Jun 25

LIFE Leadership Breaks Guinness World Record!

LIFE Leadership Breaks Guinness World Record!

There are only a few “once in a lifetime experiences” one will have in their lifetime and this past weekend was one for me. Anticipation filledimages the air starting Thursday night, the opening night of LIFE Leaderships summer convention. The buzz was about breaking the world record, most books signed in a single sitting.  We knew the book And Justice for All was worthy of selling enough copies, the crowd would be well over the record number needed and the excitement about the launch of the book unparalleled. The question, could we get enough copies signing in the amount of time we had? But lets be honest, if a group of people could problem solve and work together to do the impossible it would be the group of leaders at LIFE Leadership. Every person involved in the process spends theirs days learning and leading. All of the LIFE Leadership materials are made to help “you” become the person necessary to maximize your potential.

When the time came Saturday morning to break the record, to say I was impressed with the people and the process would be a huge understatement! Orrin Woodward sat down to start signing and just 4 hrs later he flew past the record! This was a massive accomplishment considering the last record took over 11 hrs to set!

Thank you Orrin Woodward for being a leader worth following and setting the example for us all.

As one of the LIFE Leadership founders I would like to say thank you to everyone involved. You are a living example everyday that leadership matters. Keep leading, you are making a difference!

Dan Hawkins

LIFE Leadership Breaks Guinness World Record!

Posted by Orrin Woodward on June 25, 2014

When Ken Dunn (CEO of Next Century Publishing) informed that Sammy Lee from Hong Kong had shattered the old Guinness World Records by signing 4,649 books during one book signing, I was impressed. For the previous mark was mid-2000′s and he nearly doubled that amount. I knew breaking the record would demand world-class levels in the process, people, and perseverance. Moreover, I didn’t just want to break the record, I wanted to see if LIFE Leadership could smash it by moving it over 6,000 books signed.

This would not be easy, especially when on considers that Mr. Lee invested over 11 hours to sign 4,649 copies of his book. There is no way that I could sign 6,000 copies of my new book And Justice For All at that pace and still speak later in the day. Accordingly, if LIFE Leadership truly wanted to break the Guinness World Record, an interdependent leadership strategy was needed involving people, processes, and perseverance. In other words, not just working hard, but working smart was in order.

The people portion was the area I was least concerned about. With tens of thousands of active members and customers, I knew the people needed to break the record would be in attendance. However, it wasn’t just the number of people, but the quality of the people that made the difference. The LIFE Leadership Convention is filled with people trained on the best leadership information provided on a monthly basis. I believed the people would “buy into” the record-breaking strategy and discipline themselves to get their book signed quickly with few delays. Remember, time was of the essence because even at just 10 seconds per book, to sign 6,686 books would have required over 18 1/2 hours! No way could I have done that and still fulfilled my other responsibilities.

This forced LIFE Leadership to develop a process to hit the 6,000 plus book signing target and do so in under 10 hours. This had never been done before. Undeterred, Chris Brady, Rob Hallstrand, and Michelle Turner planned a process to do what until that day had been impossible. These three studied the constraints in the people and process to improve the book ordering process. From the queue to order the book, to the line to get the book signed, to how the books were placed in front of me, everything was simply world-class. To say that the process achieved its goal would be an understatement. In fact, the old record was broken in under 4 1/2 hours without even taking a break.

Finally, the small part I played in the record was perseverance to serve the people and follow the process. I made a vow at the start of the signing to not remove myself from my chair until after the record was broken. Given the length of time required to break the record previously, I knew my bladder would probably be the weak link. :) Nonetheless, by believing in the people and the process, I sat down and did not move until I had signed over 5,000 books. Even though I was legally allowed 5 minutes every hour that I could break to eat, drink, or use the bathroom, I wanted to beat the record without the luxury of a break.

After my first break, we pressed forward and blasted past 6,000 books on our way to our final count of 6,686 total books signed. This was a team effort and I would like to personally thank everyone involved. First of all, the people who disciplined themselves to follow the process flawlessly. Second, the office personnel for developing a world-class system to break the record. And third, a special thanks to Marc Militello, Neal Ruffner, and John Croyle for making the process fun and orchestrating the process and people through the line at record breaking speed. The Guinness World Record could not have been broken without your efforts.

Last, but not least, I would like to thank Michael Empric, the adjudicator from Guinness World Records, for investing his day in certifying the proceedings. Michael was a treat to work with and he made many kind statements about the LIFe Leadership process and people. In addition, he stuck around to personally present the Guinness World Record plaque on the LIFE Leadership stage. That was the perfect culmination for the record breaking day as it was a team victory.

In closing, leadership is the art of building belief. When people believe on the inside, a previously impossible task becomes possible. In this case, the impossible became possible once leaders believed and then developed the people, processes, and perseverance to finish. All of this, of course, inspired by the power of the dream. LIFE Leadership’s Guinness World Record performance proves that it is among the best of the best in the leadership field today. I am a blessed man to be associated with such a fine group of leaders on our way to changing the lives of millions of people.


Orrin Woodward


Jun 18

LIFE Leadership Hosts Exclusive Leadership Convention

LIFE Leadership Hosts Exclusive Leadership Convention

>PRWEB.COM NewswireLIFE Leadership
>PRWEB.COM NewswireColumbus, Ohio (PRWEB) June 18, 2014
Founded by New York Times bestselling authors Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady along with other bestselling authors and leadership experts, LIFE Leadership is designed to provide superior leadership and personal development training to individuals who are ready to commit to a lifestyle of self-challenge and ultimate success. Its training system and products, the cornerstone of which is its subscription series, offer participants a chance to learn the newest and most stimulating ideas and methods along with tried-and-true principles to turbo-charge success in business and all areas of life. Featured are teachings on every topic necessary to live a life of leadership, success, and fulfillment, including Family, Finances, Fitness, Faith, Following, Freedom, Friends, and Fun. Many students say that the LIFE Leadership materials and events uplift and inspire them with passion and motivation to take their lives to the next level and to bond with their communities in a way they have never done before.

Now, LIFE Leadership is holding an exclusive convention in Columbus, Ohio, from June 20 to 22, 2014, specifically designed to offer attendees an unforgettable weekend of training, inspiration, and fun.

These leadership conventions always deliver an unforgettable weekend. Full of inspiration, cheering, and teaching, they feature top industry leaders who share their own insights and knowledge to help those who want to take their businesses and lives to the next level. Leadership, personal, and business development are just a few of the topics covered at the incredible LIFE Leadership conventions.

Anyone wanting to attend should make reservations immediately, as area hotels are filling up quickly in anticipation of this exciting event. The speakers and programs will give all who are present new concepts and ways to improve their leadership capabilities, no matter what type of job they do or what area of life they would like to make a difference in. LIFE Leadership has a program and a method to increase achievement and grow leadership skills that will be of use in every situation.

About LIFE Leadership:
Everyone is given leadership opportunities in life, and being prepared when they arise is important. LIFE Leadership has been launched with the purpose of providing educational materials and training events for those who want to accelerate their leadership capabilities and improve every area of life, such as entrepreneurs, administrators, business executives, public servants, church leaders, community service leaders, spouses, and parents. For more information, see www.lifeleadershipproducts.com


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