Where will you go by using the Mental Fitness Challenge?

This weekend in Columbus, Ohio the LIFE Founders rolled out the most impressive product to date and added 9 FREE dream vacations you can earn!

The Mental Fitness Challenge is going to help millions of people whip their thinking into shape and help them achieve the life they have always wanted! Here is what best selling author and leadership expert Orrin Woodward has to say about the Mental Fitness Challenge:

It is here – The Mental Fitness Challenge! The official release of the best systematically designed

Mental Fitness Challenge
Take the Challenge now! Start here!

personal development program ever.  I teamed up with NY Times best-selling author Chris Brady to conceptualize and develop a step-by-step process to grow personally from the inside out starting with private achievements, moving onto public achievements, then to leadership achievements, and eventually culminating in a legacy achievement. Anyone reading this who has the mind, heart, and desire to change can now achieve his or her destiny.

The Mental Fitness Challenge is based around my book RESOLVED: 13 Resolutions for LIFE. Each of the resolutions is focused on for one week, leading to a 13-week program designed to inculcate the 13 resolutions mindset into your life. I have never been happier with a personal development product, and I am excited to play a part in helping people fulfill their purposes. What is the life you have always wanted? Isn’t it time to pursue it today? 

Thousands of people have started their Mental Fitness Challenge.   Start yours today!

Part of the fun of the MFC is inviting others to take the challenge with you. We at LIFE have launched an incentive program that rewards people for sharing this challenge with others. We have five steps to getting the life you have always wanted:

1) Take the Mental Fitness Challenge – take the 90 day challenge to learn better thinking and discipline in your life.

2) GET THREE FRIENDS TO TAKE THE MENTAL FITNESS CHALLENGE – Get three friends to take   the challenge and yours is FREE!

3) BECOME A LIFE MEMBER AND GO POWER PLAYER – Special recognition and seating for Power Players

4) Go double Power Player with everyone trip tracking – Go on a paid trip! See LIFE website for details, but we are talking paid trips to Disney, Jamaica, Costa Rica, 7-10 day Cruises,  Hawaii and the list goes on!

5) HELP 3 OTHERS GO ON 2 PAID TRIPS – Job Optional! See LIFE Compensation

You can stop at any step, from taking the challenge all the way to freedom by joining the compensated community and spreading the message with us.

People left the weekend armed to Have Fun, Make Money and Make a Difference in their lives and in the lives of others around them. Join the revolution of improved lives through better information! Learn more about the challenge.  The people in this video did:

We are now a couple weeks into the Mental Fitness Challenge from LIFE! Please share your experiences with the MFC and other products from LIFE!

God bless,

Dan Hawkins

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202 thoughts on “Where will you go by using the Mental Fitness Challenge?

  1. Doing MFC and so excited for the changes we will see in our futures based on our own discipline to grow in the Resolutions, but also the change in the future because so many are taking the MFC at the same time. Demille says, “Don’t underestimate what a small group of committed people can do!” Cannot wait to see the ripple.

    1. Great comments Jammie! We can make a difference one person at a time!

      1. Fired up! I was there and it was a life changer! Can’t wait to watch this go viral as it sweeps the nation with fun and change (in the right direction).

        1. Hey Matt, it is great to have you by my side in the living rooms of America and Canada making a difference!

      2. Matt, the Tuesday night rollout of this went so well because of the efforts of you and your group at the Pewaukee location! Thanks for all that you and the Red Eagles do to serve the Team.

      3. I agree Jammie, Tuesday was incredible, the professional was top notch and it was because of the joint effort of your team.
        Thank you for always serving

    2. We so agree that taking this challenge with other people is key to the added excitement we all share. We are so excited to hear all of the stories everyone will have as to how their lives have been changed.
      God bless
      John and Penny

      1. I think that the changes are already starting to happen. After hearing from Claude and talking with you guys at the rooster after the seminar – wow, you can’t argue the results that are being shared!

      2. Everyone we talk to that has started the challenge is sharing how they are changing. Our niece JoLinn tacked a task at her job this week that she swears is due to the Mental Fitness Challenge. It gave her the courage to try to figure out how this piece of machinery worked and she was able to fix it.

    3. Jammie, I couldn’t agree more! Proud to be running into a very bright future with the friends,leadership, and purpose of the MFC and Life business. Godspeed

      1. We are blessed to have solid leaders leading from the front!

      2. Dido Matt! With out LIFE’s influence (you guys, Dan, Mike) I would never have found the MFC. I’m only on my first few days and already I’ve found new avenues to grow into. FASTER than I could’ve found them otherwise!

    4. The ripple effect is going to blow mimds!

    5. We are getting very excited about the Mental Fitness Challenge from LIFE! We and our best friends are doing this together to help each other be accountable and successful. We are also getting one of our dear friends going through cemo treatments to also take this awesome 90-Day Mental Fitness Challenge.

      1. Wow, that is a touching story! Positive information and association make a huge impact!

    6. I am so fired up and excited about the MFC! Instead of sharing what movie you saw or what resturant you were at last night, we have something so awesome, so powerful to share and truly help change lives. I so agree with you Richard and Jammie…the ripple that can and will change lives!

    7. I agree with you, Jammie. I am so excited to see how the MFC is going to change relationships, families, and communities and then eventually THE WORLD!

