opinion I read (& was warned about) I’ve always felt, in my heart of hearts, that there’s something right about what we do. What we do to serve God, our fellow man and our country, is right, it’s needed and it will make the difference for generations to come. God Bless, Micah Kramer

  93. We got involved with Q in late 2008, just before it dissolved and merged with A. I was (and still am) good friends with our sponsors, so I believed in them more than I believed in the system/business model. In my heart I knew it was a broken one–I hated having to pay such a high price for the products when the store down the street sold it for far less. It never made sense to me, and the fact that once I signed up enough other IBOs and customers (who would pay too much for a product) earned me a discount didn’t seem ethical, either; for that reason we never signed anyone up and we never found a customer. We were even somewhat shamed for buying someone else’s product (when you’re poor, you buy the cheap soap; you don’t care who manufactured it!) because it meant we didn’t have loyalty to our own business. If they truly wanted me to be successful in finances, then why were they demanding that I buy over-priced products? Something seemed amiss, so rather than question it, we simply didn’t renew our membership and faded away almost immediately.

    Now that I’ve read this article, there are SO MANY conversations with our A/Q sponsors that are flooding back into my head! It finally makes sense why they’d push certain things and certain mentalities: it was the only way to keep the business afloat! How sad!

    It blows my mind (“small explosion, right here!”) to know just how many people followed Orrin into the unknown. Over 40,000! Wow! Talk about a group of RASCALS! My husband and I have been totally sold on TEAM/LIFE since we got here, but man, if this isn’t the nail in the coffin, I don’t know what is! I am thoroughly convinced that there is no one living today that has the caliber of our PC leaders. No one. I am SO PROUD to be not only associated with you all, but also to be assisting you all in our objective of 1,000,000 people!

    The world needs to know this story. Everyone needs to understand what has been laid on Orrin’s heart. To believe in something that firmly, and risk absolutely everything? Hero doesn’t even seem like a good enough word. God truly has something HUGE planned for all of us, and I am so thankful to have our leaders leading the way in pursuing it!

    1. Well said Jen!!

    2. well said!

    3. Thank you Dan for setting the record straight!

    4. Wow, I couldn’t agree with you more. Orrin and Laurie surrendered all to stand up for what they believed in. And the RASCALS that followed are all my heroes! In a time where finding heroes is almost impossible, Team LIFE leaders will go down in history as the true heroes of the REVELOUTION of all REVELOUTIONS!

  94. […] on the six key attributes of leaders. The LIFE Founders exemplify these leadership attributes. Orrin Woodward, Chris Brady, Tim Marks, Claude Hamilton, Bill Lewis, George Guzzardo, Dan Hawkins, and Rob […]

  95. Wow Dan!!

    Thank you so much for taking the time and efforts to put this together. What an accurate history of the events. I appreciate you having the courage to post this.

    In short, I love your quick summary at the end and what you said,

    “Undaunted, Orrin instead of criticizing the old, creates the new.”


    God Bless,
    Neal & Mallory Ruffner

  96. […] to date have done an awesome job explaining the facts with his in-depth blog article entitled Orrin Woodward: Amway/Quixtar Whistleblower and reposted in its entirety here: What is the truth about Orrin Woodward and his past […]

  97. Dan, this is a great post! This letter needs to be uploaded into a pdf format on the LIFE business site and available for download to share with those who have had doubts (and perhaps even disdain) placed into their minds by the “critics” in cyberspace. God bless you and the PC members for your labors.

    1. OHHH Great idea!

    2. awesome!

  98. Dan,
    This is the most fantastic lay out of events that are truth. You too,, have become an outstanding leader representing TRUTH. Simply said, people with integrety exxpect to be believed and when they are not, they let time prove them right. I am so proud to have gone through this journey with all of the Founders of LIFE. We spent many days in downtown Grand Rapids as these events unfolded. Americas Founding principles will be restored because of leaders like yourself and the rest of the PC and all of your wives.
    GOD Bless you my friend
    Brian Powers

  99. Thank you Dan for the beautiful post. Having lived through the whole ordeal/process with you, George and the rest of the team as a community we knew it was the right thing even only knowing parts of what was happening. Your post really brings to life alot of the things that we did know and did not. They say that tragedy + time = humor…I definitely see that in this situation, we weren’t sure at the time of everything that was happening, we knew it was going to be life changing for the good when all was said and done. We knew as long as we stayed true and followed George and Orrin that we would all get through it for the better. Such men of character who put others lives ahead of their comforts and conveniences was definitely who we were sticking with..Forever. Thank you for clearing alot of that history up for others who did not have to live through it but now get to enjoy the pleasures of LIFE because of it. Dan & I are proud to be in the fight for freedom and truth with such a great group of Leaders, and who are such incredible examples for our children. thank you again Dan & Jennifer Schreiber–Team Exodus Freedom

  100. […] have had my personal battles with injustice and have learned greatly from the experiences, leading me to understand history at a whole new […]

  101. What a revealing article about the character of our leaders. Well written! Thanks for sharing!

  102. Very powerful letter. Talk about the art and science of conflict resolution! Orrin knows how to take the correct path on the proper way of resolving (or attempting to resolve) issues.

    It’s strange reading this letter from such a long time ago and now seeing where we are (LIFE fixing the broken business model of old). I’m sure Orrin knew the whole time that if Amway wasn’t going to fix the model that “some other company” was going to fix it…and it was going to be The TEAM!

    So glad Orrin and all of the founders and leaders in LIFE ‘get it’!

  103. […] compensation plan extremely well and am qualified to share on the subject. Recently, a few of the Amway drones criticized the LIFE compensation plan, even though they have never been involved in LIFE or had any […]

  104. So glad people can finally read the truth and see Orrin for the character driven person he is.

  105. Awesome post Dan! Thanks for taking the time to share your insight with us all!

  106. […] feel qualified to discuss any of this but please see LIFE founder Claude Hamilton’s post and Dan Hawkin’s post to find out the […]

  107. Great Post and awesome job of telling it like it happened.
    God Bless

  108. […] Yesterday, LIFE co-founder Claude Hamilton posted an article on his blog site that I highly recommend everyone reads.  In the article he gave a comparative analysis of the LIFE opportunity with another pay plan which Claude had previously used to create financial success.  You can also read about others who successfully built profitable businesses using other models, and even tried to suggest ways to make improvements!  Check out LIFE co-founder Dan Hawkins’ article on Orrin Woodward titled  “Orrin Woodward: Amway/Quixtar Whistle-blower”. […]

  109. What an excellent post Dan. I realize that it’s been a few days since you’ve first put it out, but I had a chance to share some of your information when questions were presented to me just yesterday. So, I needed to let you know that what you’ve provided has provided some fabulous insite. Thanks again!

