Define, Learn and Do – by Lisa Hawkins

This success principle was a foreign concept to me before I got started in my leadership journey in LIFE/Team. What exactly does that mean?  Define what it is you want, learn from someone who has that, then do what they recommend.  Sounds easy doesn’t it?  So why do so many people find themselves unhappy with the results they have in life?  Perhaps their pride and ego stop them from learning or maybe their lack of faith keeps them from believing.

Define Learn DoI used to get to the end of each day and think, what did I get done today?  What was different today than the day before?  Is this what hard work gets a person in life?  I wasn’t living my life intentionally.  I didn’t take the time to look at getting better everyday.  What did I want my financial picture to look like?  I wanted to be debt free, give to charities, and not get into fights with my spouse about late payments on bills.  I needed to stop taking financial advice from people in my life with credit card debt and furniture payments.  I found myself listening to audio recordings like, “- LLR 396 – The Ten Laws of Financial Management by Orrin Woodward” and “- LIFE 17 – Money as a Slave by Chris and Terri Brady”

I remember my husband posting on our bedroom ceiling how much money he wanted to have in the bank and how much he wanted us to make in a year.  I have to be honest, at first I thought, “yeah right.”  Then over time, from listening to our mentors, Orrin and Laurie Woodward, those numbers on our ceiling became a reality!  Why listen to Orrin and Laurie on financial advice?  Because they have what I wanted.  A debt free lifestyle, they pay cash for cars, and they are able to give freely to charities.

Does the “define, learn, do” principle work in other areas of life?  What about family?  Absolutely!  I defined my life as a stay at home mom, being able to instill my values and raise well mannered, respectful children.  I wanted to better understand my husband so that each discussion we had didn’t end in tears or yelling.  How was I to find that when I was surrounded by people who resolved conflict  the same way I did?

When I clearly knew what I  wanted my family life to look like, I learned from books like, The Five Love Language and  The DNA of Relationships.  I was convicted by the book, The Power of a Woman’s Words and was inspired by The Proper Care and Feeding of Your Marriage.  Once I had that information, next came the hard part, time to apply what I learned.  I found that many times after learning new information, if I wasn’t ready to apply that new found information, I would often ask myself “why?”  Why did I lack the courage to be honest with my current results?  Most of the time it was because I didn’t clearly define what I wanted and I lacked belief that it was possible to get that.

Sometimes for me I have a clear picture of what I want, I have abundant information at my fingertips, then it is up to me, not my spouse or others to make the necessary changes to live life on purpose.  I encourage you to do the same.  Clearly you are proving to be an eager student looking for information to improve upon areas of your life or you wouldn’t be reading this blog.  Now it’s up to you, you have a decision to make  Have you clearly defined what it is you want your life to look like?  Then I encourage you to start on your lifelong journey to learn in all areas of your life and then do what it takes to live an excellent and intentional life for others to also learn from.

God bless,

Lisa Hawkins

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19 thoughts on “Define, Learn and Do – by Lisa Hawkins

  1. Thanks for the words of truth. You both are a blessing to us. Thank you for sharring your love openly. God Bleess you and this Life/Team family

  2. Outstanding Lisa!! Michelle and I have witnessed first hand how you have applied the define, learn, do process into your marriage, business and family; the results are exemplary. Profound wisdom for all of us to apply. Thanks for your post.


  3. Wow! Fantastic post Lisa! Thank you for your insight! Honored to be on this journey with you and Dan!

    Continued Blessings!

    Tom & Claire Bauman

  4. Thank you, Lisa for your real-life example of a woman intentionally living. I am so blessed to have you take time to show me how to live. Thank you for answering my questions sometimes with your words and sometimes with your actions. Enjoy your 30 days! 🙂


  5. Lisa this is an amazing artical, full of wisdom. I am so proud of you and Dan, of the marriage you are creating, the parents you are to your girls and the mentors you are to so very many. You and Dan are living proof that it is possible for anyone with any family background to learn to live a life of excellence. Unlike so many other “Life Coaches” or “Mentors” you truly live what you teach and in doing so – encouage others to do the same. I am so very thankful for the LIFE materials that offer the same opportunity to anyone courageous enough to step outside thier circle of current influence and get new information that can help them live the life they were intended to live.

