Better information for a better LIFE

Sometimes the best ideas are not earth shaking, but when applied properly can change everything! The Mental Fitness Challenge and LIFE materials are designed from people who have proven results in life and want to share the small secrets that make a big difference!

I love the following story because it makes the point, the right ideas applied make a big difference and the right information is worth paying for.

In the early 1900′s, management consultant Ivy Lee visited Charles Schwab, the president of the The Life BusinessBethlehem Steel company (it’s NOT the investments Charles Schwab that you’re probably thinking about :)

Ivy Lee asked Schwab what it would be worth to him if he could raise the productivity of his managers by at least 20%. Schwab said that he didn’t know the exact figure, but it would definitely be worth a substantial amount.

Lee then said that he would teach Schwab a simple time management technique in less than 10 minutes that would raise the productivity of his staff by at least 20%, if not more.

Lee insisted that he didn’t want to be paid up front. After a month of using the technique, Schwab could decide for himself how much it was worth and send him a check.

Schwab agreed without hesitation.

Lee then said, “First, write down all the tasks that you need to do. Then at the start of each day, select the six most important items you want to do that day and rank them in order of priority.

Start working on the first item and don’t stop until you are done or have gone as far as you can.

Then, reprioritize the remaining items based on the reality of the day and start working on the next highest item.

If something comes up during the day, only stop working on your current task if the new item is more important; otherwise just add it to your list.

If you don’t complete all the items on your list, don’t worry, just start again tomorrow in the same way.”

Schwab taught the technique to all his staff. After just one month, he was so impressed with the results that he sent Ivy Lee a check for $25,000, which is about $300,000 in today’s dollars… Not bad for a day’s work! was design by some of the top minds in leadership and success training today. The information in the Mental Fitness Challenge and LIFE subscriptions was built from decades of working with people and helping them improve in all categories of life.

Please read some of the testimonies that the LIFE materials are producing.

What area of life do you want to improve? What tools do you currently have to help you improve your thinking to get better results?

Mental fitness should be your top priority because it affects everything else in your life!

Take the Mental Fitness Challenge today and start living the life you’ve always wanted!

God bless,

Dan Hawkins

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21 thoughts on “Better information for a better LIFE

  1. It’s amazing how little things done consistently over time can completely change your results in life. Thank you for your continued great information and insights Dan!

    1. That is the problem with society today, everyone wants the microwave solution when true success come over time taking small steps in the right direction! The key is knowing which way to step, that is where the Mental Fitness Challenge and LIFE can be a road map! Keep learning and leading!

  2. Just listened to Tim’s CD from the first module this afternoon (regarding integrity vs. character). I still remember my very first day of high school biology. My professor, Myron Duin, told us all to take out our Bibles and look up a passage that talked about the importance of having integrity. While I’m sure a lot of his purpose in doing so was to get across to us that cheating on tests wasn’t ok, I think that was the first lesson I learned in school that seemed to be applicable across the board. Whether it be a prideful flaw or not, I’ve always believed that my parents (with the help of teachers and pastors) raised me to have integrity. My conscience has always been severely harsh with me, and often the thought of wrestling with a nagging conscience was usually enough to keep me out of trouble.

    Fast forward a little more than a decade and I feel like I’ve finally heard “the rest of the story.” Character is just as important as integrity! Simply not doing wrong isn’t enough to change society. Doing the right thing is necessary–always! We can’t stand idly by while the world gets farther and farther away from the Biblical (or Judeo-Christian, as Tim put it) principles that were established at the very beginning. We can’t sit in our own homes, content, even pleased with ourselves for being “good people.” We need to GET OUT of our homes, out of our comfort zones, and into the lives of everyone we know! We need to turn things around; we CAN turn things around. Apply the knowledge, the wisdom, the strength, the integrity, AND the character. People will take notice. Others will join us–millions. And more!

    1. Wow, great comment! Thank you for sharing Jen! We can and will make a difference, the Mental Fitness Challenge is like a boot camp for your brain and the world needs to get our thinking back in shape! Keep learning, leading and serving!

  3. LOVE the testimonials and learn the many areas that people are applying the LIFE products and the MFC process!!

    1. Thank you Chris for providing the life changing information in your books, audios, speaking and blogs! You are impacting so many in a life changing way!

      1. It amazes me how much people will pay (money and time) for bad information in this day but reluctant to pay a fraction of the cost for good information. Mr. Schwab is a great example of paying-investing for good information. Our family loves the great information that LIFE has to offer through the subscriptions and the MFC.
        Steve Leurquin

        1. Thank you for leading by example! You and your family are a shinning example of hungry students applying life changing information! Keep leading, we are going to 1 million!

  4. Thank you Dan and Lisa for all of your guidance and encouragement to John and I. We are embracing the Mental Fitness Challenge and are setting goals in areas of our lives that we have never done before.
    God Bless you Both

    1. Thank you John and Penny for having the courage to look inward and change!

  5. Dan, I love the analogy you make between the LIFE Mental Fitness Challenge ( ) and what Ivy Lee’s time management technique did for Bethlehem Steel. Amazing how doing the “Important” instead of the urgent gives such huge results in life.



    1. It is priceless to get the right information and that is what LIFE and the MFC offer!

      1. I believe that we can turn around the number of people, adults and children that begin to have
        a love for reading. We have a very low literacy rate in America. Technology is such a big
        temptation to always get our attention. We have forgotten that ideas that we read in books
        give us inspiration for new thoughts and inventions and take us into a revival of the mind.
        We have the opportunity to make a difference in the children of America and around the
        world. We can create a desire for reading. I have learned many things over the last decades
        of my life. The biggest lesson is that I am here on this Earth to serve.I love the Mental Fitness
        Challenge. It is stretching my brain.

  6. That story of Ivy Lee & Charles Schwab is so demonstrative of the power of working smart vs just working hard. Some people they believe they don’t have time in their life to learn anything new because they are busy, not realizing that better information in all areas of their life can get them better results….thus freeing up time!

    1. Taking time to learn and grow is the only way to live the life you’ve always wanted! You and Leah are great examples of people who value learning and improving!

  7. The MFC is such a simple process and fits right into the “busy” persons life. It is so easy to put a CD in on my way to and from work. It is much more productive to eat lunch and read to better myself then to sit and listen to the newest gossip. That is what the MFC is all about, encouraging a self-directed positive education! Thank you PC for this amazing enhancement to our lives.

    1. Thank you Cassie for your discipline to improve! That is one of the keys to the LIFE subscriptions and the MFC, making it simple to develop daily disciplines of learning.

  8. Thanks Dan For sharing that story. The principles never change. I know in my life, just focusing on the big things has change my thinking so much, Cant wait to live the live we allways wanted. God Bless

    1. Keep moving forward, you are headed in the right direction! The life you have always wanted is with in reach!

  9. Thank you for the amazing post Dan. Like Ivy Lee in the example, you, Orrin Woodward and the rest of the PC have given us a way to increase our productivity (with regards to self-improvement). With the MFC and Orrin’s book “Resolved” not only have you given us an amazing way to prioritize our tasks, but you have mapped out for us how to optimize our growth.

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