  110. […] lets also give them a chance to earn some, world class, expense paid trips.  Orrin Woodward is a Whistleblower when it comes to calling out the companies that want to line the pocket of the company not the […]

  111. […] fail. There’s a reason most never make any money and a reason why most automatically think scam or pyramid, when they come across any business. ALL OF THAT HAS CHANGED, based on the LIFE business […]

  112. […] kind fail. There’s a reason most never make any money and a reason why most automatically think scam or pyramid, when they come across any business. ALL OF THAT HAS CHANGED, based on […]

  113. Orrin is truly a man of character. Character= integrity+courage. He not only knows what the right things are but he acted on them. Thanks for all you have done and are doing Orrin and Laurie. We appreciate it more than you know!!

  114. […] town” and now an enormously successful community builder and founder of LIFE, correctly outlined Orrin Woodward’s “whistleblower” response to problematic issues within the compensated community business model. A whistleblower is a person […]

  115. […] to whistle blower Orrin Woodward for having the courage to stand behind his principles and […]

  116. Wow great post Dan, I was just informed of this article by my Mentor BP. Had to check it out right away and so glad I did! Really makes me respect the man even more. I will now be checking your blog daily also! Thanks, Steve

  117. […] anonymous “tomatoes” has almost become a full-time career for some people. Claude Hamilton and Dan Hawkins both did a great  job this week on their blogs setting the record straight about some of the Amway […]

  118. […] see leaders that walk their talk in today’s society.  Orrin Woodward is widely known as the whistleblower that courageously exposed things that needed to be fixed in a previous business in order to ensure […]

  119. Dan,
    Thanks again for having the courage to share the truth on such a controversial topic. We appreciate your leadership and your example. It is great to be a part of an organization who stands for truth – not just having the integrity to not tell lies, but having the character to stick up for those who have been lied about.

  120. […] the field get the best results possible. Orrin Woodward is well known in the industry for being the whistle-blower who exposed some much needed […]

  121. I know Orin Woodward and the PC will do what ever it takes to move the Team, LIFE Business and the World forward!

    Jeremy Weiss

  122. Awesome post Dan! Great help in countering the misinformation that is widely available. Thanks for your courage and leadership.

    1. Keith, you and April are another couple with the courage to do what is right! Thank you for that…keep it up!! 🙂

  123. Fantastic!!! Thank you for sharing. VERY insightful!

  124. Wow, Dan! Thank you for writing this, and explaining it all so clearly for those of us that haven’t been around since the beginning. I sure am proud to be associated with Orrin and the TEAM!!

  125. […] anonymous “tomatoes” has almost become a full-time career for some people. Claude Hamilton and Dan Hawkins both did a great  job this week on their blogs setting the record straight about some of the Amway […]

  126. Hi Dan, What an awesome post! I just forwarded this to one of my friends that is thinking of coming on board with LIFE. He had doubts because he had been with Quixtar and this will explain everything. I know that the Lord has His hand on all of this cause when I prayed over two years ago about what to do about my job, the Lord told me to call Kristen Seidl and she told me to come on a then ‘special thursday open’ and you were the speaker. After the meeting Kristen introduced us and I said to you “Hows this for faith I just signed up and I never tried the product yet” You kind of chuckled and replied ” You won’t regret it” And you know what Dave and I haven’t. We’re so glad to be a part of making a difference. Blessings to you and Lisa!

    1. Thank you for your great and kind comments. We look forward to seeing you in the future!

  127. […] is a great article by Dan Hawkins that explains the whole history behind this amazing character & courage these men displayed […]

  128. Outstanding Dan: This is the best explanation I read about this issue. We are so blessed to have the high principled leadership we have.

  129. Thank you Dan for this wonderful and accurate reporting of events.

  130. Great article!! I was there during a lot of this and I’m so very proud to say I chose to stay and am now part of the amazing LIFE business. We had a choice. . . to continue to be a part of the problem or forge ahead into new territory and be part of the solution! Orrin and team PC lead the way, risking everything for us. LIFE is the solution!! Thanks for writing this so everyone can see the integrity of this wonderful community.

    1. Thank you for being one of the many leaders who chose to stand in the gap! You are making a difference!

      1. Thank you for having patience with me when I refused to listen to you about TEAM. I was with Amway in the 70/80s and knew the problems with it. I thought TEAM was just another name for Amway and I didn’t understand that Orrin and Team were trying to fix the problems. But when I finally went to a seminar and heard the truth and felt the heart of the community, I understood TEAM was NOTHING like Amway. I am forever thankful that you didn’t give up on us!! And forever grateful for the sacrifice and leadership of the leaders like you and Lisa.

        1. Thank you for having the courage to look past the past and become a great leader on the Team!

  131. Thanks again for putting this letter out to the public! It amazes my how people respond to truth when they don’t live their lives on proper principles. Thanks Orrin for your courage.

    This part has to be my favorite paragraph of Orrin’s Letter:

    My ability to influence culture and lead people to truth depends directly upon our ability to help the “first circle” (network IBO) work. The first circle must be able to buy good quality products at below market price and then turnaround and retail these products to develop a profitable business. If the first circle does not find a good value in the products then we should expect a high attrition rate, which reduces our ability to influence and change culture.

    1. Thanks Steve. I believe LIFE is the best business to date that helps the newest person get started right so they can move from success to significance! Keep leading Steve!

      1. Imagine if a billionaire had good God centered principles on his side? What kind of impact do you think that person could make on this world?

        1. I have a sneaking suspicion we will find out in the next 5 years!

          1. We already know the ending!! We know who wins!!

            1. Amen! We are headed to 1 million and beyond!

              1. Absolutely true Steve……a billionaire with God center principles helping a community of 1 million people!!!

                1. Hey guys please volunteer to become one of those God centered billionaires! 😉

                  1. You can count on me and my wife for sure! Let’s roll!!

                    1. You are already on your way, keep learning and leading!

                    2. “As for the Hawkins family we are with Orrin and Laurie Woodward, going to 1 million people and beyond.” Add the Mielke family to that list!!

                    3. Well alright,…….If I have to! 🙂

                  2. Okay, count us in!

                  3. I volunteer!!

              1. Add the Fishers! We are certain where we are going and excited to be on the journey with all of you.

          2. This is so awesome to imagine! Glad that we won’t have to imagine it for too much longer 🙂

            1. -BUDDHA-

              “On a long journey of human life, FAITH is the best of companions; it is the best REFRESHMENT on the journey; and it is the GREATEST property.”

              In short: FAITH, is the GREATEST LIFE REFRESHMENT. 😉 I’m in.

