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LIFE Leadership Review: What Do You Do?

LIFE Leadership: What Do You Do?

Posted by Orrin Woodward on March 17, 2015

Many times, I get asked what I do and my answer has been honed down to a few simple statements. It’s amazing to me how many people recognize something is wrong financially in the world, but how few have a plan to fix their personal finances. Enter LIFE Leadership and the Financial Fitness Program (FFP). It’s a systematic plan to eliminate debt, start investing in themselves, and begin building a business asset (bridge building versus barge working) by teaching others how to escape the Financial Matrix.

Of course, not everyone is looking for answers, but I have never seen a time where more people are in tune with the challenges and seeking help. To me, I am not building a business on purpose anymore, but rather building my purpose on business. For I have always helped people financially as I realized the negative effects of debt stress early in life. Now, I get rewarded for doing what the Bible tells me to do anyway – “Love people as I love myself.” I don’t tolerate debt personally and if I love others I will help them not tolerate it in their life either.

The Bible states, “The borrower is a slave to the lender.” If one of your friends was in trouble, wouldn’t you want to help? Friends, in a word, don’t let friends stay enslaved. Here is the gist of discussions I have been having with people since I discovered the Financial Matrix. Indeed, many people, who have known for years, are now wanting to get together and talk because the messaging is so clear, simple, and logical. What is your plan out of the Financial Matrix?

Question: What do you do?

I am a Director on the Underground Railroad, helping people escape the Financial Matrix.

Question: What’s the Financial Matrix?

It’s the aristocracy’s most effective system of control ever. It ensures debt and stress for the people and profit and control for them. The problem is the increased debt levels for people and governments are unsustainable. Have you noticed the rapid increase in debt levels around the world?

Yes or No or Maybe So

The good news is that there is a step-by-step plan out of the Financial Matrix. I cannot promise anything, but I think it’s worth grabbing a coffee and going over some of the details to ensure your family is protected. Which night works best for you Wed or Thursday?


Orrin Woodward

Feb 10

LIFE Leadership Review – Leadership Conventions

LIFE Leadership ConventionLIFE Leadership

Are you seeking a better life? Are you determined to learn and do whatever it takes to live life to the fullest? Come see how LIFE Leadership is making a difference through community and providing powerful resources for growth, development, increased knowledge and wisdom, inspiration, and motivation with its Leadership Conventions. It’s amazing what a difference one weekend can make. Now is the time to take action to make your dreams reality and start Living the LIFE You’ve Always Wanted!

What You Can Expect from a LIFE Leadership Convention

Learn the newest, most stimulating and insightful information that will turbo charge your success—not just in business, but in ALL areas of life (Seriously, lots of light bulbs will come on!)
Be uplifted, inspired, and renewed with passionate vigor and lasting motivation
Bond with your community on a much deeper level
Always a blast, the Leadership Conventions offer an unforgettable weekend full of training, inspiration, cheering, and fun. Top LIFE Leadership industry leaders share personal insights and life-changing information that will help you catapult your business and life to new heights.

There is never a dull moment at a Leadership Convention. You will be jumping to your feet with excitement and shouting with enthusiasm. Speakers cover every aspect of building and developing your LIFE Leadership business while teaching principles of leadership and personal development. Whether you are just starting out or are a seasoned professional, Leadership Conventions will inspire, motivate, and compel you to keep moving forward.

“Not only do I learn powerful, life-changing principles, but I get to enjoy the company of great people! It doesn’t get much better than that!”

     – Cassie Birtles

“Major Functions are simply life-changing, motivating, rewarding, and the perfect wayto spend a weekend!”
     – Brian Powers

“Words can’t even describe all the excitement I feel when I attend a Leadership Convention. What a rush!”
     – Renee Oettinger

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