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Steve and Kelli Sager are moving on in LIFE using system!  This couple was highlighted on my blog just a few months ago for hitting turbo 25, now they have just achieved the turbo 50 level!(Two groups of people of at least 50 each attending a monthly seminar) More than doubling their numbers in a couple month period and helping many other go turbo 10 in the process. We are blessed to have Steve and Kelli as one of the leaders on Team STEALTH! Here is a great article from Steve Leurquin sharing this couples story.

God bless,

Dan Hawkins

LIFE Success Story


Steve and KelliSteve and Kelli Sager were introduced to LIFE several years ago and were skeptical. Although they didn’t know it, they were not skeptical to whatLIFE offered them, they were unhappy“living the dream” and having no results to show for it. Working hard their whole lives, Steve as a police officer and Kelli a factory worker, they were hounded with debt, time starved, and relationship stressed and were feeling there had to be more to life.

Looking for a better way to make ends meet Steve started to explore other options like going into real estate. During that same time he was introduced to Life-Team through a friend, meeting Gary Severson and although skeptical, the information spoke too much truth. “I was tired of hitting my head against a brick and found this was a good way to stop the pain” Steve said.

Having no security in their jobs, they were living pay check to pay check and just could not get ahead in the drowning pool of debt. Steve and Kelli thought they had done everything they were supposed to do and yet they found themselves stressed out with life.

Using the Team system of success principles they began to leverage their discretionary time to building their business to the first of many notable levels. This past weekend Steve and Kelli celebrated a huge level in Life-Team. They are now being rewarded for their determination, courage, and their tireless effort to helping others. Financially they have witled down a 6+ debt figure to almost nonexhistent and they are putting some final things in place for Kelli’s freedom day! When I asked Steve about other victories they have attained through LIFE he was quick to point their better marriage, coming to faith, and their much improved relationship with their kids.

They are now leading a large community. With their constant learning to grow in the8F’s, many people now come to them for help because they see so much strength in areas that used to be weaknesses.

In a world were many are complaining about their situations but not willing to do anything about it, we solute Steve and Kelli for creating a path for others to follow. Rather than living a life of existence, they are now living a life of purpose.

Enjoy the journey, Steve Leurquin

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  1. Steve & Kelli Sager are our Life Coaches. They are truly amazing people who walk the walk. They have taught us so many valuable life lessons, and we are blessed beyond comprehension that God has graced us with their presence in our lives. Congratulations on your successes, Steve & Kelli!! We love you!…..Cindy & Lee Thompson

  2. Great sucess story. My wife and I are drowning in debt also and I am building LIFE for the same reason. I hope to catch the wave that they have started. Cangratulations!!!!

  3. Fired up! Thanks for persisting and leading by example!

  4. Dan, thanks for making these accomplishments available for the public to share in. One thing I’ve learned about Steve & Kelli, you won’t catch them reading their own “press clippings” too often. I’ve watched this couple overcome criticism from some of the closest people to them because they made a choice to do what most people won’t do, and that is, have the courage to do what’s right, not because it’s comfortable, but because it’s needed! I’ve also watched them do all this with grace and humility. While so many would choose to judge their critics and be bitter towards them, they’ve loved on them, unconditionally. I’m so proud to be associated with Steve & Kelli as friends and as business partners. The large groups of people that are following their lead are destined for a bright future. As Gandhi once stated; “Be the change you wish to see in this world”
    The Sagers have embraced change and the world they envision will be a great place to be!

  5. Steve and Kelli are awesome friends and life coaches of ours! They and the Team are a Godsend in our life and in so many other’s lives as well. Turbo 50 is a big deal but they are just getting started on their leadership journey and we are so blessed to be able to draft with them on our leadership journey in this great Life Team!
    Keith and April Wrage

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  7. It is so wonderful to be associated with Steve and Kelli. They have been Making a positive difference in my life as well as the lives of all the come in contact with is what servant leaders do the way they serve the whole team. We love you both!! God Bless!!

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