    8. This is so amazing, it has been an adventure from the beginning, Team came into our life when Dick was losing his job due to the economic trend, it has been difficult for him after 41 plus years, but the Team and the people are totally awesome – thank you. The new MFC is amazing, not sure I agree with my assessment but I probably do need to work on my attitude. This is going to be life changing – everyone needs this in some part of their life. Thanks, it has been great to part of this and to see where it is headed.

    9. Oh yes absolutely never underestimate us

    10. The MFC is another way to step up the game in personal growth. Having accountability among piers is key and incredibly helpful! We are excited to see how our community will bond and challenge one another through this journey. Many thanks to the Policy Council for hours upon hours and much brain effort to see the BIG picture for us all and give us stepping stones to reach each of our goals and get our dreams!

  2. Dan, this is the biggest launch ever in my community building career and I am so fired up! thanks, Orrin

    1. We are headed to 1 million people working on their Mental Fitness! Thank you for leading the way!

    2. Thank you Orrin and all of the LIFE founders for leading the way. We are so excited to be a part of the Mental Fitness Challenge.

      1. Thanks John for being a leader willing to go out and serve your community!

      2. Penny and I have said it before and will say it again. WE ARE ALL IN!!!!!. You couldn’t pay us to leave this organization and the friends we have locked arms with to help everyone willing to meet us on the 50 yard line.

    3. You have every right to be excited Orrin. On our way to one million, for sure!

      Funny story: When you announced that you were taking the Team to ‘one million’ within 5 years……my then, 12 year old daughter knows the Team attitude on goals and she was upset because she couldn’t sign-on until she was 18….after the 5 year deadline. Her new goal is to BE that one millionth person! She’s got an Edge!

      1. That is fired up! Your kids will no doubt lead the way to millions and millions! Tell her to keep learning, at a million the need for strong leadership is even more important!

      2. That is awesome Robin our now 13 year old Grand daughter has the same feelings. She was so upset when Edge was only one CD a month. Love where we are headed.

    4. Started MFC lastnight. Sat and talked with a friend at a coffee shop as we read the first chapter at the same time. Finally something has come along in life that has a common goal to do what I have desired to do for years, and that is to simple discuss the important aspects of life. That, in itself is worth a lot.

      1. Welcome to the Mental Fitness Challenge! I can not wait to hear your stories of how you apply this information!

      2. Thats awesome Jeff… Using the mfc to improve lives and make an impact!

    5. Orrin, this is one of the most amazing products to come out in a long time. After spending years in the ‘self-improvement’ seminar business, we now have a product that keeps all of us sharp and on fire for LIFE! My wife and I are taking the Mental Fitness Challenge from LIFE with our best friends. We both have kids at a Christain School here in Atlanta were we are also introducing the staff to this awesome 90-Day Mental Fitness Challenge. We are also getting one of our dear friends going through cemo treatments to also take this awesome 90-Day Mental Fitness Challenge.

    6. Orrin and founders, thank you for all you have done to present the Mental Fitness Challenge! It is so amazing to be part of history in the making!

      1. We ditto that Lori, You and Mark are such an amazing couple and we are so Blessed to be in this battle with you. We love your heart to help others.

    7. We have you Orrin and the PC to thank for this opportunity to not only succeed but change millions of lives! You are awesome examples of servant leaders!

    8. Orrin, as soon as I took the pre-test and saw my areas of greatest need, my three weaker areas, I knew that the pre-test is like a Goliath finder. And the MFC equips me to slay each of those Goliaths and move onto the next. Thank you!

      1. Ohh Chrystal . . . that is so good!! And sooo true!

      2. Chrystal, love the “Goliath finder” term! How appropriate! I can’t think of a better way to get honest (even if it seems brutal!) feedback on who I am and appear to be as a person than the MFC! I can ask family members that have known me for my entire life, close friends that I bare my soul to, and acquaintances that likely have yet a different impression of me–and not a single one of them needs to feel worried that I’ll be hurt by their answers because it’s all anonymous! If my Goliath is one thing in my mind and something completely different in theirs, well, then I guess I have a much-needed wake-up call. If the Goliath is the same from both angles, then I can be that much more resolved to make him topple!

    1. Blaine, you are a living example of plan do check apply. You are an amazing student of the Life materials and it is such a blessing to watch you daily become more and more who God created you to be . . . a leader amoung men!

  3. […] founders Orrin Woodward, Chris Brady, George Guzzardo, Bill Lewis, Claude Hamilton, Tim Marks and Dan Hawkins launched a company that would change the face of leadership and personal development. […]

  4. I re-watched your video that you did in Madison prior to the Major, and I love how you said that “you can’t lose here, so you might as well win… it won’t be easy because ‘life happens’, but oh so worth it.” My prayer is that everyone understands that concept.

    1. Sooooo worth it!! You’re gonna work hard either way, you might as well work hard at becoming the best you can be!! Leaving a legacy to our children, grandchildren and greatgrandchildren.

    2. It is beginning to dawn on me, the concept is…but I know that if I fully understood it I would work better with my team and we would all win faster. On our way!

  5. Dan,

    We are up for the Challenge!!

    1. So are we!!!!!!

      1. All in!!

  6. Love the video! The excitement from everyone is at all-time high as dreams do come true.

    1. I can not wait to see what happens as the first wave of people finish the Mental Fitness Challenge and get on the free trips!

