Will you take the challenge?

The 90 Day Mental Fitness Challenge is here!!! Watch this short video and then take the challenge, it just might lead to the life you’ve always wanted!

Available Monday April 30th! Click here to learn more about the Mental Fitness Challenge and start right away!

God Bless

Dan Hawkins

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21 thoughts on “Will you take the challenge?

  1. Got my challenge and ready to start tomorrow! Jamie and I can not wait!
    Steve Leurquin

  2. So excited to have our Mental Fitness Challenge in our hands to begin. This is cutting edge material that leads you to the life you’ve always wanted. The journey begins today, cannot wait!

    1. This will be the most life changing year yet! Have fun, make money and make a difference!

  3. There are so many people ready to begin this with us today. Looking forward to the changed lives through the Mental Fitness Challenge over the next 90 days and beyond!

    1. We are so proud of your leadership! What is the biggest thing you are looking to improve over the next 90 days?

  4. My wife and I are so excited to start our Mental Fitness Challenge. What a blessing to be associated with such an amazing, life changing group of leaders.


  6. The MFC is going to revolutionize personal education and leadership development! I attended 4 private Christian high schools and 3 colleges and never have I been so eager to study! Where else can you help your friends go to Disney for free?

  7. I’m so excited to dive into the Mental Fitness Challenge brain first! Who’s with me?

    1. Have fun, make money, and make a difference! The MFC will change lives across the world!

  8. MFC is going to change the face of personal and leadership development! Just imagine the lives that will be changed in the next 90 days coming into Milwaukee (not only within the team but those we haven’t even met yet). Love that what we do involves blessing people’s lives while we strive for excellence in our own! Thanks for a phenomenal weekend Dan!

    1. Thank you for going RT and inspiring so many! Continue leading you are making a difference!

  9. From my entire family, thanks for your leadership Dan! MFC has the potential to change the world. I am committed to see it through.

    1. Keep leading the way Kevin, you are making a difference!

  10. Do you hear that? It sounds like a difference is being made.. 🙂

    Thank you so much Dan for all you do; best major EVER! LIFE changing!!
    Let’s roll!!!!!


    1. Thanks Tom, go out and pay it forward! I can’t wait until we pack the house in Milwaukee!

  11. We are so blessed to have such great leaders who have shared such wealth of knowledge, wisdom and amongst all hope. The MFC is an ingenious way to get people immediately on the path to become noble leaders in a struggling society.

    Thank you Dan for your inspiration and leadership. May God bless.

  12. Ami and I want to thank you and the rest of the founders for your leadership .My brain is still hurting from thinking about how the MFC is going to change everything about we do. (change lives).I know being associated with leaders like yourself and others has definately changed mine.I can’t wait to start the challenge. one million!!

  13. This information has improved every area of our lives! Take the Mental Fitness Challenge you will surprise yourself!

  14. The MFC is going to create habits in peoples lives to live the life they alway

    1. To live! the life they always wamted

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