Can LIFE Leadership Be The Perfect Business?

Founders of The Life Business
LIFE Founders:Bill Lewis, Dan Hawkins, Tim Marks, Orrin Woodward, Chris Brady, Claude Hamilton, George Guzzardo and Rob Hallstrand

LIFE Leadership is now in full swing and ready to make a difference for thousands and soon millions of people! Orrin Woodward began to study business back in the mid to late 90’s. LIFE Leadership is the result of years of education, both from training and experience. I am so thankful that Orrin was able to learn the Cashflow Quadrant from Kiyosaki in 1998, because it has drastically changed my life. I believe LIFE Leadership is the perfect business. The founders of LIFE Leadership are taking all of the principles Kiyosaki covers about networking and improving them! We are rewriting the rules of networking to be the perfect model for anyone who is ambitious, looking, teachable and honest. Please attend the next LIFE Leadership Open Meeting to learn what this community is doing to make change happen!

Please enjoy this video I grabbed off of Orrin Woodward’s Blog, and learn some of the basic principles behind owning your own business.

God bless, Dan Hawkins

I remember hearing Robert Kiyosaki for the first time in early 1998.  His Cashflow Quadrant message had a profound impact on my thinking and plans.  I realized that our key objective in our community building business was to change the way we think about money and people.  No longer was I working for money.  I was working on developing myself, a team, and a system to create duplicatable results.  If you get yourself, the team and the system right, the financial results would follow. This is an excellent video where Mr. Kiyosaki shares his business philosophies and why community building is the perfect business.  Enjoy the video.  God Bless, Orrin Woodward

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6 thoughts on “Can LIFE Leadership Be The Perfect Business?

  1. Dan,

    Great Video!

    When the information you learned is not working you need to get new information. Robert Kyosaki has taught people to think differently when it comes to financial intelligence. Orrin Woodward using the LIFE business accomplishes the concept of re-education through proven information, backed by a mentorship system connected by relationships. I was asked just yesterday how we keep people motivated to continue to want to learn and utilize this information. I told him relationships in the LIFE business.

    Robert Kyosaki’s information changed the way I viewed time and money. Orrin Woodward’s guidance gave me the direction to apply that information. In my opinion the LIFE business is a perfect combination of information and the culture to support the proper utilization of knowledge.
    As it has been said knowledge is not power, knowledge in action is.

  2. The LIFE BUSINESS is the perfect business and the perfect opportunity! Orrin Woodward is a genius!!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving!
    Thanks to all the founders, their wives, LIFE TEAM staff, and volunteers for all you do to make possible! Thanks for sharing this, Dan! There is no better option for North Americans than the LIFE business! Don’t be fooled by quitters and lazy critics! When LIFE founders say two to five years to be job-optional, they are not joking. Watch the testimonials. Attend an open or seminar. Read any or ALL of the books authored by Orrin & Chris. The proof is in the pudding as the old saying goes. The LIFE founders live what they teach! Who benefits? Mankind! Any of these men and women could chillax on a tropical beach 24/7 while America crumbles due to rampant empirism and “buy now pay later” programs. Instead they are committed to offering the best education, business model, AND compensation in world history! It’s time for integrity, delayed gratification, and great work ethic to once again be synonymous with American. Will you join us to preserve the middle class, start a freedom shift, and guarantee TRUE free enterprise, or throw rocks from a glass house? I pray you choose the former. God bless you and keep you.

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  6. So grateful to be part of the LIFE Leadership business and community!!

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