Orrin Woodward shares business principles of LIFE Leadership!

What should I look for when considering starting a business? Orrin Woodward shares his perspective.

When you live in a world where 95% of the people make a living by having a job or running a self-employed business, many do not know what to look for when starting their own business. It was eight years ago when I first started considering launching as an entrepreneur. My first thought was to follow the herd and start a traditional auto repair shop, until I checked the cost, at least $500k just to open doors! Then I looked at the quality of life that business could provide and lets just say the long hours, low return and headaches were not much of an upside! 🙂

LIFE successOrrin Woodward and the LIFE Leadership founders are ready to rewrite the rules of networking. We want to provide the best opportunity to improve your life and live your dreams. The downside risk is a better you for the lowest cost in the life coaching/leadership development market. The upside…..freedom, in all areas of life, the LIFE you have always wanted!

God bless, Dan Hawkins

When I worked at Delphi division of GM, I completed half the classes for a Master’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Michigan. Although I received good grades and enjoyed the classes, I stopped pursuing my MBA in order to build my own business.

Many thought I was crazy to quit by MBA, but I just had a feeling that it was time for me to build my own business rather than continue to learn about business. In truth, I was ready to implement some of the principles that I had learned along with continuing my education in “the school of hard knocks”. :)

One of the best principles that I learned through my MBA program was to study business by asking two questions when studying any business:

1. What is the downside risk?
2. What is the upside reward?


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3 thoughts on “Orrin Woodward shares business principles of LIFE Leadership!

  1. Thanks for posting this! Last night after Men’s Fraternity, I was hearing a friend’s dream of owning a repair shop and doing it his way. He said he would need half a million dollars. Today I read this post! I know the best way for any working American to dump debt, truly live free, and attain their dreams, is by implementing the principles taught in the LIFE TEAM education systems. This courageous young man had opportunity to meet Lisa Hawkins and hear Kristen Seidl and Dave Chatman teach in Kenosha. I am eager to see what he will accomplish should he continue the learning process.

  2. Hey Dan,
    As you well know, Penny and I have a first hand account of starting and running a “traditional business”. The initial cost was in fact, about .5 Million! The barrier to entry was just a little more than 139.50! The upside: a business that has provided negligable cashflow and created some equity after actually running in the black for just over a decade. The downside: over a decade of blood, sweat, tears, sacrifice, worries, headaches and heartaches that the outside world never saw. For this, I am very proud of my wife for taking on such a pursuit and tenatiously sticking with it. However; we know from observing you and Lisa, that the upside here is unlimited! The downside is I know it’s going to take becoming the best me I can be, to be worthy of such a victory. Thank you for the shining example!
    John Graff

  3. Hey Dan,
    Great Post! After being given the insight to ask myself those same two questions some months ago, I often find myself re-visiting that same thought I had when I first asked myself the upsides and downsides. As for me, one could increase the downsides ten-fold and the upside would STILL be more than worth it! Just to have the CHANCE, was more than I am getting in the 95% quadrants!
    To me, success in the 8 F’s are worth all the downside any “Goliath” could ever throw at us! The LIFE Business information has instilled in us to have a relentless pursuit towards excellence!
    Fortunately for anyone that sees this project, the downsides are still upsides! Unbelievable!
    Infinite thanks to you and the LIFE Founders for giving us the LIFE we’ve always wanted!
    Onward to 1 million!

    Tom & Claire Bauman

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