Leaders in LIFE on the move!

Wow, LIFE is exploding! We have some more recognition to give out today to a couple that is building the-life-business right!

Dave and Leah Stadel have moved on to the Turbo 50 level using the-team.biz training system, and are at the Leader level in the life compensation plan! Dave and Leah have proven to be solid leaders taking their community in the right direction. This recognition is a measure of how many people you are helping succeed in LIFE! The LIFE business offers world class information in the form of audios, books and events. The Turbo 50 level is a measurement of how many people you have coming to a LIFE event to learn. This is a significant level to hit because you are leading over 100 people to life changing information and association.Dave and Leah

The Stadels have been in the home based business industry for a number of years working hard but not seeing the fruit of their labor. Now that they have joined LIFE and use the-team.biz training system they are hitting levels far above anything they have achieved in the past. This is a prime example of a couple who had the will and hunger to win but were lacking the right vehicle.

Dave and Leah are quickly becoming some of the top leaders in the Team STEALTH organization and making an impact though out the country!

Congratulations Dave and Leah for deciding to move on and live the life you have always wanted!

God bless,

Dan Hawkins

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4 thoughts on “Leaders in LIFE on the move!

  1. Dave and Leah are a great couple for many to follow. Jamie and I appreciate them for what they bring to the entire Team Stealth Community.
    Steve Leurquin

  2. Dave and Leah are amazing leaders, amazing people, and great examples of parenthood!! Krista and I feel so lucky to be associated with them.

  3. Congrats you two. Keep leading the way.

  4. Dave and Leah captured our hearts the very first time we met them. They “wear their heart on their sleeve” for sure. They got in the business of helping people which is a perfect fit for them. Their example inspires people around them to be better. As Orrin Woodward once stated; “Let your actions speak so loud, that people hardly hear what you’re saying”……….. That’s what the Stadel’s do! Congratulations, Dave & Leah!!!

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