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Growing and Protecting Your Financial Fitness in LIFE

Get Financially Fit

LIFE Leadership has done it again, Financial Fitness Program and Services. In a time with so much economic uncertainty it is time

Financial Fitness Servicesfor us to do something about our finances. If you are anything like me there comes a point in your life were you get tired of outside circumstances affecting your finances. It seemed like every time Lisa and I thought we were getting ahead, the refrigerator would die or the car would break down and we would be right back were we started. Every trip past a gas station with rising gas prices, every doctor visit the kids would have, each time the kids would grow out of their clothes and on and on, would add stress to my life.

Then the Financial Fitness Program came into our lives. This began to change everything. For the first time we had the education, plan and tools to really change our financial picture. It has been nearly a decade now since we have had the stress of not having the money to pay for a bill or stress from a surprise cost we could not afford.

Protect Your Financial LIFE

Part of getting financially fit is having the proper tools to not only improve your financial standing but protect the gains you have already and will make. In todays day and age this can be a very complex and challenging task. LIFE has assembled all of the tools you need to track your finances, save on things you are already buying, protect your self and your identify from legal matters and online theft.

Financial Fitness Services

The digital age has opened a pipeline of new threats and dangers to individuals, families, and businesses. Your privacy, safety, and financial security are constantly under attack from a growing number of internet predators, identity thieves, and cyber-criminals looking to take advantage of those who are unaware and unprepared. We believe that having the right personal protection is a vital part of safeguarding your money and your privacy.

That is why Financial Fitness Services is pleased to offer the Protector package, powered by INVISUS. Since 2001, INVISUS has been a pioneer and industry leader in protection and risk management for the digital age for both consumers and businesses.

Financial Fitness Protector also includes

Nov 16

Casa della Vita & Dream Builder Yacht

When I look back over the last 13 years so much has changed! We have been given so many great relationships and experiences. We have been given an opportunity to bring life changing products to the market and watch peoples lives take a turn for the better. At LIFE, we love giving people a chance to live their dreams and make memories that will last forever. Casa della Vita is just that. A chance to get away with some of your best friends and make awesome memories. I know Lisa and I are headed down with some of our closest friends and business partners in February and can hardly wait. Dream Big, live and lead well. You only have one shot at LIFE, make it count!

God Bless,

Dan Hawkins

Casa della Vita & Dream Builder Yacht

Posted by Orrin Woodward on October 28, 2016

Casa della Vita is one of the ways that LIFE lives its motto of Have Fun, Make Money, and Make a Difference. Top performers qualify to enjoy three days and three nights on nearly nine acres at Casa della Vita with a private chef, access to two fishing boats and the Dream Builder Yacht. Nothing expands the vision of what is possible like an all-expenses paid vacation to Casa della Vita. From the moment an achiever arrives, he will be treated to first class accommodations and service by the Casa della Vita staff.

Before I started building communities, I used to spend Saturday mornings watching fishing on TV, dreaming about catching the big ones in the ocean. Now, through the Casa della Vita rewards program, business builders can experience it first hand. Some of the best fishing in the world is minutes from Casa della Vita resort in Port St. Lucie, Florida. Further, a private chef can prepare your catch as an appetizer for your next meal. LIFE doesn’t ask where a person started in life, only if he is willing to grow and change to become all that God intended him to be.

Laurie and I dreamed of creating a retreat to reward top performers for their impressive results. Thanks to the excellent estate management of Mike Oppenheiser, the amazing interior design work of Anna Huber, and the experienced fishing skills of Captain Bill Howard, the dream has come true for all with the courage to act. Up to nine couples per team can spends three days of fellowship together while enjoying separate bedrooms and bathrooms at night. All of the above, of course, is paid for by LIFE as a reward for business achievement. LIFE provides the vehicle for a person to live the life he’s always wanted by eliminating the debt he’s never needed, through learning the defense, offense, and playing field of finances.

In addition, when Laurie and I are in town, our goal is to crash Casa della Vita on Surf and Turf night! Our hope is our generous and relaxed neighbors will be so kind as to share their private chef with their hungry neighbors. 🙂 We have had several groups down so far and the night with our neighbors has been nothing less than amazing. What a great way to get to know the teams better in an island-time atmosphere. Case della Vita is another dream come true where Laurie and I can bless others with the many blessings God has given to us. Come join the dream by setting your goal to be here next year. Get with your support team to determine how you can qualify and we will see you on surf and turf night!

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