      1. It seems that for the first time people finally have hope that they have been looking for. Amazing what a business can do! I can’t wait to share many trips with friends! Thanks so much for thinking of us all while putting these challenges together.

    2. We love seeing the hope in peoples eyes when they start to believe that they can make their dreams come true. Glad to be in this battle with you and Jamie
      John and Pen

      1. The chance to offer people hope is one of the best things about this program, IMO. It’s also a nice variation on church-style small groups or book studies, where often only a few topics are discussed over and over. I’ve participated in those kind of groups most of my life, and ultimately they are like building bridges without all the blueprints: the bridges cannot be finished and no one ever reaches the other side; they just go to a new group and start over from the beginning. This challenge shows people how to finish the bridge and actually get somewhere in their lives.

        1. Great summary of the Challenge groups! We can help so many people with this format, thank you for being a part of the LIFE Team!

  7. Fired up! I was there and it was a life changer! Can’t wait to watch this go viral as it sweeps the nation with fun and change (in the right direction).

    1. The sweep is on and you and Michelle are leading by such awesome example. John and I are so blessed to have you in our lives.
      Thank you for always serving THE TEAM
      God Bless
      John and Pen

    2. The excitement is contagious! It’s like a snow ball rolling down the hill, the more you talk about it, the more excited you get the more momentum and energy you have to achiving your dreams and goals.

    3. Not just a life changer but also a game changer. It’s will be so much fun to watch and be apart of so many people’s eye opening experiences to different life results.

      1. We had some guests at the seminar this past Saturday and watching them get a spark back in their eyes, a spark of hope – was awesome. Funny what a dose of truth and encouragement and an environment of positive people can do for individuals. Getting them in the right environment is huge. That’s what challenge groups will do for so many. Like a plant; if you put it in the garage, in the dark with no water, it will wither and die. But put it in the sun, and water it and it will not only survive – but grow! That’s what the Life materials and challenge groups will do for our community!

      2. It is going to be GREAT!!!

      3. This will not only revolutionize LiFE, but the speed at which we can help others!

        1. That’s for sure, Miriam. Orrin talked about the ability of the challenge groups to help us see where our thinking is at and better be able to access the right tool/information for exactly where we are at I can imagine the years that will be shaved off for some in growth as they can articulate and slay goliaths at a faster rate.

  8. The MFC is going to be the product that takes the world by storm. Its amazing to see people take the self assessment test, and realize the growth that is possible in the 13 resolutions of LIFE. Thanks to Orrin (http://orrinwoodwardblog.com), Claude (http://claude-hamilton.com) and the rest of LIFE founders for developing such a life transforming product!
    Alex Nickerson (http://alexnickersonleadership.com)

  9. I see this MFC as a chance to take our family’s culture to the next level of honor and respect. We are focusing in encouragement and character as individuals with the eye on the prize of greater service to each other on a daily basis. With a 90 day time-frame to mark us, we expect the best summer together yet!
    God bless,
    Leah Stadel

    1. Thanks for sharing Leah, your family is an example for all families to follow! What trip is your family running for?

    2. We are with you Leah. Amazing how we can see other parts of our lives lining up with the MFC. Our pastor preached about the importance of each of us knowing what our personal “Jerusalem” is (referring to Acts 1:8 where Jesus talks about being His witnesses to Jerusalem…and the ends of the earth.) We know part of our challenge is to be a daily witness to each other in our home, with our attitude and conversation especially.

      1. Amen sister!!

      2. That is so awesome Leah, every sunday our Pastor is referencing what we are doing with our life changing information. We are on the right track for sure.
        Love ya

  10. I can’t wait ti start!!!

    1. I know you have been using the LIFE materials for a while now, what is the biggest benefit you have noticed in your life?

      1. The biggest difference I have noticed is how sometimes I just went through the motions of reading. The
        MFC is helping me study what I am reading with a more specific intent.
        Steve Leurquin

        1. That is a great point Steve! It is not about reading but absorbing and applying! Thanks for the great insight!

      2. Learning it’s not about how hard you can hit, but how hard you can GET hit, and keep moving forward (I think that’s also a loose quote from a movie, but you get the idea). Failure is just practice.

      3. My ability to realize I am not limited by my past! That it is in my power to choose what information I listen to, possitive or negative. That I can be a victor not a victim! I choose Life! I choose victor!

        1. Thank you for sharing! Keep growing, learning and leading!

      4. The biggest benefit for John and I has been that we are setting goals in our lives in areas that we didn’t have the courage to address before now. Thank you and Lisa for not giving up on us.

      5. I’ve been able to change my thinking which has allowed me to start setting goals and a game plan. By doing so I’ve lost 65 pounds, began to develop confidence in myself and a self worth, gained excitement towards an actual defined purpose in my life, increased the quality of my relationships, and found multitudes of areas I need to change and grow to become a better person in society but, more importantly, to my fiance and future family through leading with Christ at the forefront.

