Do you surround yourself with people who bring out your greatness?

I had to share this video and my thoughts from one of my closest friends Steve Leurquin. I was doing my daily reading when I came upon his latest post on friendship and wanted to share another perspective on the same video. Please read Steve’s article as mine will be tied in to his!

In a world where negative and skepticism is king how do people find the courage to bring out their greatness? I love this video because it explains how it is still possible to live your dreams and become a hero. How many people like Jonathan have greatness within but lack the friend and the stage to bring it out!

The LIFE Community is on a quest to offer both! In Orrin Woodward’s book Resolved 13 Resolutions for Life he teaches the principles of friendship. Everyone who takes the Mental Fitness Challenge is being trained to be that friend for the people around them in their community. Along with learning the right information, LIFE offers association on a weekly basis with like minded people who want you to live the life you’ve always wanted!

The LIFE Team offers a stage for you to shine just like this TV show gave Jonathan his chance. The LIFE compensation plan was created to reward those willing to go through the process: learn, do and then teach!

My friend Orrin Woodward is a prime example of this, from engineer to best selling author and leadership expert. Orrin was given friends for encouragement, a system to grow and a stage to showcase his greatness. In response to all of the blessings he has received he and 7 other co-founders created LIFE to offer this to anyone willing to learn and grow! Orrin, just like Jonathan, displayed his character by not running into the sun with his success but sticking to his friends’ side to bring them along for the journey and help them bring out their greatness!

Never again can you say, I wish I had my chance, it is here!

Enjoy this video and I hope you tear up as you see the greatness that is posible in YOU when encouragement, friendship, courage and character meet!

God bless,

Dan Hawkins

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22 thoughts on “Do you surround yourself with people who bring out your greatness?

  1. This was truly something special!!!! Teary eyed and goose bumps all at once!!! WOW the power of friendship!!!

    1. Thank you for sharing Tiara! It is amazing how good it feel to watch potential realized and character displayed!

  2. Dan, as the Mental Fitness Challenge ( roles out across North America and the world, it will be awesome to see the number of ” Jonathans” that are revealed.

    Thanks for your posts, they are very inspiring!

  3. Dan this made our day!! It brought tears to my husband and I and even made our 14 year old pause in amazement!! Thank you for sharing it!!

  4. Never get tired of watching that video! Thanks for sharing some great points!

  5. That was amazing.

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  7. Just read about character out of Orrin’s book “Resolved” today, and what a strong display of that in a critical moment, in the spotlight of impending fame, for Jonathan to say that they came a duo, and only as a duo they’ll move on. In the moment when he realizes he could realize his dreams and find so much acclaim, he shows vibrantly and without hesitation that he could never turn his back on a friend who believed in him and helped him reach his potential. For all he knew, to say “No” to her for his own sake, and sell out on her, could’ve cost him his shot. That’s true courage. Very inspirational.

  8. WOW! fired up! The power of a team! Thanks for sharing and caring enough to share Dan!

  9. Friendship, courage, preparation, character, and a stage to unviel a greatness within not visible at first glance. What an amazing story unfolding. Thank you for sharing and to you as well Dan for leading us by those same examples with your story.

  10. The other night my wife and I put on The Truman Show to look at the setting really. That is a area we want to vacation at in the near future. As I watched the movie through a new lens and mind set the story line pulled me in. Truman had dreams and goals, but the “community” he was in kept trying to discourage him. Once he was determined enough and grabbed onto a dream, not even his fear of open water and tsunami waves could stop him. Makes you ask, do two things, do the people I associate with bring out the best in me and second do I bring out the best in others?

    1. That is a great story Troy!

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  13. Steve Leurquin is not only and amazing leader in LIFE – he is also a fantastic writer. I am so glad that he started writing his blog and love to find articles and videos like this one. Steve and Jamie Leurquin and great examples of what anyone would want to look for in a friend!

    Also, thank you to you guys – Dan and Lisa Hawkins for leading by example and putting other before yourselves. We enjoyed having you guys in Rockford the other other night and look forward to more events like that in Illinois (maybe even a seminar, soon)!! 🙂

  14. That was Great! Thanks for sharing.

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  16. This was the most moving example of encouragement I’ve ever seen. Tears and laughter were happening all at the same time. Thank you for sharing this Dan!

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