    2. “And just as Jannes and Jambres opposed Moses, so these men also oppose the truth, men of depraved mind, rejected as regards the faith.
      But they will not make further progress; for their folly will be obvious to all, as also that of those two came to be (vv.8-9).

      Also from pg 149 of “Improving your serve” by Charles Swindoll
      “There are times when GOD’S servant is called upon to confront or in some way tell another the truth that the individual does not want to hear. The information may be painful to accept, but it is what GOD wants said.” “Listen to GOD’S counsel to servants whose job it is to say hard things:”

      And the Lord’s bond-servant must not be quarrelsome, but be kind to all, able to teach patient when wronged, with gentleness correcting those who are in opposition, if perhaps GOD may grant them repentance leading to the knowledge of the truth, and they may come to their senses and escape from the snare of the devil, having been held captive by him to do his will
      (2 TIM. 2:24-26)>

      Thank you all for leading truth into my life

  132. Thanks for this post Dan. This is excellent information that really cleared up a lot of mis-information that was going around at the time and since. For someone who lived through this, I appreciate your post.

    1. Thanks for the comment Lyndon, I am so blessed to be partnered with you in this battle for truth!

  133. T-the
    U-understanding of
    T-things that

    1. That is good! I like that a lot

    2. That is great Lori!

  134. Dan (&Lisa!) thank you for so studiously and eloquently stating the facts. Thank you for picking up truth, dusting it off and setting it up to stand on it’s own BECAUSE IT CAN!

    1. Thank you for the kind words, the truth will always set you free! Everyone needs to hear this story to prove one person still can make a difference and fight for what is right!

      1. You have been a role model for confronting the facts, good or bad, and courageously doing the right things. Dan, I remember very clearly when we were going through the transition and you told me that Orrin has always been a man of his word. He has always tried to live his life by his word is his worth, and you too, exemplify that motto. Thank you

        1. I agree Matt…..when the transition took place I recall speaking to Gary Severson and he very clearly stated that Orrin’s character has always been one of consistency; holding the line for what is right. Time and time again, story after story from thousands of people confirm the “Voice of Truth” that is within Orrin’s heart & mind. Dan has truly displayed the foundations that character is worth it! Thanks to you to Matt for setting the example as well!!

          1. Well said Steve. Thanks for all of your help with the rope swing at Woodward’s this past weekend 🙂

            1. No problem….it was a great day of TEAM leaders having fun and we glad you were there!!

          2. Its so great to know with this group that if it comes down to making more money or doing what is right – they will risk the money to do what is right, every time. That have already proven that to us, and I am so grateful for that!

      2. One person can change the world, I truly believe that and our history has proven it time and time again. Their influence and integrity creates such a vacuum of amazing people who will follow that person based on principles, and Orrin Woodward (and men such as yourself Dan) are worthy of following because of their God centered principles and the proven track record of many people’s lives changed for the better. Wayne and I will be forever grateful for the hard decisions Orrin and Laurie and Claude and Lana had to make to make our lives and our future truly amazing. We are very blessed to have them in our lives.

        1. You hit the nail on the head with that Raylene! We are so fortunate to have such leaders that will stand fo what is right and not just take the easy road. Many people would have just kept quiet, kept there millions and not risked anything for truth, in fact many did!

        2. Absolutely Ray! You and Wayne are an amazing example of living out your growth and potential. We are so fortunate to have you both in our lives. With leaders like Wade and Rhonda, and You and Wayne at the local level pushing us and guiding us to strive for our best, we can’t help but succeed in completing Orrin’s vision.

        3. Well said Raylene. I just finished the last chapter in Orrins book Resolved. The last line is “I have resolved to respond to the distress call, dedicating my life to reversing the current of decline. Will you help me?” I’m so thankful to have realized that one person can change the world. And I am in. I will help and change the current of decline in Western civilization. I love LIFE’s call to action and the roadmap and mentoring that comes through the LIFE opportunity. Thank you to you and Wayne and the PC for this leadership.

        4. I’m truly amazed by the ripples in the water that Orrin and the rest of the Life Founders are leaving, We’ve been blessed to be working with Wayne and Raylene and you can see their determination and growth happening right before our eyes, Which gives my wife and I the courage to try and follow their example. Leadership from LIFE is easy to follow because it is founded on the right principles, God’s not man’s!

        5. Well put Raylene. John and I were just discussing this yesterday. The leaders of Team, and especially Orrin and Laurie, put it all on the line for the future of Team, but more importantly for their bigger vision of changing lives. We are so grateful for the opportunity LIFE is today and for the leaders we have to follow.

        6. I couldn’t agree more Raylene. It’s time for a freedom shift!

          Larry Wieberdink

    2. Nicely said Carole! What a great way to frame the information in the article.

  135. I love what Laurie said recently: “I would be very afraid if we didn’t get criticism on our decisions to continue creating something that would bless a million lives.” I am so grateful for the principle-taught-by-example that the Woodwards continue to live out. And it is LIVING!

    1. Leah, I overheard Laurie say that too!!! What a straight forward statement of truth!!

  136. I have been associated with TEAM all thru
    the good times and the bad times. I have
    never seen Orrin crack or crumble or waver
    from right principles. Like most people who
    decide to go against the world to change
    it for the better, Orrin has faced and dealt
    vicious, unfounded criticism and downright
    lies as a man of grace and character. I would follow him to the moon and back because I have come to know his heart. God bless you,
    Orrin and for the right principles that you stand for. Criticism is the death gargle of a non-achiever!

    1. Amen Les! I too would follow Orrin Woodward and Dan Hawkins to the moon, not because they are a crazy cult, but because they stand on truth and principles. You can never go wrong when you throw your heart over the bar for that kind of philosophy.

      1. Couldn’t agree more. Can’t imagine what and AQ these leaders have.

      2. Absolutely. Let the truth be spoken.

      3. I would like to ask one question of those who criticize Orrin—-Have you read his two books, Launching a Leadership Revolution and Resolved-13 Resolutions? If you have not, then you can’t possibly judge the character and integrity of this man. To any critic, I challenge you to read these books with an open mind, and then, and only then, give your opinion of the man. I am not a betting man, but I believe that if you read those books your heart will be changed.

        1. Many amazing men of history who have resolved on a daily basis to become better men adhering to strict resolutions of integrity, truth and lifelong principles left a timeless legacy. Orrin in on that same path.

          1. Well said Jim! On to a Million.

    2. I’m with you! Those not effecting positive changes into their lives, and into the lives of others can criticize – but, unless they’re willing to ‘get into the game’ it’s just noise. People of integrity expect to be believed – when they’re not – time will prove them correct. The clock is ticking as we march to 1 million and beyond.