      6. Oh boy, where do I even begin! The LIFE materials, I believe, is one of the biggest things that God has used to bring me through so much and get me to where I am now and where I am headed. I have definitely become a LIFER through and through. I am always using the principles that I have learned to answer questions and over come obstacles in my life, but I would have to say one of the greatest things that it did was bring truth to me. With all the information that is available out there so many people follow what sounds good, myself included. The only problem with that was I was left with so many gaps and unanswered questions and feeling miserable. However when I heard the truth, the real truth, that the amazing leaders of TEAM so bravely and unselfishly shared with us, I didn’t always like it, but it filled in all those gaps and answered all those questions that I had. Even though it didn’t make me feel better instantly I just kept applying those truths to my life to fix the problems and over come the depression. I am forever thankful for the TEAM and LIFE! Thank you soooo much!

      7. The areas that I need to work on are so much clearer now! So now I can grow even faster!

    2. Okay so I took my test finally!!!! It was fun! Seeing the Circle of Life Diagram will help me focus on the areas I need to work on!! Love it!! If you didn’t take the MFC test yet, what are you waiting for???

      1. I am working on my areas that need work. I am so thankful that God had LIFE in my plan.

      2. It is awesome to be part of a community like TEAM. I look forward to my changes that are coming do to the system.

        1. Wisdom from Above

          James 3:13 Who among you is wise and understanding? Let him show by his good behavior his deeds in the gentleness of wisdom. 14 But if you have bitter jealousy and selfish ambition in your heart, do not be arrogant and so lie against the truth. 15 This wisdom is not that which comes down from above, but is earthly, natural, demonic. 16 For where jealousy and selfish ambition exist, there is disorder and every evil thing. 17 But the wisdom from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, reasonable, full of mercy and good fruits, unwavering, without hypocrisy. 18 And the seed whose fruit is righteousness is sown in peace by those who make peace.

          Focus on your God-given purpose, produce good fruits. Don’t settle for natural earthly mediocrity.


      3. I’m excited to see how my test matches up with the 360 feedback!

  11. After spending a little time with Mental Fitness Challenge Dan, I’m so impressed by it. It is such a great deal and we’re doing a dis-service to everyone we don’t talk to about it. All the materials in the MFC, the books and CDs, would cost the same individually as does the bundle. However, on top of that is dedicated web site, the assessments, the ability to invite and track with partners, and all the videos that get delivered to you and stored to review later. Added in is if three friends do it with you it’s free. The only real problem I see with this product is the name…it should be called ‘intelligence test’ because it’s not very smart to not get one.

    The quality of the information and the type of information packed together in the MFC is unmatched. There is no place where an average person can get tweaks in their thinking towards success like is found in the MFC. Taking the challenge is truly the best way to start living the life you’ve always wanted to live.

    1. Wow, well said, there is so much value in this program! Thank you for getting out and sharing this information with the world, you are making a difference!

      What trip is your family running for?

      1. I’m a little surprised the kids aren’t as excited about a Disney trip as I thought they would be so we may be headed on a cruise. Getting all seven of us on the same page with a trip
        all seven of us can go on is a great challenge to have!

      2. The difference is being made, we can see the difference in so many people’s kids who are learning through the Life material. Thanks Dave and Leah for your example.

      3. My son said (regarding the Oasis of the Sea), “that ship is amazing!” followed up with, but I still want to go to Mount Olympus for my birthday. lol

      4. We’ll be going on the Oasis of the Seas cruise, have you checked out the YouTube video on that yet? Amazing!!!

      5. Right now I’m thinking Hawaii! How can you pass up a helicopter ride! and just the pool area in that place is incredible! I can’t believe the quality of trips they’re sending us on! they’re like celebrity trips!!!

  12. I look forward so much to the first batch of people coming back from their free trips! Imagine the family that never had or would have the chance to ever afford something like that. Now they can take their family on a dream vacation!
    In our third week of the MFC we are enjoying the challenge!
    Steve Leurquin

    1. The stories will be legend! Steve thank you for being such an incredible servant to your community!

      1. Being at a Life seminar this past weekend it is amazing how much this organization practices what they preach. The servant attitudes I saw and how much they help each other will be a great example for this world. Steve

    2. Thanks for setting the pace and being an inspirational example for us all to follow Steve. The trips we take with our families will be amazing! Oh, the places we’ll go…

  13. We love how the Mental Fitness challenge helps keep everyone on track with accountability. We also love that you can set goals in every area of your life and the challenge will facilitate that and the tracking sheets are so simple. We are sharing this information with all walks of life and are so confident that lives will be changed throughout the country.
    God Bless and Thank you and Lisa for always serving and Leading the way
    Love John and Penny

    1. So…..what kind of goals are you setting John?

      1. Hey Steve, I won’t answer for John, but I will say that I am so Blessed to be married to a Man who is willing to grow and change to set the example for his family. He is amazing and I love that he has guys like you, Dan and Richard to hang with.

      2. Hey Steve, sorry for delay… I have business goals, family goals as well as personal goals that I am working toward. With you, Dan and Richard in our corner as examples (in conjunction with the MFC) I believe they can be accomplished. If you want specifics, we can talk privately.

    2. I too love the goal setting John! Have always needed help in that area and the Mental Fitness Challenge is helping with just that!! Thank you for your leadership, you and Penny are great examples for Jim & I. GOD BLESS Kim

      1. We are so proud of you and Jim for taking on this challenge and we know God has such huge plans for your lives. We can’t wait til we are traveling the Beaches of the world with the Two of you.

    3. Who know Penny and John that ours lives would bring us back together in this amazing journey!! So proud to be your crossline cousins!! Thank you for all you do to encourage others to be all they can be.

