The LIFE Leadership is impacting future generations

Hey everyone, Orrin Woodward and LIFE Leadership are making a generational impact! Check out how the LIFE Leadership changes the lives of  the children whose parents are taking the time to change and grow using the LIFE Training materials. What ripple effect will you begin at the LIFE Leadership convention in Columbus Ohio next weekend? Whose family will you go out and help? My family is forever changed for the better! Please enjoy this article by a 10-year-old girl who believes through first hand experience that the proper information can make a difference! Please comment on this article and share the stories you are creating and hearing out in the living rooms of America and Canada. It is time the world starts to hear we can make a difference one person, one family at a time! Here is the link to the article my daughter wrote in response to the question, what does the LIFE Leadership mean to you?

God bless, Dan Hawkins

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1 thought on “The LIFE Leadership is impacting future generations

  1. I heard this read by Lisa Hawkins last Tuesday in Waukesha, WI. Here is a little girl writing and synthesizing thoughts well beyond the aptitude of the typical Prussion Model educated child. Last summer I had the distinct honor of lunching with Madison Hawkins and was much impressed by her conversational skills. Just another prime example (among many) of the impact TEAM educational materials have had on adults and the potential of quality education to effect positive change in thought processes and behaviorial patterns among America’s youth.

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