Month: November 2011

Lets do some creative destruction with Orrin Woodward and LIFE!

I want to share an article from Orrin Woodward that I was reading this morning about creative destruction in the business world. What impresses me most about Orrin is how well read he is. Whenever I hear someone criticize Orrin or LIFE Leadership it is strictly hearsay and gossip, where Orrin always has data and […]

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Happy Thanksgiving from Dan and Lisa Hawkins

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! We are so thankful to have all of you in our life! My God bless you and yours today! Dan and Lisa Hawkins         Thanksgiving (Lizelia Augusta Jenkins Moorer) Let us give thanks to God above, Thanks for expressions of His love, Seen in the book of nature, […]

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Can LIFE Leadership Be The Perfect Business?

LIFE Leadership is now in full swing and ready to make a difference for thousands and soon millions of people! Orrin Woodward began to study business back in the mid to late 90’s. LIFE Leadership is the result of years of education, both from training and experience. I am so thankful that Orrin was able […]

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