      1. God had a plan for both of us in those Bible studies years ago. Little did we know how our prayers were going to be answered.
        Love ya

    4. I love the the goal setting….and hope to get better at goal hitting! The accountability piece is such a great component. Thanks continuing to lead and inspire others John

      1. Amen brother! I am also excited to get better at goal hitting, and am using the “elephant” piece form the MFC to visualize how it feels to do what I said I was gonna do. To follow thru on my word to myself and build trust with myself. Awesome!

  14. Jim & I have had a great time with the Mental Fitness Challenge, learning and growing, taking notes and sitting with each other listening to the CDs. I am learning more about myself than I ever thought possible. Looking forward to it everyday. We are sharing this information with as many as we can and telling them of our experiences with it so far. Thank you to Orrin and all the PC for what you have done and will do with this Mental Fitness Challange, changing lifes one at a time to change this country. GOD BLESS. Love Kim

    1. This is incredible, couples learning and growing together!

      1. Kim that is such a far cry from the Kim we first met a few years ago. It is proof that anyone can come in this business and take the challenge to help change any area of their lives. You and jim are doing a great job leading your team.

  15. Our son Terrel (6) said he thinks more people will hit more of their goals without even realizing it with the mental fitness challenge because if you are thinking about it, reading about it and listening about it pretty soon it will become a part of what you do and then when the time is up you will be there 🙂

    Our family has a big goal!

    1. That is amazing insight from a 6 year old! Our future generations now have a chance with this information!

    2. That is so amazing, you can tell that he has been involved in this environment for awhile. I can’t wait till all children think that way, can you imagine what our country would like when they become adults.

    3. Hey Jammie,
      Your son, Terrel, sounds very wise for his age. That is awesome. That must be a product of all the amazing information you have been exposed to through this business. I am excited for the next generation of kids who are getting the correct information. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Dan and Lisa,
    I wanted to say thank you for your dedication, inspiration and grace. I fell so blessed to be part of your team.

    1. Thank you for the kind words! We love this group of people and you and your family are making such an impact!

  17. @davestadel, my thoughts exactly! In addition to that, I would also add that being able to share the most valuable part of any business venture I’ve been a part of (being the success/personal/business training) AS the business shared by the compensated community is something I’ve always wanted. After my initial exposure to the types of materials and programs LIFE has to offer, my question was, “How do you share THIS without the other fluff?” This carried the real value; this was the REAL business.

    I honestly cannot think of a single person that I wouldn’t ask the question of, “Are you living the life you’ve always wanted?” In any area of faith, family, finance, fitness, freedom, friends, fun, and following no one has it all figured out, and everyone can honestly benefit in one way or another from the information. Finding who’s hungry to grow and who’s not couldn’t be simpler. Moving past that, being able to filter the level of interest people might have right up to being a partner in the compensated community is such a natural progression. No one is going lose, wherever they’re at, because everyone is going to get exactly what they want out of LIFE.

    Looking at the MFC, the system that has been assembled is second to none. Looking more specifically at the technical aspect, I was working on another project that required something similar to what the challenge has created in terms of content delivery. Automated emails to participants, the content and resources on the web, accountability built in, precise tracking through your own MFC number … it’s all been done first class and is very highly polished. In fact, I shared the content with the IT professional I was working with, and his jaw dropped. He even asked if I had access to the back end of the pages so he could see HOW it was done! Truly top-notch.

    All in all, not bad… not bad at all. I’ve never been more excited about how I can shape my future!

    1. Thank you for that great summary! The best way to help people see the value in the MFC is to change ourselves and let our example inspire change in others!

    2. Great comments Kurt. I like how you pointed out how well the MFC website was done. To have access to it with purchase of the kit a major bonus! Looking forward to hearing about the trips you and Jess will be taking!

      1. I have Disney on the brain!

      2. It is exciting to hear your thoughts, Kurt. Can’t wait to hear more from you.

  18. The MFC is already proving to have results in my life. I challenge everyone to get the Life they have always wanted. It in reach with this challenge!

    1. I love how fast the right information can make a difference!

  19. I am really excited to see the results of people being challenged in a positive way. It’s not a common occurrence in today’s world. To have a challenge that exercises your your brain in a positive direction can only get you closer to the life you always wanted.


    1. It is truly amazing the the Result that can happen in your life when you become dedicated to Reading & Listening to this information

      1. The key words are becoming “dedicated” to the process. You are a great example of doing what it takes to get better!

      2. Focus, consistancy, disapline and dedication. The MFC will help me in all these areas and more!

    2. Hey Richard,
      I just finished reading “Attitude is Everything” and am shocked at how this truly does affect every day life for everyone. I am so glad that I was able to learn so much from just that little book. What we think about the most is what we are attracted too. After thinking about this, I have had some major stinking thinking lately. But, no more…I have my eyes opened and are ready to take on what my life has in store for me!

  20. I am so impressed with my kids! They have decided to delay Disney gratification and work for the second Disney trip, rather than take the first one. The face they love the Oasis of the Sea helps.
    My wife and I are totally loving the MFC! I’m discovering things about myself that I can’t believe I missed for so long.

    1. I love to hear families that are buying in together and running for their dreams! How many companies have a product that involves the whole family striving to get better! Thank you for your courage!