      1. Scott, that is Rhonda’s favorite statment, Well said!! Thank you for standing along side Wayne and Raylene MacNamara for all the years giving us the ability to see the polished results of their leadership!

      2. I like your comment Scott, referring to noise, leadership is calling yourself to a higher standard, and a call to action. It’s great to see the strides forward that Rose and I have seen in you, we could only hope to follow the wake that your ship is creating. I know it’s something that weighs on my heart, not speaking the words but living them, I’m reminded of “your actions speak so loudly, that I cannot hear what you are saying”

    3. Thanks Les. I have heard you speak highly of Orrin and the Leaders for a couple years now and I could not agree more. The doubt and skepticism that I had when I was first introduced to Team was quickly turned to optimism, hope and belief for the chance to live a a life of purpose, principles and direction. The impact of what Orrin and the rest of the Leaders have endured for years and years is enormous. They have laid a path of truth that we can build our lives around. I am proud to say my life and the life of my family has benefited greatly from being able to walk the path put in front of us by Team and LIFE. Thank you Orrin and the Founders/Policy Council Members.

  137. It’s great to have all the details to support what we already knew about character of Orrin Woodward and the founders of this company. It will really help with our posture and overcoming objections. This is a great way to fight the media war! Let’s get this out there! Thanks Dan.

  138. Thank you Dan for clearing up some of the part-truths that are out there. It is a refreshing to know that someone like you and Lisa are not afraid to hide and speak the truth as it happened!!

    1. Truth matters and we are on a mission! Lets go to 1 million!

      1. Truth does matter Dan….. the other day a family member of one of my Teammates, sent him a personal opinion on FB, detailing all the internet critics of Orrin and Team.

        The funny part is when truth speaks louder than an opinion: the critics have two choices 1) stiffen their spine & accept the truth, admitting they were incorrect or
        2) tuck tail hide, and run!! Thus, continue to “hide” behind the computer screen.

        Every person that I have offered to sit down to share the facts vs. their nameless/faceless opinionated friends or a quitter’s “experience” with some fly by scam that their friend did previously; has yet to accept…..hmmm??

        I know this one by heart due to my 15 years in Law Enforcement>>> If a person refused to show up in court to defend their facts, then its self explanatory where the truth is at.

        1. I really love the law enforcement point because it is so true. Too many people “KNOW” what we do, Chris Mattis really hits the point of what we do on his Who’s your wingman cd when he was talking to the pastor of a church, what I find funny is the critics view and Chris’s have never lined up

          1. That’s right, Chris Mattis does talk about that about the pastor, excellent memory D!

        2. GREAT points, Steve!

    2. I agree. The world needs more people standing up and setting an example of character, and courage in action. Dan/Lisa are an inspiration because they put good information into action and didn’t accept any excuses for failure. I love that!

      1. You are an amazing example of the same characters Scott. Watching you take off and grow has been astounding, and we’ve only been witness to the past year! You did a great job standing up and getting the information out to our group at our last open. We really appreciate you sharing your story and allowing us to see your courage and character. It’s a privilege to call you a friend.

  139. Its great to see the facts! We always believed in what Orrin stands for. And its sad that the truth needs to be drawn out so carefully. Orrin and the founders of LIFE are such honorable men… One day, they will be recognized not only as leadership experts, but and World renowned leaders. I’m so proud to be involved with men like Orrin, Chris, Claude and all the other leaders on the Life Team.

  140. Awesome!! Thanks Dan.

  141. This is one of the best post’s I have ever read. It show’s just how much Orrin really care about making a diffrence in this wold. I am honoued to be a part of this amazing organization because this just showes that if something is broken our PC and Round Table member’s will do the right thing and fix what ever is broken. We are truly blessed to be part of this amazing orgaization.

    1. So true Hollie. Isn’t it amazing to be part of something that we can be truly proud of?! I am never worried about what might be exposed because Orrin is all about transparency.

      1. It really is amazing!

  142. My husband and I had the privilege of an invitation to Laurie and Orrin’s home this spring, and it was life changing. Until you experience it, it is hard to put in to words. The servant heart and generous spirit of this couple is absolutely amazing. You go to see and experience the lifestyle. You leave wanting to serve others and make them proud of you. Anyone who has the opportunity to truly listen to this couple will never concern themselves with the petty rumors of people who stopped focusing on what was important. Team stands for Making a difference! We stand with Team.

    1. This is so true Kathleen….. I was expecting to be wowed by the material things in their lives. Instead I was in awwww of their servant leadership and commitment to the people they care about. It has ZERO to do with money today for Orrin and Laurie and everything to do with making a difference in the world! If was about money, they would have sold out to Amway/Quixtar years ago when fighting for what was right!

    2. It was a great time at Orrin n Lauries place. Orrin speaks with so much passion and conviction. This man is worth following and his example speaks volumes

      1. Couldn’t agree more Wayne, one thing that amazed me (not surprisingly) was that Orrin is the same off stage as on stage. you obviously just get more out of the one on one conversation. Orrin isn’t a crowd pleaser, and he’s not afraid to go against the current. Orrin is a man worth studying and following! Integrity and Character all the way!

        1. Orrin is def a man worth following

    3. Kathleen – my wife and I had the same pleasure, this past weekend, and I agree with you wholeheartedly. Orrin & Laurie are clearly a couple that is out there to serve the people – not themselves!

  143. Great blog article Dan. I love it when I hear the truth! I would follow Orrin Woodward and the rest of the PC anywhere. They are all true men of character and grace!

    1. Character and Grace yes!

  144. Hi guys, Orrin Woodward is a leader of leaders, can you all tell me your favorite Orrin leadership trait ?

    1. I love his quiet unassuming inner strength. When you’re talking with him – or see him speaking with others he is truly a man of velvet and steel.

      1. Yes Scott, i totally agree

      2. Oh man, this is a big one Scott!

    2. I love how humble and yet honest he is. He just puts it all on the line. He is willing to share anything he has, whether it is experience or something material in order to better the people around him. His servant leadership is an inspiration to us all and his unwaivering character is something we all strive to attain.

      1. VERY HUMBLE!! You would never know the wealth he has created or the wealth he has helped others create! Orrin is always passing the credit to other people and taking all the responsabilities!!

    3. His ability to see people for where they could be not for where they are right now!

      1. Wow that’s a good one Wade.

      2. Its amazing how well read Orrin is yet he can fully relate to all. Orrin has read 1000s of books in his leadership journey. Simply amazing

        1. It takes a special person to be able to relate to the masses when accomplished as Orrin is!

        2. I agree, Wayne. Orrin is able to relate on an amazing level. Our group was spending time at his home this weekend and as soon as our cars pulled up he was joking and having a great time with people that he had just met. He is a very genuine man.