  6. Hey Lisa, thanks for your insight!!


    Wendy T.

  7. Thanks for always being so candid about where you and Dan came from and what LIFE TEAM tools influenced your development! My faith in God, my own potential, and hope for America’s future have been increased exponentially since partnering with the McBrides, the Maas’, and the rest of our inspiring team! I know the books and audios that helped you personally will also help countless marriages!

  8. Hey buddy!! First I must admit this snow effect is awesome. I’m impressed by the theme and enjoyed reading about LIFE TEAM. Whatever you wrote about this family is truly kind word. I appreciate you for writing a brilliant post about “Define, Learn and Do”. Thanks

  9. Fantastic! Thank you for sharing Lisa. We certainly appreciate your honesty and integrity. You are an amazing writer!

  10. Lisa,

    When first confronted with the concept of Define – Learn – Do I thought I had already followed this process when planning my life. What I discovered was that although I did follow this process as a young man I did so in reverse. Instead of first defining what I wanted my life to look like I defined what I thought I wanted to do for work, then went to school to learn and then the occupation defined my life.

    Occupation typically for most of us seems to define who we are. Defining what our life would look like as a spouse, parent, friend, spiritually, member of society, or in passing our legacy is not something given much thought. Orrin Woodward in defining this concept and challenging me and others to consider how we define ourselves and our lives added a whole new dimension to my life.

    Thanks for sharing your insights as it has added to my thoughts when defining the next areas and phases of my life.

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  12. Great reminder that the “Define, Learn, Do” process can be applied in ANY area of life!

  13. Lisa,

    Thank you so much for this article. I have been talking with our mentor about what book I should read next, and it is one that you mentioned in this blog. I have been reading to get the correct information to get it together together at home. I think that we will not be able to have a big TEAM unless we have a great marriage at home. Thanks for all you are sharing with us so we can grow in our relationships and get better.

    Kayla Krumm

  14. I have heard the ” define learn do” process so many times. But this really nailed, and I also at a point where I ready to apply it. Thankyou so much for this.
    I used to make excuses that I couldn’t believe I could be a leader because I was single, but reading you say that ” it wasn’t up to your husband it was up to you.
    Listening to your cd’s and reading your blog has definetly opened my eyes.


  15. Lisa, thanks so much for demonstrating what a wonderful, Godly woman ought to be! In today’s society, women’s roles are poorly defined at best, and incorrectly defined at worst. You are a shining example for all of us! Thank you for giving us the proper information and insight to go out and be the same!

  16. Hi Lisa, Great post and thanks for your example of this, as well. It is amazing to follow someone who does work so hard to implement what they are learning because they know where they are going. We are dialing that in for our family and are thankful for you and Dan for walking us down that path, not to mention so many others. See you soon!

  17. Thank you so much for the reminder to be not just a hearer, but a doer, as the Bible instructs us, as well. Learning how to really define what you want your life to be like is a pen/scratch experience for me. I pen what I “think” I want my life to be like, then I listen to yet another LIFE CD, and I go back and scratch out what I originally wrote, and pen in something bigger and better. I’m learning how to dream bigger. Now I need to work on being a better “doer” and applying what I am learning!! God has blessed you both so abundantly, in so many areas, and I’m thrilled to see what He’s done, and is continuing to do in you both! Thank you for sharing!

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  19. Lisa,
    Thank you so much for the words of inspiration and hope! In a world of instant gratification and “no time” for others, listening to you and reading articles from you and all the Team members has put purpose in my life. I hope and pray that everyone gets a chance to have purpose again.

    Thanks for all that you do! God bless.

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