  21. The MFC is awesome, so easy to use, you sign in to your website, read 15 min. and listen to at least 2 cds a day! I keep over shooting my goal and reading and listening to more, this is some great information out there. Can’t wait to hear about the first person to go on a trip and get my turn with my community!!!!

    1. Being simple is key to creating the right habits!

    2. You and Bob will definitely get your turn at picking your trip. Where are you going? And more importantly can John and I come? Orrin has always said we needed to find the 95% window. Keeping it simple is key.

  22. The MFC is so easy to follow, everyone should give it a try getting to do a free trial for 7 days to tell people about was neat to see what new people will be able to learn in just 7 days.

  23. I’m really looking forward to the Challenge groups – after listening to Jill Guzzardo and how their groups are interacting with each other: learning, questioning and sharing of how the information has improved their lives – it is so exciting to know that the information really does change lives.

    1. The small groups are going to be great! We can all learn from each other when we discuss how we are applying what we are learning!

      1. The small groups will be great! I was so disappointed when our church segregated its Sunday adult bible study groups into age groups. I.e.; college aged, young married, empty nesters, etc. I feel we can learn so much from each other. Young from the experienced and the experienced from the young! What a treasure this will be for everyone involved!

      2. Went to my first one last week! Incredible!

    2. I agree Jills talk was so amazing, it gave us a glimpse at what to expect in our challenge groups. Can’t wait til tomorrow for our first one.

    3. I can’t wait I love being able to share and having the hope to either be touched or touch someone with any of my experiences.

    4. I couldn’t agree with Gloria more…..this personal development information changes lives through teaching life skills in the area of money management, parenting, becoming a better spouse (saving marriages), goal setting & how to have healthy relationships.

  24. Dan
    It’s so great to be able to “connect” with you through the blog everyday! Several of our new LIFE members were there to hear the Hamiliton’s on Saturday,, got the MFC and were fired up! Received some really great texts on the way home! Thanks again for all you and Lisa

    1. Thank you Rita for going out and making a difference! Only through thousand off people like yourself can we make change the lives of millions!

  25. I just want to say how excited I am about the MFC!! We all know how much more effect goal setting is when you are accountable to someone, but how often are we willing to do that with any area of our lives? For me, there were very few times I truly allowed that to happen. With the MFC, you are accountable to yourself, the computer, and others if you want. There is no hiding from your results with this program! I love that!!!!
    Thanks to the founders for rolling out something that can truly help every person in every area of life!

    1. This is one of the coolest features of the MFC! Feedback and accountability, but it takes courage to use those tools so I am proud of you for putting yourself out there to get better!

      1. I love the encouragement that comes with the accountability partners. Daily reinforcing the positive peer pressure to make those small improvements that will have a lasting effect.

      2. The feedback can be a scary thing! Taking feedback and using it to make oneself better is a powerful tool for someone who wants to make a positive change and be a leader.

      3. I couldn’t agree with Dan more, You and Jeremy have exhibited courage in Leading a Team through some rough spots. You have a lot of team mates looking up to you. Keep growing and Learning.

      4. I need accountability to keep going strong!

  26. We are all doing the Mental Fitness Challenge as a family! It is amazing what happens when the topics of family discussions revolve around the 13 Resolved topics. We had an incredible talk about purpose the other day and I love that our kids are striving to find their purpose and make a difference!

    1. It all starts with Purpose, if we don’t have that what’s the point. Teaching our Grandkids that is so fun. I am amazed when we focus on such positive resolutions, we are really sensitive to any negative around us. It totally comes back the the greatest little book, “Attitude is Everything. “

    2. We’re including only Maddie so far but you’ve got me thinking about how we can use this as a family. You and Dan are leading the way as usual!

    3. That is an awesome idea going to get my kids involved starting today!

    4. MFC aside, just having LIFE introduced to me a month or so ago has made a huge impact in my life and the way I view the world. It’s also made a huge difference in the way people view me. My wife and I were almost divorced and have been separated for a year and a half and now we are working things out. Can’t wait to see what the MFC brings to my life and the lives of all those with whom I share it.

      1. McCoy,
        WOW, this is powerful! I am SO thankful that you were introduced to the LIFE information before your divorce happened. What a huge blessing to see that you and your wife are working things out and know that there is different information out there that can encourage you too! Great job not giving up on your marriage and pushing forward even though things were tough! I know great things are going to continue to happen because you are in great hands!

    5. I think I see the most results so far in my exchanges with my kids….its amazing how u can say the same things u have always said but with a different attitude and slightly different wording that u learn thru TEAM and it comes across so much better. More positive influence and more positive results and we will all be better people…Yah! For the vehicle to get me where I am going in my relationships with my children!

    6. That’s awesome, Lisa. I am working on involving my kids ages 2 and 5 so they can motivate me to push on to reach our goals! Thanks for being a great example to all of us.

  27. We have set individual fitness goals that we’re a week into and going strong with the proper daily habits. Also after becoming debt free and building our savings we became a little lax with our discipline so we’ve set some new giving and savings goals since hitting the last ones:) and are looking forward working towards those and beyound! Listening to the maximize your finances pack and the other CDs on finances from the LIFE & LLR subscriptions helps to keep me focused.