      3. I totally agree with you Wade!

      4. That is so true Wade.

      5. His Rascalinity! Ha! He sees mediocrity for what it is….and servant-hood for the glory it brings God. He just never forgets that.

    4. Orrin is a man of character. He does the right thing regardless of what the out come might be. So many of us could learn so much just by this one trait alone. He does right simply because it’s the right thing to do. We need more men like Orrin Woodward in this world!

      1. You bet Hollie! Risk takers, for the betterment of the world!

      2. What I love about Orrin is that he is willing to share all his knowledge to help others create their own legacy. Everyone will have many opportunities to show their character, allow Orrins example to give you strength in your time of need

        1. That is spot on Wayne! Orrin’s legacy will be multiplied by the leaders he helps create!

          1. I am curious, as the talk shifts to legacy, what the numerous different people within the team are pursuing in terms of legacy? I know that there are many who aspire to play a role in the freedom of this nation. For myself, I feel called to serve children (first those who I am blessed to call my own) and play a part in the creation of a reformed version of what education means and is to our nation. Excited to hear because as I am talking with people and they ask what we do, I see the support, encouragement and furthering of each others legacy as a great part of the answer to that question.

            1. Interesting topic. Legacy is it for me. I believe I am called to help people who want to change the negative characteristics of their current family legacy and create a positive life giving legacy for future generations. I believe LIFE offers the tools necessary to do the job right.

              1. You are doing just that! Keep up the great work!

              2. That is awesome – something that will be far reaching for sure!

            2. Our vision has to do with children as well. Through our work with our church – we have seen the results of uninvolved parents. Either single parent homes or homes where the parents just choose not to be active or disciplined in raising their children. Raising kids is hard work, but it needs to be done. There is so much potential wrapped up in this next generation, We have the opportunity to fertilize that potential now and have an AMAZING harvest as the next set of children grow up and start to run their lives and eventually run the world. WE CAN’T WAIT TO SEE WHAT THAT LOOKS LIKE!!

        2. I agree Wayne! I love to bake, but what I’ve found in getting recipes from others who have great results is that they often leave out some secret ingredient or technique so others can’t get quite the same final product. What I appreciate about Orrin and the other leaders on the team is that they share all their secrets. They not only want others to have their results, they want others to get to that success faster and with less obstacles in their path.

          1. Thats a great example Michele!! So true!!

        3. So True!

      3. I agree Holly.

      4. I read a book a few years back entitled “Where have all the leaders gone?” and I can say that since life launched I now know the answer, They joined the LIFE community.

        Hollie you’re right we need more men like Orrin, people that do things without analyzing what’s in it for me all the time!!

    5. How he is the ultimate example in our community, leading from the front and standing strong on what he believes!!

      1. Agreed Melissa. Nice to have a leader that you know you can count on.

      2. Even when the bullets are flying Orrin will be in the front line!!

        1. This brings tears to my eyes. I’ve watched all our leaders and especially Orrin do what’s right by leading from the front and the best part is his truth today is being rewarded.

      3. To a Million and BEYOND!!!!!!!

    6. I’d have to say his humility. Orrin is an amazing leader, he is personally mentoring many great leaders, has received public accolades for his leadership, his books are best sellers, and he has many people following him. Yet, when you meet him, he has an uncanny ability to make you feel comfortable, he gives away praise and encouragement and gives glory to whom glory is due. I think he exemplifies humility.

      1. So awesome Michele, I totally believe Orrin is the best edifiers of others I know.

        1. I couldn’t agree more!

      2. Well said Michele. Orrin is truely a leader of leaders and a mentor of mentors.

    7. Orrin’s greatest leadership trait is how humble that man is. For all his accomplishments, he still is the most humble man I know. I can’t wait to spend more time with him to learn how to be a better leader myself.

    8. I love it that Orrin is chasing his purpose not money. How amazing to have made choices so that money is off the table and he can focus of leaving a legacy rather than chasing a paycheck. When I think of the list of things Benjamin Franklin accomplished; I can only imagine what Orrins list will look like!!

      1. Won’t it be great to look back and tell our grandkids about all the things this man accomplished and then even better when we tell them we knew him. Even playing our part in the fight is a huge honour.

        1. Thank you for sharing this thought Kathleen, you gave me goose bumps!

    9. I like Orrin’s ability to laugh at himself. Being able to laugh at ourselves makes life a little easier.

      1. Teesa – you are right! He is a lot of fun to be around. I didn’t realize that till this past weekend. But we had so much fun with him. Not because of his stuff, not because of his property, but because of the type of person that he is.

        The cheering he was initiating during the volleyball match was so fun!!!

        1. Adam and Teesa your right on!!!!! It was very obvious that Orrin gets a big kick out of watching others enjoy life. Weather it is walking the trails through the woods, playing beach volleyball, rope swinging into the lake.

    10. I would say his concept of vision, so many people can get things into motion provided they have a clear sense of where to go. Also Orrin talks about the results are worth the investments, sometimes it’s hard to see the next step, but I know that Orrin’s already been there physically or mentally, It’s easy to follow his vision

    11. I love how Orrin is always, always prepared and willing to do whats right. It doesn’t matter the cost, the time, the place, whose mistake, what mistake… he does as a LEADER should do, he take ownership, he seeks to understand from more than one perspective, he prays about it, and does whats right!

    12. For me it is the fact that Orrin teaches from his own continuously applied learning and practical experience – seeking out the best leadership and business information, first applying it to himself and his personal business efforts, then teaching others from lessons learned. Too many “experts” simply parrot other peoples words, report excerpts of what worked in some situations, or worse teach from hypothetical theories. True leaders guide people along the path they are testing themselves, rather than suggesting what path might work out. Is the person giving you advice doing what they suggest and is it producing the results you want?

    13. My favorite is his character — rock-solid character.
      My second favorite trait is his systems thinking. He does a great job of analyzing something and seeing the chain reaction that will create down the road!

  145. Dan it was excellent reviewing this post. I remember feeling the anxiety created during this time frame and found myself knotted up in ways I had never experienced. I can’t imagine the internal courage that Orrin would need to have in order to stand in the line of fire. I believe the day will come when it will be looked back upon that Orrin showed the type of courage that defines a man, not a male.

    1. Orrin and the PC are extremely courageous. If it weren’t for them, I’m not sure where my family and I would be today.

      1. Well said Teesa. It is so amazing to see the positive effect this has had on so many people and their families.

      2. Teesa,

        We were excited to hear you both share last weekend at the picnic. You both have such a great spirit for the Lord and service of people. Thanks for sharing – it is inspiring.

