Physical Fitness and Mental Fitness: Challenge Yourself

It is amazing today to see all of the ways we will challenge ourselves physically. We will work too many hours, play recreational sports leagues, sign up for a 5K race or start the latest diet and exercise craze, but what about our mental fitness?

All you have to do is log on to the internet and you will read about a 90 day challenge to better health or 90 days to whip you body back into shape! After Jan. 1 of every year health club parking lots are full (at least until Feb.! ­čÖé )

Why is it that we find so many ways to take care of our physical fitness but ignore our mental fitness? Don’t get me wrong a leader wants to take care of the body he has been given. It’s hard to serve the people you have been blessed to lead if you are sick all of the time or pass away from bad health before you fulfill you purpose in LIFE.

“A man too busy to take care of his health is like a mechanic too busy to take care of his tools.”

Spanish Proverb

Here is the other problem, we always want the easiest way to get back in shape! Everyone is looking for the quick no pain fix for their physical fitness! The truth is closer to the old saying, “no pain, no gain!”

I was blessed to spend some time in Florida this winter with leadership expert Orrin Woodward. He is one of the few individuals I know who truly pursues both physical and mental fitness, and actively pursues them daily. While down there we hit the gym every couple of days and pushed our bodies to the max.

We would select a muscle group each time and challenge them with weights and repetition until the muscle actually began to fail. We pushed them past their normal comfort zone and forced them to grow. Then after the gym we would find a place on Orrin’s property and challenge ourselves mentally. We would pick up challenging books and have discussions about numerous topics and think through new ideas, pushing our minds past their comfortable limits. So many people never challenge themselves because of the pain associated with growth, both mentally and physically. When we left the gym every time my muscles were exhausted, the next 2 days I was in pain, but I felt great! I knew that by enduring the short term pain, I would have long term results.

Your mental fitness is the same.  There will be short term pain but long term rewards. So many people skip this pain to make life easier when in reality life will only get harder.

Rarely do we find men who willingly engage in hard, solid thinking. There is an almost universal quest for easy answers and half-baked solutions. Nothing pains some people more than having to think.

Martin Luther King, Jr.

You see, we are not just body, but body, soul and mind. We need to exercise, feed and challenge ourselves daily in all 3 areas.

“Man’s mind is not a container to be filled but rather a fire to be kindled.”

– Dorothea Brande

What have you done today to challenge yourself mentally or physically? Begin to exercise daily and become physically fit, and take a person mental fitness challenge and read, think and grow everyday.

Here are 3 ways the-life-business helps you build your mental fitness:

  1. Read – The LIFE business sends out hand pick books from some of the top life coaches in the world for you to read and apply in your life.
  2. Listen – The LIFE business produces multiple audios for you to listen to on a daily basis to provoke thought and improve attitude
  3. Associate – The LIFE business provides a format for you to associate with like minded people in a community with Team. LIFE/Team also provides mentorship from some of the top business builders and life coaches today.
God bless,

Dan Hawkins

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15 thoughts on “Physical Fitness and Mental Fitness: Challenge Yourself

  1. Dan, This is a fantastic article. I can tell you have pushed yourself and continue to improve as a writer. Well done! God Bless, Orrin

  2. Great post, Dan! It is amazing how disproportional the attention paid to the physical versus the mental is. Thanks for issuing a worthwhile challenge to your readers!

  3. I love a challenge and growing myself mentally has definitely been one, but it is invigorating! Sometimes I think so few do it because it is made unpopular by public education and the cultural opinion of learning being boring. True, self-directed education is anything but boring though.

    Thanks for the post-I accept the challenge and pray others will, too.


  4. Thank you for the great post, Dan. Our VA team, Phil and myself have challenged each other, since the winter leadership, to a last man standing competition. The rules are as follows: Read 30 minutes/day, listen to 3 CDs/day, text each other when finished. Miss a day and you are out! (The day ends at midnight!) The last man standing wins!

    All 6 of us involved in the competition have since created a habit. (All it takes is 21 days, right?!) Although each of us have missed a day of completing all the requirements, there was not a day that any one without some learning. For some of us it was even, “I got in my 3 CDs and 15 min of reading before midnight, but finished up in the wee hours of the morning.” We found that when we challenge ourselves and have accountability partners, the growth is astounding!

    We are continuing to grow and stretch ourselves by holding ourselves accountable to each other even though the competition has ended. The CDs are playing and the books are calling our names! What amazing results we have already earned in LIFE.

    All for HIS glory,

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  6. What a FANTASTIC article Dan! WOW!!

    It made me think of the Tri-Lateral Leadership Ledger from the book “Launching a Leadership Revolution”! When it talks about the 3 pillars of leadership, and how if someone focuses and improves on just one skill to a score of, say 2… but neglects the other 2 skills, and they are say a score of 0.. his/her score is still 0! All 3 skills are necessary for leadership..

    “You see, we are not just body, but body, soul and mind. We need to exercise, feed and challenge ourselves daily in all 3 areas.” – Dan Hawkins

    I love how you showed the same applies here! If we neglect our say.. Spiritual Fitness and Mental Fitness, but focus on just our Physical Fitness, our over-all “Fitness Score” is still not being maximized!!!

    That’s an incredible piece of information! LIFE-changing!!!!

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and leading the way for growth and change!

    Tom Bauman

  7. I really needed to read this. Awesome!

  8. Sharon McBride

    I like the challenge of swimming without stopping for 20 laps. The first 15 seem hard but after that
    I feel like there is a push forward when the effort required changes and the body is responding
    in a way that feels natural and effortless. I feel l am in another element being weightless and
    there is a freedom. I have decided to read 15 min. each day. Working on reading the Bible and
    also the books that have recently come. I enjoy the CDS and listen on my way to work. I am learning many new things. I am becoming the information that I listen to.

  9. Great post Dan, i totally agree!! I was taught my whole life to work hard and work hard and when you were done with that you just worked some more. But it never really got me anywhere but tired and frustrated that the furit of my labor was never what I had expected. But now working smart!!! That is a huge difference maker. I love that we dont dance around the fact that we need to grow and learn in order to get our hopes and dreams!!

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  11. Looking forward to taking the 90 day fitness challenge. April 2012! Lookout world the challenge is on. Are you ready? Are you mentally fit?

    As an eagle scout we took a pledge to always be mentally strong. As an adult it can be easy to become complacent in stretching our brain. This should get people going again. FIred up!

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  13. So true, I spent years pushing my physical body to grow and change. It wasn’t till I was 30 that I made the decision to grow mentally, and that is mostly thanks to this organization. This last 3 years have proven to be some of the best yet.

  14. So True! I find that as I’m improving my mental and spiritual fitness I am more motivated to make better choices about my physical fitness. Great blog!!!

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