  28. MFC in FULL effect! It’s amazing the difference it makes when you listen with intention vs just listen! I was listening to CD’s with Excellent content and while they were helpful to a degree, there was no comparison when I RE-LISTENED after my MFC evaluation and game plan with specific intentions to improve specific areas of my life! It was as if I was hearing the information for the first time and gleaning all kinds of new insights and this was just CD1 of the First Module of the MFC! A CD from Orrin that I had listened to before but without a clear and direct intention! This Mental Fitness Challenge is a Complete 180 shift in perspective and I absolutely believe that people who take it seriously and finish the 90 day challenge, will definitely be on their way to the LIFE they have always wanted to LIVE!

    1. Thank you for sharing Chris, I love how you explain learning with specific intention vs just listening! We are on the way to helping millions live the life they have always wanted! Keep leading!

    2. Great comments Chris. If becoming more intentional was the only lesson we could learn through the challenge it would be worth it, but, picking up more nuggets from the reading and listening because of the intentionality is a real difference maker. I also see the MFC as a foundation for doing a 180 into a new direction..living the life you always wanted! Thanks for sharing your insight.

  29. This has been a month to remember!!! The MFC is so different for people due to you are creating a slight edge that most people will never experience!!!

    Amy Christian

    1. Isn’t that the trick, showing people that they are worthy of attaining the Life they have always wanted. Society has beaten so many down so far that we are fighting an uphill battle. We are up for the challenge and know that you and Brian have our backs.
      Love ya

  30. We are doing the MFC here in VA with the Oswald’s and a fired up new LIFE member, Nathan Hansen. There has been so much growth just within the last week with this group of dedicated young adults. The excitement is through the roof and with contacting being as easy as, “hey have you heard of the mental fitness challenge?” the sky’s the limit. We are all honored to be involved with an organization that is committed to such a high level of excellence. Team 10 to 1 million!

    1. Thank you for your comments! I love the contact have you ever heard of the Mental Fitness Challenge! I do have a feeling that will only work for about a year because we are going to millions! Keep rockin in VA!

      1. Dan- We would be more than okay with having to find a new way to contact after a year with the those results.

      2. VA!!! WOHOOOO!! Little platoons leading to 1,000,000 people!

  31. It’s awesome how quickly the self-assesment test can identify areas in which I knew I really had issues. It’s awesome to see them on paper, and be able to target them effectively through concentrated effort. Through all the LIFE materials, and this MFC in particular, it’s amazing how my family can sit around and discuss things that really matter. I’m glad to be able to actually realistically target my strengths and areas for growth!

    1. We are so proud of you Shannon!! Working with you and your wonderful family has been a true blessing of this community!!

  32. Being a LIFE member for a while now, the information and the new MFC has made such a difference in my life. Instead of aimlesslty doing tasks, I find myself wondering why I do them the way I do and if I can improve my methods to become better, more efficient, or more effective. Also, now having actually set goals to achieve, I realize more and more quickly if I’m breaking a discipline or continuing a bad habit that sets me back and I correct it. The leadership and friendships we have been blessed with through all the PC’s and all the leaders of Team Stealth(although I’m partial to the Mielke’s, Schilling’s, and Meinel’s because I get the immense blessing of working specifically with them) has had such an impact; it’s life changing and priceless. Thank you for leading by example, continually encouraging me to discover God’s greatness within myself, and teaching us all that you do. Leadership and the MFC is going to turn the tide for Freedom and create a legacy for America to be proud of again!

    1. You and Ashley make it so easy to be excited to serve!

    2. WOW great comment Nate! Proud to be creating that legacy with you

  33. I will be living the life I have always wanted! We are going to disney with some great friends for free! All because we help people improve their lives! TEAM STEALTH TO 1 MILLION!

  34. Hey Dan, could you clarify for people that they DON’T have to be into the MFC to partake in the challenge groups tomorrow night! I think that once they experience the group; however, they will be more apt to take the challenge… It’s that good, but the groups are open to anybody who wants to take a peak at just what’s going on!

    1. That’s a great point John, anyone can do the Challenge Groups!

      1. Looking forward to the Challenge Group tonight. Going to be lots of iron sharpening iron!

  35. As we infiltrate the inner city of Milwaukee, WI with this life changing personal and leadership development information a transformation has surely begun. The tip of the iceburg has appeared and in addtion to the personal victories the mental fitness challenge will bring will come a revitalization of a culture and city which is a dire need of this community. Thanks TEAM – LIFE

    1. Domonique……you keep finding the leaders in Milwaukee….the MFC will build them, the Team will unite them, and the City will celebrate them as the people who really did care. You are the rock, the foundation….keep growing and making every one feel like a million bucks! The hunger for a product like the MFC is greater than ever!

    2. Your purpose is so clear and victory is so near. Keep growing and leading Domonique!

    3. Dominique
      Lead the way! Your team and this community will be with you all of the way to see the dramatic changes we all are praying for in Milwaukee! FIRED UP!!

  36. Chad and I are definately trip tracking and we showed our 9month baby the video of the oasis of the seas cruise. She was so excited. So I guess that what trip we are going on.

    1. That ship is HUUUGE!

  37. We are so fired up!!! Whoooop! Whoop! The information in the book” Resolved” is absolutely awesome!!! We are also excited with what we are learning about ourselves, and how we can find our true purpose to do what the Lord has in store for us! We know with this challenge, through the books and CD’s, as well as the videos, and other tools, we will be able to become great leaders in this business ad well as in our lives!