        1. Thank you! It is a HUGE blessing for us to get to be a part of such a great community!

      3. Ditto that Teesa!!!

  146. My favorite part about this is how “iron sharpens iron….” and my family have been so greatly affect by the decisions Orrin and the PC have made, even though we weren’t even there when it happened. Thank you Dan, Orrin and all the other LIFE founders for setting an example I can be proud to have my wife and my children see me follow!!!
    Thank you!
    Thank you!!
    Thank you!!!

    1. Well said Adam. You are a great leader for your wife and children! Your example will be followed for generations!

    2. So true. I wasn’t around when they were going through those trials either – but I’m blessed every day because of their courage and conviction – so a heartfelt thank you form me as well!

    3. Could agree more. When you get a learning organization together working on developing themselves and then meeting frequently to discuss what they are learning and how they can not only apply that in their own lives and their family’s life but for society. Powerful stuff.

      1. I mean couldn’t agree more 🙂

  147. Thank you Dan for speaking truth.

  148. This is great background information that clears up a whole bunch of missing pieces when all we hear is the lies and half truths the Amway drones want to spread. This needs to be spread so everyone can know the truth about how Orrin Woodward was trying to help Amway get a better reputation and clean up some of their “old” ways about networking. He wanted to take their business and get better, now that he left all they want to do is tear him and this organization down. Now who’s looking like a man of courage and who’s dealing with this is a petty business with no character, integrity and class. I’m proud to be with the founders of Life and everything they do and really ashamed to say I was ever involved with a business like Amway.

  149. Dan thanks for taking the time to write such an informative article.

    1. This is a pretty amazing blog post for sure

    2. I agree. It takes courage to walk the path that Orrin & Chris have. And you have documented this account very clearly. Well done!

  150. Such a great blog full of the truth each and every time I read it!!!!! Right out there in the open with nothing to hide!

    1. Hi Chad, it is very calming knowing that your leaders are willing to but everything they have on the line for the opportunity of the entire Team not just themselves. This gives me goose bumps!!!

      1. It is awesome how the leaders are willing to put everything they have for everyone’s success! As well as know they have a bias on how the LIFE business is better however, they can really prove how true this business is!

        1. I can’t even imagine what our family would do without having been given the platform for business and personal growth that Orrin has fought for. We all fight for those principles now…..Orrin is on the front line with the flag!.

  151. Someone recently asked me , would I blindly follow Orrin/Claude yourself Dan and the rest of PC? My answer was YES!, anyone can follow someone with 100% of the facts always in front of them but bold Leaders understand that faith is following someone without all the facts. I would seriously say to this point in my leadership journey that with Orrin and the PC I would jump off a cliff for these guys and as crazy as it sounds I figure they would have some sort of plan to rescue me. Thanks for the personal leadership you are displaying Dan, your a Champion.

    1. I just told someone this weekend that I will follow Orrin blindly at a moments notice because I have such a high level of trust and I know Orrin and other PC will explain and help me understand later. Trust says I will act now and understand later. Thanks for becoming a trusting and trusted leader Wayne, I can see you at the PC table already!

      1. Thx Dan, I appreciate what you all do and will enjoy joining you men

        1. Most people would only think this was crazy becasuse they have never had anyone in their lives that built such “Speed of Trust” as you men have in Orrin, Claude and George! That is a testiment to who those men are that you follow

          1. Very true. It’s the time spent together in all of these situations that the bonds of trust are formed. Thank you Dan for all that you do.

            1. This is why we are going to 1 million, building and bonding, this is where the Team excels! Keep learning and leading Jason!

      2. You know better than anyone Dan that Trust was and can still be scary for me, but I too would follow Orrin and Laurie and you and Lisa anywhere. Hearts are right, Christ first, family second, business third. I know God is on our side and with Him for us, who can be against us!

        1. That’s right, Lori!!!!

    2. You both are such great Leaders! Life is full of leaders who put everything up front no matter what the cost, constantly putting others and the truth before your selves. Catherine and I could be in a better place at a better time! Thanks to all the Servant Leadership Orrin has created!!!!!

    3. Kieran and I are with you and Raylene. If you say to believe in and go with Orrin and Claude then that is good enough for us.

      1. We’re with you as well! The amount of progress that can be made when trust is already established is astounding. The Policy Council and Round Table members have proven over and over that they are trustworthy.

  152. Truly amazing the way all Leaders lead in Life! Not worried about what will happen by telling the truth!

    1. The truth will always set you free! Well said Chad!

  153. The truth only hurts those who wish to ignore it or those who are to far gone to know what it ( truth) is any more. Great job Dan

    1. The truth is sweet to the ears

  154. It is awesome to know we are all involved in such a great business with a man who has such integrity and character!
    Fired up!

    1. Amazing, just thinking of the ripple affect that these traits will cause in all our lives!

  155. Thanks for an amazing blog Dan. What a way to put into perspective the challenges that we consider obstacles for us. When compared to this battle we’ve only encountered hurdles!

    1. Orrin is a true leader, out front clearing the path for all of us!

      1. Leaders many times take their teams were they themselves physically haven’t been yet. I love BOLD leaders like Orrin woodward.

        1. Sometimes when I can’t clearly see the vision of my own future, it’s great to be able to see the vision that Orrin and the rest of the LIFE Founders have so clearly laid out for us. That’s leverage!

        2. Glad to be working with someone who has character.


  156. Dan this is a fantastic blog! This certainly gets things out in the open, and the facts known! Thank you for all you do as a member of Team and of the Policy Council. You have developed into a man of steal and velvet! Proud of you and Lisa! God bless

  157. Good insight dan! I’m glad someone has set the truth straight. Maybe now the critics will get their facts correct before speaking. You are an inspiration to all us tradesmen who believe in something more for our lifes. Thanks!

  158. Why is character so missing in today’s world?

    1. I think we found it Wayne! Glad to be part of it with you. Thanks for your leadership.

    2. Great question. Might have something to do with people just focusing on themselves and what might seem easy at the moment but has dire consequences in the long run…Thanks for all that you and the other leaders are doing up in Canada!

  159. man oh man. Am i glad Dan did this step by step walk through of the history of where Orrin started and where and why a lot of lies and deception is thrown our way. This blog is worth the read over and over

  160. Thanks again Dan for clearing the air with truth about such an amazing Leader.. Orrin has proved himself over and over again in the years we have been involved in business with the TEAM, and now with LIFE.

    1. Thanks John, it is amazing when real people share their personal experiences with Orrin and the Team leaders. Truth will always find its way out. Now it is time to reach the masses with this amazing story!

  161. When I first got started working with Team/Life the thing I was most concerned with was the integrity of the leadership, simply because I’ve seen many organizations fail solely on that. Over the last two years I have been impressed at every turn by the character and courage consistently displayed by Orrin, Chris, and the whole Policy Council.

    I had heard pieces of this story but I’m really grateful that it has been laid out so openly. I am proud to be working with these men and women. Red Eagles!

  162. I like what Tim Marks’ wrote, “If someone isn’t attracting criticism, they may not yet be making big enough waves to change the world for the better” He wrote that and referenced your blog here: http://timmarks.com/blog/?p=239

    Thanks for continuing Orrin’s tradition of being a courageous leader. In an age where people can lose hope and becoming victims of nameless, faceless, anonymous bloggers that thrive on negative and distort truth….your article stands as a pillar. It is a pillar that can be easily seen and will serve as a foundation for truth for anyone that’s looking for it.

    1. Love the quote 🙂 Very true. Thank you Dave.

  163. As Ronald Reagan said “Facts are pesky little things”. When truth is revealed by men of character – the facts will speak for themselves. Great article!

    1. Amen, let the truth be heard!

    2. In matters of truth and justice, there is no difference between large and small problems, for issues concerning the treatment of people are all the same.
      Albert Einstein

      1. The treatment of people is everything. Orrin and Laurie care about the newest person in the community. They treat each person with love and grace. They see the greatness in each one of us.

        1. That is so true! I have never met a person that is so far along as the Woodwards in their success journey but yet they are so wanting to get with the newest person in their organizations. Very grounded in their roots they are!

          1. Yes I love to watch them talk to people. You can see that they truly want to get to know the people in the community. They see each one as a person, not as a number. They arent just going thru the motions of making small talk. They truly want to get to know us and look for the greatness in us. They see it long before we see it in ourselves. It’s like our mirror is distorted but they don’t see the distortion. They only see the greatness in us then help us pull the weeds distorting our view of the person God created us to be. Who wouldn’t follow people like that? That is the kind of leader I want to be. A good finder. I too want to help others see the greatness in themselves.

            1. I watched Lori Woodward this past weekend sit at a picnic table with about 4 other ladies listening to them. There was no “going through the motions” with her. She was listening with her whole self.

              1. Diana said the same thing with all other the other leading ladies there this weekend.

  164. The Truth shall be heard! Fired up TEAM/LIFE!!!!

  165. Matt,
    As you know Tammy and I were on the verge of saying no to the best thing that has happened to us. I am so proud of what I represent, I love it when team members state that they would stay involved just because of the information. This really lights my fire to see growth and leadership, I have found my purpose and can not wait for it to be my full time calling. I have never really liked reading and now I can not stop. I never wanted to write now I want to write a book. This is the best opportunity in the world and would not change it for anything.
    As for the past and how effectively and graciously Orrin has endured the criticism and how he fought and lost millions of dollars doing so…Just because it was the right thing to do. I simply can not wait to meet this man and I really feel that this is my destiny. I have taken the time to read the entire court filed complaint that Orrin and others filed. It is very clear from this document that there was a lot of thought and effort put into this process; all because he wanted there to be an opportunity for everyone. How can we not help but be proud to call ourselves followers of the Orrin. He has stood up for what is right even though it has cost him money in the past. He is the true american leader and I am “all in” for our march to a Million people and beyond.
    Eric Rosenow

  166. Thanks Dan, I appreciate a company that wants to help the new person succeed. This explains a lot, and why Orrin, Chris, and the whole Team are on our way to 1 million people! Thanks Orrin for doing what you had to do! Gerry Frey

  167. […] and avoid any potential explosions that can sink our LIFE ship.  The Admirals of this ship, Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady, are the most trustworthy and well-respected leadership minds in the world. […]

  168. Thanks Dan, for demonstrating true leadership by revealing facts, not hearsay!

  169. […] our connection to the LIFE community and the information provided by leaders like Orrin and Laurie Woodward and Dan and Lisa Hawkins, my family has been inspired to grow our faith.  We have begun the […]

  170. Great Post, I am proud to be associated you people like you Dan, and Orrin.

    1. Thank you Eric, the truth will be told and we will go to 1 million lives improved!

  171. Dan, I appreciate your post. I have been in this industry for 30 years. Your post was very accurate from my prospective on what transpired. It is an honor to be associated with a group of men and women who’s “walk” matches their “talk”.

    1. Thank you Terry for standing up and being a true leader of character in this great industry!

    2. Thanks Terry for your perspective. Sounds like you had a front row seat as the truth eventually unfolded.

      1. HERO through and through! WOW! Thank you Orrin and Laurie! Thank you Dan (and Eric) for taking the time and energy to expound on the details. And Thank you to everyone who has already posted! I remember back when we started how disappointed I was to find out that Quixtar was really Amway in sheep’s clothing. I was extremely excited and overjoyed to tender my resignation and get on the REAL path to LIFE and building to a Million people and beyond. I remember feeling the electricity in Freedom Hall in Louisville shortly after the split. Terry, it is great to see a viewpoint from someone who witnessed the whole debacle from another angle. I am so grateful for making that easy decision back in 2007. My whole family life has prospered from the truth that we’ve been listening to, reading, and associating with since that time. And the Mental Fitness Challenge proves it! I certainly would not have had as round a circle prior to joining the Team! Believing is Seeing!
        God, bless us all as we take back our country to the ideals set forth by our founding fathers!

        1. Dave,
          I can understand that frustration personally. I remember being at a seminar in 1994 in St Joseph Mo. It was still Amway at the time and we had just finished watching a video that was Dexter Yeager and other dream building. I can remember crying at the end. Sure, I was young twenty something. However, I felt that is what I wanted but even at that time did not see how it could happen for me. I was a very logical, fact based individual, and the numbers just did not make since to me. How could a twenty five thousand dollar a year flooring installer and a stay at home mom ever afford to replace what we were already buying with those products.
          The dreams eventually faded and life went on, falling back into 95% world. When I was reintroduced or should I say introduced to the business, I was well on my way to being settled and that it was not going to be the “Life I Always Wanted”. Now, armed with the correct information and TEAM support there is a vision of a great future and a life and family changing opportunity awaiting my participation.
          All I can say is as the Nike slogan says “Just Do It”.

          Thanks Orrin and all that fought for the little guy and won!

          Eric Rosenow

  172. This article says it all! It very clearly shows the leader of character and integrity that Orrin is! Anything else is rumor, hearsay and negative propaganda. Thanks for exposing so many people to the truth Dan!