  38. I am so excited that this information is available for the public. I can’t wait to get started. Just keep the great information coming.

  39. Friends,

    For those who pursue greatness, with a strong sense of curiosity, the MFC will serve as an excellent vehicle in (1) developing personal humility, and (2) be foundational in applying professional will… in short, all-round pivotal cornerstone concepts in leadership development.

    We, indeed stand on the shoulders of giant’s… priceless epitome for cents on the dollar.

    Count your blessings and serve!

    1. Couldn’t have said it better.

  40. The MFC has been a blast so far! I love the way it’s laid out, step by step. No guessing on what your focusing on for the week. Shooting for the brain equivalent of six pack abs!

    1. Focused mental improvement, I love it!

  41. I love the MFC! It opens the door for personal growth in the critical areas of LIFE! I love the accountability partners as well as the anonymous assessments. To have people you invite assess YOU,anonymously, is KEY in helping one truly accomplish their goals. Its one thing to get your own opinion of yourself, but to get other’s HONEST opinions, that’s awesome! MFC ALL THE WAY!

  42. Wow! This MFC combined with Challenge Groups are game-changers—totally agree! I am hoping to develop into a person who is using more of his potential than I am currently using—like 10 percent! I just took the self-assessment, and wow—I was actually surprised by what it said my strengths were (I didn’t know my own strength syndrome)— and not surprised by what my weaknesses are, and knowing that I am managing, growing and working on my main weaknesses with vigilance now. Also, re-read the Purpose chapter of Resolved to prepare for tomorrow.

    I am almost jumping out of my skin I am so excited for the first Challenge Group to start tomorrow and I just can’t even wait to hear the discussions, which I already expect to be so insightful and heartfelt and value-added.

    I think this is a going to be a great way for us to bond with our teams better, in an intimate setting. And I am looking forward to being a better friend to so many wonderful people and adding value to their lives in any way I can. Maybe helping others unveil a little bit about their strengths and future victories that no one has shared with them before.

    1. Just think, because of the leadership info and the leadership you displayed, you got a job. Just think what you can do with this refined growth package!

  43. Sat down and did my self-assessment this morning. Ugh and Yea! It’s sometimes hard to see in black and white what I already knew, but great to get the confirmation and have a vehicle to change many, many years of bad habits. If you are 20 something, or 30 something or even 40 something, DON’T WAIT to take ahold of this information and make the changes now! It’s much easier to “change the grooves” before they go deep into who you “thought” you were. Changing those “grooves” is hard work, but the thought of what the change will bring is so worth it. I keep seeing Orrin during his last talk of Leadership when he was talking about “getting to LIFE Island”. We will someday be able to take helicopters, our own boats, jets, who knows? But right now……we have to swim like you know what to get there. It’s really hard some days, but IT WILL BE WORTH IT!

  44. The Mental Fitness Challenge is the most comprehensive step by step process for personal development that I have ever see. Combine that with a brilliant simplicity for implementation and and you have a winning combination to help many achieve the goals they’ve always desired but were never able to see it through. Try it with challenge partners and you will see results!

    1. Thank you for sharing Richard, I know you are out sharing this blessing with others and making a difference! Keep leading, we are going to 1 million!

  45. Understanding that the MFC provides us with a simple means to evalaute our lives and the information to help us find our purpose, our priorities and our direction again is so enlightening. Combining the MFC with the outstanding LLR, LIFE, AGO and Edge series is helping myself and my family put the right perspective back in our lives. THANKS!!!!

    1. Ron, you’re exactly right. The MFC offers something that EVERYONE can use and, combined with all the subscriptions we have to offer, we’re on our way to making the difference this country needs. Oliver DeMille was right, a small group of committed people can lead us to a freedom shift!

      1. Heather,
        The small groups have always been a key to building communities in the Team environment, now we have just made it bigger part of what we do. This past Tuesday’s challenge group was awesome!

  46. I think the Mental Fitness Challenge is so professional. Any teacher is going to be all excited about an
    Assessment Test. That is what teaching revolves around when it is done “right”. When we have a
    starting point and areas that have been targeted as strengths and weaknesses then we know where
    we are going. MFC has gotten me excited to give this Challenge to everyone. People like taking it
    and usually agree that the results are correct. I am being Challenged to be more purposeful in
    reading and listening. I love all the CDs in the Mental Fitness Challenge. LIFE is where everyone
    is going to want to be. Thanks Dan and Lisa for the amazing leaders you are and Mark and Lori.

  47. […] are excellent leaders individually, but combined they are the best! With the recent release of theMental Fitness Challenge, the rest of the leadership field is learning of the world-class materials offered through the […]

  48. All I can say is that my life has, and continues to be, changed on a daily basis due to the information made available to me through LIFE and the association I have with courageous, character-based leaders in the LIFE Communities. LIFE, the MFC and whatever comes down the road from the LIFE Policy Counsel will change millions of lives and countries for the better.

    1. Well said Dave! Proud to be on this journey with you!

  49. […] small formula is causing success or failure in your life. The 90 Mental Fitness Challenge was developed to challenge your thinking and give you new information. New information leads to new […]

  50. MFC is going viral!

    1. Viral – I will send my first 8 MFC to South Africa tomorrow!

      1. Fired up! Great job!

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