  173. […] a last but not least… a multi-millionaire; yet he’s also been someone who’s a bit controversial and lives on the edge to certain […]

  174. Dan,
    Thank you so much for this article. This information only reaffirms what my wife and I have found since joining LIFE last year. The business model that Orrin has developed and tried to get A/Q to develop is the reason why we are able to be involved and continuosly learn and grow. Thanks to well priced information, we are able to afford the life changing information that is allowing us to dream of the future we are capable of. There is no doubt that this would have been impossible with A/Q’s business model. Thank you to Orrin and the rest of the PC for showing the courage to display character that will change the lives of a million people and beyond

  175. […] and avoid any potential explosions that can sink our LIFE ship.  The Admirals of this ship, Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady, are the most trustworthy and well-respected leadership minds in the world.  […]

  176. Thanks Dan for sharing. Just another confirmation that we are fighting the fight with the right people. Thanks to you and the rest of the PC members there is no doubt that if we all do our part our culture will see a shift for the better. Orrin exemplifies character and integrity.

  177. […] have never claimed to be the sharpest tool in the shed but I believe I can think logically so let me give you some of my thoughts and see if you agree. (That I can think logically, not my […]

  178. […] but in any case I do remember listening to the information. At the time we were associated with another company and working with a different organization other than TEAM. While I won’t go into the details […]

  179. […] 1 : Responsible – Dan and Lisa Hawkins. Taking Responsibility for not only their own success but showing countless others that if you obey […]

  180. […] Who do you have on your team? Are you developing leaders or followers? May the best team win. […]

  181. […] for a promotion or launching a business, many obstacles will come your way; competition, frivolous lawsuits, lack of time, lack of capital……the list goes on and […]

  182. […] is a great story by Dan Hawkins of dream-struggle-victory. The difference here is they did it by helping people. Along with this […]

  183. I don’t know why I’m just now reading this. Thank you for laying it all out for us.

  184. […] in 2007, during a legal dispute over the freedoms of independent contractors, I began studying why freedom is so precious and yet […]

  185. Dan, Thank you very much for laying this out in such a simple, easy to understand way. I have shared this article with every nay-sayer knuckle-headed “friend” and all the other so-called “normal” people who want a better understanding of the whole issue because they happened to take a whole 3o seconds to google Orrin’s name and found “something negative”. Several of the persons reading your blog have started in LIFE prior to reading it. These people come away with a far more solid “YES” and dertimation to build the LIFE business. I certainly did.

  186. Awesome write-up Dan. Great info and insight. Thanks so much for sharing the behind the screens story and truth!!

  187. Thanks for doing this post Dan

  188. Dan, thanks for sharing the back story that led to LIFE. Very inspiring!

  189. […] compensation plan extremely well and am qualified to share on the subject. Recently, a few of the Amway Drones criticized the LIFE compensation plan, even though they have never been involved in LIFE or had […]

  190. […] have suggested an appropriate title for the last five years is Whistleblowers to Reformers. Not necessarily the easiest of assignments. Indeed, the website FAIR: Protecting […]

  191. […] anonymous “tomatoes” has almost become a full-time career for some people. Claude Hamilton and Dan Hawkins both did a great  job this week on their blogs setting the record straight about some of the Amway […]

  192. I’ve commented on this before, but I have to again because if I didn’t absolutely know the Integrity of Orrin, I’d never have the opportunity to change my life for the better!

  193. I have a friend of mine that I deployed with he joined the TEAM a month ago and he is the biggest sceptic I know when it comes to things like this and he talked to me about and invited me and my wife to a seminar with Chris Robins and Chris Doors they explained how it works and I will say I thourualy enjoy the thought of everything about it. My wife and I joined last night with my best friends team and I spoke with Chris Robins and Chris doors and they are both very great people. I am a pretty big sceptic about these things as well I am in the computer field and love my job but I am looking to better myself and my family as a whole. I have seen many things that have talked very bad about Orrin but from this article I think it has made me believe a little more I know what I want in life and what my wife and me want together I honestly think this might be the beginning of it. I will definitely spread the word in my area and make this go as far as humanly possible. Thank for this eye opener to a new world.

    Blessed be to everyone.

  194. […] 4. The truth about Orrin’s history with Amway/Quixtar from LIFE Founder Dan Hawkins: Click HERE. […]

  195. […] I don’t personally know any other man who could have endured what Orrin has gone through and had the grit to stay the course. I’ve seen Orrin with tears in his eyes as we watched our friends suffer personally and financially. I’ve watched his heart break as people whom he had poured his love and energy into would fail to keep their commitments to him, only to see him think upon them with a forgiving heart, knowing that they are just fallen men, as he is. I’ve watched him suffer the sting of terrible lies, and because he holds his character so high he refuses to gossip about the liars. I know people who quite simply are telling lies about Orrin. If Orrin ever decides to go public with all that he knows (and can document) about these slanderous attacks, they will be embarrassingly exposed. UPDATE: Dan Hawkins sets the record straight in a brilliant article, found here. […]

  196. I realize this reply is long past the article being written, but I wanted to thank Dan for posting it. i got to see him and his lovely family at the last major, and it brought me to tears. My wife came to me concerned about all the “scam this/scam that” she saw when simply entering “Life Leadership” into google. I looked into it…at both sides of the argument. Consistently, the people yelling garbage like “cult” or “scam” or “criminal” all came across sounding like nearly illiterate petulant five year olds, whereas those supporting LIFE sounded like decent, reasonable people. That by itself spoke volumes in favor of LIFE. I’ve noticed throughout my life, that when I (or an organization I belong to) is close to achieving something great, is when all the crazies and critics come out of the woodwork. The more lunatics come out and scream and rant against us, the more convinced I become of the greatness that we have to offer. Those ppl can serve whoever they want to, but as to me and MY house, we will serve the Lord.

  197. Dan, you probably don’t know me as I was a nobody in the A/Q business… but I must say this is the most transparent and thorough sharing of what happened to you, Orrin Woodward, Chris Brady and The Team all those years ago… and I can finally find closure to that chapter of my life. Thank you.

  198. Wow Dan, this is one long and informative blog post. I have been a big fan of Orrin Woodward and over the years heard some fair extreme opinions about him from different friends that are involved in MLM. I guess today I find out WHY the sentiments seem so polar extreme. The bigger the leader the more haters there are I guess… Anyway, thank you for the post. I believe everyone who is investigating the Life business (I’m not in it) and Orrin Woodward should read it. Great information.

    1. Orrin Woodward, possibly Amway’s fastest growing leader ever… and then they tried to ruin him for what? Really sad to see what I was apart of with blinders on yet I’m so proud of what the team is up to now. It’s not everyday you see a group of leaders that stand up against the biggest company in the world in our industry and actually proved their point! Proud of you Dan Hawkins, Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady!

  199. Orrin is a hero.

  200. Amway was my first network marketing company back in the day, and I really felt that it was a good business. However, I do agree with many points you mentioned here. A good company still may not be perfect, and I feel so bad about what they did to Orrin. Best of luck to you all!

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